I am a vinyl collector from the United States.
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posted a review of Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived 2003 (Remixes). over 19 years ago
Here is a little fact about this record that I found out. The CAT # of this record is (ACA2017.002/12). However, between the run-out grooves the etching reads (ACA2017.001/12). If this is fixed in future pressings then you will know how to spot an... See full review
posted a review of HHS. over 19 years ago
There are two different types of catalog numbers for HHS Records releases. The first is associated with the regular HHS Records (example: HHS995). The second is asscoaiated with HHS Connected Records (example: HHSCON-003). Both catalog numbers are... See full review
posted a review of Rage Reset - Sydney Core EP. over 19 years ago
This was later pressed a second time on black vinyl and horrible sticker artwork.
posted a review of Ron D Core vs. Geoff Da Chef - The West Coast Hardcore Pervert / Sydney Cunts. over 19 years ago
On the first 300 copies of this release, the sides are switched due to a manufacturer's error. there is a small piece of paper included with the record that denotes this.