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posted a comment on Blondie vs. Edison (4) - Heart Of Glass. 3 months ago
Good remix version, doesn't detract from the original too much whilst remaining funky without being overly commercial sounding . The positiva label seems to put a lot of people off this in my opinion stands out from the catalogue as being one of the... See full review
posted a comment on T-R-P - This Is The Place. 7 months ago
couldn't agree any more , pure niceness nice acid before it was acid lol

posted a comment on Pressure Zone Featuring Nat Augustin - Backstabbers (Remix). 7 months ago
classic tunage one of the greatest covers ever in the history of house music, paradise club chapel market 1988 oh yes
posted a comment on The Decemberists - The Hazards Of Love. about 1 year ago
Anyone else have a mastering flaw on disc 2 , like a click and minor loss of sound?
posted a comment on The New Investigators - Open The Door. about 1 year ago
Reggae at it's finest, it don't peak more than this. Brilliant track. Open the door.
posted a comment on tape_hiss - Jacob's Ladder. over 3 years ago
Couldn't agree more , this is a beautiful piece of music. Timeless. whole ep is class though.
posted a comment on BLD - For Rave Use Only. over 3 years ago
Remote is the fucker on this 12" oh yes well in my set. Acid
posted a comment on Solar (32) X Brother Nebula - S.I.S.. over 3 years ago
This is a fantastic track. Fucking brilliant . So much acidic energy , makes me go all spazzy
posted a comment on John Heckle - Trema. over 3 years ago
Son of u . What an amazing track.always a pleasure to open with this.
posted a comment on A-Eno-Acid - Tank Jack. over 3 years ago
Mines a large one . Thanks
Nice acididic content , yes