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Double Dee & Steinski
posted a review of Double Dee & Steinski. over 19 years ago
If anyone comes across a record with Lesson 4 by Double Dee and Steinski, they did not do it (confirmed in several recent interviews with Steinski). There is a record with their name falsely attached to Lesson 4, apparently the track is actually “Big... See full review
posted a review of Quannum. over 19 years ago
Just to clarify this, Quannum is a label, not an artist. Most of these releases (I Changed My Mind) belong to Lyrics Born & The Poets Of Rhythm. There are also the Quannum MC's (Lyrics Born, Lateef, and the Gift of Gab) who did the Extravaganza... See full review
Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
posted a review of Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. over 19 years ago
I'm not sure if it is on every release but my copy of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has a game on it called Vinoids, which is pretty much the same as the classic asteroids game, just that the asteroids are replaced with records.
Violent Turd
posted a review of Violent Turd. over 19 years ago
Although Violent Turd is often cited as a New Zealand label, to my knowledge (as a New Zealander) it is a just a shadowed sublabel of Tigerbeat6 with no actual connections to NZ. This could be to avoid any copyright problems as its releases often... See full review
EL-P - Fandam Plus
posted a review of EL-P - Fandam Plus. over 20 years ago
The videos on the second cd are Deep Space 9mm and live footage of El-p at SOB's from 28/2/02
Ken Ishii - Millennium Spinnin' At Reel Up
posted a review of Ken Ishii - Millennium Spinnin' At Reel Up. over 20 years ago
This CD also contains video clips of Ken Ishii DJing at this session (which is in the Liquid Room) and record covers for all the music used.
Various - Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit
posted a review of Various - Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit. over 20 years ago
This is seminal compilation. Legend has it that the artists were asked how to distinguish their music from the sounds coming from Chicago and Juan Atkins said call it Techno, giving birth to the term. Supposedly Derrick May was against it.
Carl Craig - Abstract Funk Theory
posted a review of Carl Craig - Abstract Funk Theory. over 20 years ago
I came across the CD sampler for this which also contained Prince's Erotic City. It said the release also was to have Yellow Magic Orchestra's Computer games, but I guess neither of these tracks received clearance.