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posted a comment on Cabaret Voltaire - International Language. about 1 month ago
Millenium contains sample Popol Vuh - Brüder des Schattens-Söhne des Lichts (1978), but Whosampled moderator hasn't been able to identify this sample at the timings indicated in your submission. Nice ))
posted a review of Various - Amphibious Carbine EP. about 1 month ago
Great example of goa techno and early trance music.

Confidential - Amphibious Carbine also present on Max Lanfranconi ‎– Time Out Vol. II 1991
Another version of this track is Confidential - Psychopath
posted a comment on Code - Light Years / Parsifal EP. 3 months ago

Code - "Parsifal" (Ambient dub) version in this compilation .
posted a review of Bernard Fevre - Cosmos 2043. 8 months ago
A6 Cimes Eternelles released later in 1982 as Milpatte - Cirka (Milpatte / Serge Bulot ‎– April Orchestra Vol. 47)
posted a comment on Frozen Orange Project - Fresh Fruit EP. 8 months ago
check Paragliders - Paraglide (Original Mix) (stomper from 1993)
posted a comment on Various - Music For Dancefloors: The Cream Of The Chappell Music Library Sessions. 8 months ago
Unknown Artist - Discovery - is a Brian Bennett - Solstice (1978 Brian Bennett ‎– Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk) release)
posted a comment on Humate - Love Stimulation / Curious. about 1 year ago
check Laserdance - Love Stimulation 1995 from Laserdance ‎– The Guardian Of Forever
posted a comment on Maxx - Get On Down. about 1 year ago
Unofficial compilation, very popular "techno" pirate tape in Russia in 1994
posted a comment on Президент & Амазонка - Жу-жу. about 1 year ago
One of the best 1997 Russian Happy Hardcore, Dream House album, cheesy but i love it.
posted a comment on D.R. Base - Manta. about 1 year ago
Classic Hard Trance track Manta released later in 1998 as Captain Tinrib - Manta (Hot Bird 3 Mix)
posted a review of Ravin, Sam* - Buddha-bar XVIII. about 1 year ago
Second CD is mixed overcompressed-distorted sound. can't listen this chapter.
submitted Various - Club House 5 - Exclusive Edition . about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Dan Efex - Protocol. about 1 year ago
34 - 38 minute - DJ Tom & Norman - Thundergod (Sperm Records)
posted a comment on 666 - Diablo. over 2 years ago
Track contains "Zentral - Que Idea"
Diablo is one of my first Viva channel clips back in time )
posted a comment on Gary D.. over 2 years ago
Rest in peace, Gary, sad, but legend is gone. Love and hear the beautiful music. The best!
posted a comment on Давид Тухманов - Как Прекрасен Мир. over 2 years ago
One of the best LP of biggest USSR music composer. Beautiful anв melodic pop rock music.
posted a comment on Artemis (2) - The Labyrinth. over 2 years ago
Each track is a journey, that perfectly composited
posted a comment on Artemis (2) - The Labyrinth. over 2 years ago
absolutely agree.
posted a comment on Masters Of Deejay - Trance Of Deejay Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
DJ Mablos Ocean played in Audiogasm - Side B - Thomas Michael 1996
There is a big mistake.
posted a review of Various - History Of Italian Progressive (Dream & Progressive 1994 - 1997). over 2 years ago
Great compilation of Mediterranean progressive music!
posted a comment on Venus Inc. (2) - No Fear. over 3 years ago
No Fear (Planet Traxx Mix) is fantastic!
posted a comment on The Freak & Mac Zimms - Make A Move. over 3 years ago
DJ Supreme ‎– Tha Wild Style voice sample
posted a comment on Confidential (2) / Exocet (2) - Psychopath / Synergy. over 3 years ago
Confidential - Psychopath -> Abfahrt - Alone it's me (1989) Ripoff
posted a comment on Act Two - Don't You Go Away. over 3 years ago
Very good builded track, must hear!
posted a comment on Kino & Mr. Maurice - Hydrogen EP. over 3 years ago
Power 1. used Liaisons dangereuses - Los niños del parque (Sample)
posted a comment on Phil Rodriguez - Evolute. over 3 years ago
atonal track used sampled "Metro Dade - The Andor Voyage" layer
posted a comment on Adam Dived - Into Sea / Headfirst. over 3 years ago
Used sample from B.O.D. ‎– My House (The Owner Of The Housemix) (1995)
posted a comment on B.O.D. - My House / No More Mind Games Rmx. over 3 years ago
This sample also used in "Adam Dived - Headfirst" (2004)
posted a comment on Mark Scoozy* - United Elements Of Music. over 3 years ago
Fantastic Hard Trance stomper, melodic and happy )
posted a review of Deepsky - Departure / Godspeed / In My Mind. over 3 years ago
Wonderful, melodical, energized, mystical trance music. Listen it all.
posted a comment on Private Taste - First. over 3 years ago
TOP Genius Trance masterwork who need to listen in higher quality!
posted a review of Nostrum - Melodrama. over 3 years ago
Great composition from maestro Nostrum. One group stole full melody and was a big sucess on Russian MTV rotation and many Dance festivals under collective named "S.O.S. - Не везет"
posted a comment on Arrival - 2096. over 3 years ago
Прекрасный альбом на все времена. В один год с Радиотрансом вышел. Достойный и хорошо звучащий. Некоторые записи сделаны по фану. )
Beautiful album of all time. In one year Radiotrance album. Decent and good sounding. Some of the tracks made for fun. )
posted a comment on Various - Dance To Cybertrance (The Goa Trance Experience). over 3 years ago
Uncorrected labeled Masterpiece track from Vinyl, 12" named Tunes From The Attic '94

This is a correct A1 - Remi Verheyen - Bliss Full Flow
posted a review of Achtung!!* - Straggler. over 3 years ago
Incredible BOMB from GOA days! No words, Just listen!

\\Main melody used later in great '98 german trance hit Dolphin's Mind - Believe in You\\
posted a comment on DJ Digress - In My Mind. over 3 years ago
Good dark trance, samples taken from Antiloop - In My Mind '97 (voice) and "Revelation - First Power" '90 (synth)
posted a comment on B.B.E* - Seven Days And One Week. over 4 years ago
If you want dark side of Seven Days And One Week, just check earlier superb work from "Emmanuel Top ‎– Fusion" you'll be delighted.
posted a comment on Yakooza - Situation. over 4 years ago
For me Situation (Pro-Active Remix) is one of the best Trance melodies in 1998 year. Pure Trance, atmospheric, electric.
posted a comment on Itch-E + Scratch-E* - Itch-E Kitch-E Koo. over 4 years ago
Absolutely outstanding album!
posted a comment on Various - Love Mission. over 4 years ago
This compilation is not mixed
posted a review of Various - The Secret Life Of Trance. over 4 years ago
Absolutely fantastic compilation of early trance music 1992-1993 period!
Lovely composition is Sequential – Prophet - perfect melody, perfect sound, deep and beautyful written by best Trance composer of that time - Peter Cuhlmann (also known as Pete ... See full review
posted a comment on Nostradamus - Cloister EP. over 5 years ago
Very beautiful hardtrance vinyl.
I highlighted the second record - Veto! Super energized and flying sound with tb-303.
posted a comment on The KLF - What Time Is Love? (Pure Trance 1). over 6 years ago
More Than Three years of everyday searching of roots of trance music i agree for your review. It's one of earliest and significant Trance (+ house) recording of all times.