Im only interested in near mint or mint tunes so if you want to sell me something please ensure that the records are in this condition. Also im not too fussed with eBay auction links specially if there not in the UK!
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posted a comment on Tony D (9) - Keep On Shining. about 1 month ago
Killer and absolutely slept on tune from the Hip Street stable. Only ever heard this on one old Keith Suckling tape.The missing link between house and hardcore.
posted a comment on Daminoe - Daminoe EP. about 1 month ago
Can only find this popping up on about 4 sets from BITD. Fabio Kaos 13 from Spring 1992, Top Buzz @ Passion on 30/05/92 and DJ Brisk from Reincarnation 30/05/92 and a DJ Unity set from Eclipse, Cambridge in 1992. Can you offer any audio of it being... See full review
submitted Kid Lib - The Talk / Wookie Worries / Time II Dance / Jungl3r. 2 months ago
submitted Bam~Boo - Give Your Love To Me. 3 months ago
submitted Jimi Hendrix - The Cry Of Love. 3 months ago
submitted Ian Thomas (2) - Ian Thomas. 4 months ago
posted a comment on L.T.J. Bukem* - Demon's Theme / A Couple Of Beats. 7 months ago
The first dated play i've been able to find of Demon's Theme is at Universe 'Adventures On Pleasure Planet' on 19/06/1992.

The first dated play i've been able to find of A Couple Of Beats is at Seduction - LTJ Bukem Volume 1 @ Seduction, Margate on... See full review
posted a comment on The Invisible Man - On A Mission.... 7 months ago

Check the pic of the promo sheet. Release date of 29/04/1993
posted a comment on Detia Harris - Got To Have House. 7 months ago
Big Grooverider tune from 1991 here. A great example of house and breakbeats merging to create a whole new style which became hardcore. Hip Street sure put a good run of release this year favoured by the underground jocks like Top Buzz and Grooverider
posted a comment on Johnny M.C. / Huggy .G. Jam* - Uno Get Rough / It's Going Off. 7 months ago
The Uno Get Rough (Instrumental) appears on a wicked Frankie Valentine mix from The Eclipse from 1991. Only time ive heard it in a set and it goes brilliantly with all the belgian techno and early uk breakbeat rave of the time.
posted a comment on Larri* - House Music (Party Right). 7 months ago
This was one of the most long standing unknowns i had till last year. First track on the infamous 1991 LTJ Bukem Raindance mix this had baffled everyone since at least 2008 when i first put the mp3 clips online (and probably since 1991 to be honest).... See full review
posted a comment on Reel 2 Reel* - Test Press. 7 months ago
Best track has to be A-Sides - You Got Me Burnin'. This EP dates to October 1991 based on all the sets i've heard this on (Keith Suckling, DJ Eclipse and DJ Junk).
posted a comment on Musique (3) - One Love EP. 7 months ago
The AA1 track Fredde was a long standing unknown from a Spring 1992 DJ Crystl studio tape before being solved last year. Manic and off the wall hardcore that samples Nightmare On Elm Street.
posted a comment on The Alcan Warriors - Maniac. 7 months ago
The AA2 track Frenzie appeared on a couple of LTJ Bukem sets from late 1991 at In-Ter-Dance at Sterns and Club X in High Wycombe. It was the last remaining unknown until it got solved by DJ Dara recently. Definitely the best track on the EP and sounds... See full review
posted a comment on Redline - Atomico. 7 months ago
The instrumental was big with Grooverider in late 1991 early 1992 and also appears on Jumping Jack Frost and Colin Dale sets. Took me an age to find this as i had to eliminate every Mindcontroller remix first!
posted a comment on Bass Club Productions - Hard As Hell. 7 months ago
Nicks the beat pattern from Planet V - Techno Confusions
submitted Harmony* - Ever More / Abbey Road . 8 months ago
submitted Damiano Digglerelli* & Philippo Ransullo* - Here It Comes. 9 months ago
submitted Lee Konitz - Chicago'N All That Jazz. 9 months ago
submitted Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti. 9 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Freshtrax - The Simpsons. 11 months ago
Listen at 25:05 here .. the DJ confirms this is by DJ Freshtrax
submitted Chaquito And The Quedo Brass - What A Diff'rence A Day Made. 11 months ago
submitted Steve Lawrence (2) - Millions Of Roses / The Sounds Of Summer . 11 months ago
submitted Bones (6) - Twice A Week. 11 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment on The Invisible Man - On A Mission.... 12 months ago
It wasnt released in 1992 then was it if it was on a dubplate! I dont dispute that it could have been made and played in late 1992 but it was defintely not released in 1992. If Grooverider and Bukem (who were normally some of the first people to play... See full review
submitted Cause & Effect (9) - Fire & Water. about 1 year ago
submitted Tru Funk Posse* - Break The Beat / Once Upon A Time. about 1 year ago
submitted Snake Corps* - Science Kills. about 1 year ago
submitted Julian Skinner (2) - Blessed By You. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Denise Gordon - Wait For Your Love. about 1 year ago
Nah its correct. ESP was a Northampton based rave outfit and Denise Gordon was also from Northampton.
posted a comment on DJ Edge / Easy D - Cmpnded (Easy D Bootleg Mix) / Such A Feeling. about 1 year ago
The video on this release is the 1993 "The Remix" version. The Easy D 1992 version has a different stab arrangement and vocals in it.
submitted Cruise (4) - Love In America. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Invisible Man - On A Mission.... about 1 year ago
I think you are mistaken as Bukem only started playing The End... (Drug Induced Psychosis Mix) in April 1993. Same time roughly as Grooverider started played Twisted. These guys would have had these tunes first out of anyone in the UK so 1992 release... See full review
posted a comment on The Invisible Man - On A Mission.... about 1 year ago
What set from December 1992 as the earliest I can find this being played (Twisted) is Spring 1993.
posted a comment on DJ Funky T* - Guvnor / Pure Stealin. about 1 year ago
Sample on Guvnor is MC Lenny from Carl Carl set from Starlight 'Judgment Day' 21st August 1992
posted a comment on X-Men (10) - Return Of A Simple Song / Make It So. about 1 year ago
Flip the record over. B side is 20 times better than the A
posted a comment on Marta Acuna - Dance, Dance, Dance. about 1 year ago
The vocals are what make this track. Stick to your Bee Gees and Village People mate!
posted a comment on Mr Fingers* - Cerebral Hemispheres. about 1 year ago
Mate, you have some great days and nights ahead of you if this is the first thing you have heard of Larry Heards.
posted a comment on Flag - Four Tracker. over 2 years ago
You obviously don't like music if you think Jumpin' & Pumpin' is mediocre. Some unbelievably good releases on this label (albeit a lot by FSOL) that still hold up 30 years later.
submitted Toots & The Maytals - Live. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Midi Rain - Shine. over 2 years ago
Absolutely disagree. The original mix is horrible. The DJ Pierre mix oozes absolute class and is the only mix worth playing.
posted a comment on Noise Overload - Silly Games E.P. Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
Dunno what drugs you took back then but this is one of the best hardcore 4 trackers ever made. Yeah Toontown has silly samples but its fun! Silly Games has some next level amen cut ups and Piano Track is one of the best acid breakbeat tunes out there.... See full review
posted a comment on Kino-Moderno - Sync You / Rift. over 2 years ago
Its on the second Bukem Yaman house mix from early 1994. Also heard this on an old Fabio house mix
submitted Eddie Francis & His Band - Spanish Eyes. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Desired States* - Turn On. over 2 years ago
Just read a recent interview with Ant Miles and he said this was him and Andy C so I stand corrected.
posted a comment on 4 Hero - Remixes. over 3 years ago
The R Solution tune is wicked mate. Love that Reinforced opened up the ears of hardcore ravers to something a bit deeper.
submitted James Taylor (2) - Her Town Too. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Mr E. Pressure, Stakker And Spindizzy - Enviromental Health E.P.. over 3 years ago
There was also quantity left with Great Asset as me and another member on here found a boxful years ago.
submitted Harvey Andrews - Old Mother Earth. over 3 years ago