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Change - Miracles
posted a review of Change - Miracles. over 19 years ago
This album isn't as versatile as the first Change release but has more musical depth. "On Top" and "Heaven Of My Life" are two examples of straight Disco combining with Malavasi's classical orchestration. To complicated to play in a club but very... See full review
Change - The Glow Of Love
posted a review of Change - The Glow Of Love. over 19 years ago
Well, opposite to the above two comments i think the whole album is beautiful. My personal favorite is "Searching". A haunting electronic track which could easily be a clubbers soundtrack. On old Larry Levan tapes i've heard "It's A Girl Affair" and "... See full review
A Certain Ratio - Brazilia
posted a review of A Certain Ratio - Brazilia. over 19 years ago
In 2002 Yukihiro Fukutomi and Dimitri From Paris did a cover of this tune on Fukutomi's "Love Each Other" album as Brazilia (Dimitri From Paris To Rio Vocal).
Bottom Line Records
posted a review of Bottom Line Records. over 20 years ago
Stylish Garage and Deep House label owned by Edward "Ed The Red" Goltsman who has also got U-Turn Records in his portfolio. Esoteric Records released a very nice compilation with 12"s from Bottom Line. You can find it at: See full review
posted a review of Chakk. over 20 years ago
The bassplayer of Chakk would become a well-known English producer in the 90s. His name Mark Brydon. His most famous project? Being one half of Moloko!
Humanoid - Tonight
posted a review of Humanoid - Tonight. over 20 years ago
After Stakker Humanoid and Slam, Humanoid released this Chicago Garage influenced vocal track which surprised a lot of people and probably because of that was somewhat neglected. Which is a pity because it's a stylish track and Shawn Benson does a... See full review
Morenas - Cuando Brilla La Luna
posted a review of Morenas - Cuando Brilla La Luna. over 20 years ago
The Mr Marvin Tribal Mix is a strong haunting percussion
driven remix. It's one of the best tribaltracks out there using only electronic percussion without a melody and still works perfectly towards a climax.
Zazou›Bikaye›CY1* - M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba
posted a review of Zazou›Bikaye›CY1* - M'Pasi Ya M'Pamba. over 20 years ago
As far as i know this is the first attempt to combine Electronic Industrial Music with African Rhythms such as Ju Ju. It works out very well and after almost 20 years it is still an innovative record. Justin Robertson sampled this one on his Presents... See full review
Jestofunk - I'm Gonna Love You
posted a review of Jestofunk - I'm Gonna Love You. over 20 years ago
A track that never goes out of style. Was one of those tunes that delighted house clubbers as well as Acidjazz/Jazzdance clubbers at the same time. Was also a popular encoretrack. Gave everyone a good feeling when they went into the night with or... See full review
Six Sed Red - Shake It Right
posted a review of Six Sed Red - Shake It Right. over 20 years ago
Classic steamy Electrotrack from the 80's not in the least thanks to the sensual voice of Cindy Ecstacy. "Keep me satisfied. Shake it right, Sugar. Till i'll hear you sigh". The Cabs deliver great co-production effort, because for once they were not... See full review
posted a review of Sir Horatio. over 20 years ago
ACR disguised. They wanted people to believe that this was a authentic Dub plate from some Reggae producer. But the name Sir Horatio sounded too much as A Certain Ratio. As a Dub record it succeded very well. Terrific deep dubby mixing and production.... See full review
Tribal Spirit - Rave Off
posted a review of Tribal Spirit - Rave Off. over 20 years ago
A very sparkling Housetrack splitted in three different parts. Beginning as a happy housetune turning into a percussive tribalgroove and ending as a harder technogroove. Italian Oldschool at his best.
A Certain Ratio - I'd Like To See You Again
posted a review of A Certain Ratio - I'd Like To See You Again. over 20 years ago
ACR is going all Funky, Dubby and druggy on this one with a lot of horny lyrics added to it. Very daring in a period when hip music always sounded gloomy and dark. This is one of their best sessions ever and it still sounds fresh and crispy today. A... See full review