This is the band '...and the native hipsters'.
If you visit our homepage. these CDs and singles are cheeper and there are some bundle, and two for one offers.
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posted a comment on The Wildings - Why Did I Buy Those Blue Pyamas?. over 3 years ago
Hi. William Wilding here. We recorded this album in 1979. Its an early example of crowd source funding, because we got 60 people to give us £10 each to fund the release. We pressed 500 copies. For their £10 the 60 people got their photos on the back ... See full review
posted a comment on Patterns (3) - No Violent Pacing. over 5 years ago
william from the band ...and the Native hipsters here.
I moved recently and found a box of these records in the loft.
so we have a few for sale on our website