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posted a comment on Snow (2) - 12 Inches Of Snow. 17 days ago
Lonely Monday Morning is pretty much a dub remix of Informer.
posted a comment on B.L.I.M. - Jeamland 96 / Curious. about 1 month ago
Damn you're right. Nice find! I heard that most of the jungle & DnB guys were fans of video games (Deep Blue bought a Sega with his first Moving Shadow paycheck, from what I remember), so it makes sense they'd sample that.
posted a comment on Various - Moving Shadow Unreleased Tracks Vol. 5. about 1 month ago
just realized that someone grabbed this for $20 mint. damn
posted a review of Mr. Loco - Stainless / Pure Moves. about 1 month ago
This has to be a joke. There's no way someone associated with Source Direct produced whatever this is.
posted a comment on Various - Rotterdam Hardcore Car Tuning. about 1 month ago
Cover art stolen from Midnight Club 3. Here's a link to the original.
posted a comment on Various - N.Y. Junglist. about 1 month ago
small strip of paper that increases an items value by 700% for no discernible reason
posted a comment on Various - Saturday Night After Hours Session. 2 months ago
How many of these undercover 'Strictly Underground' compilations are there?
posted a comment on Bass Masters (2) - Madman Vibration / Ready To Die. 2 months ago
Both of these tracks were derived from Jungleneck's 'Wrong Version' (especially since Bass Masters is an alias for Jungleneck). The godlike intro samples were made into 'Ready To Die', and the Amen ... See full review
posted a review of MC Det - Out Of Det. 2 months ago
Out of all the jungle MC's during the 90's, I'm pretty sure Det was the most deserving for an album. The best part about the project is that it's essentially a crossover between a regular compilation and a dedicated album; along with previously released ... See full review
posted a comment on The ReHab Club - Dark Interludes I. 2 months ago
Wasn't able to find much about this group outside of their (deleted) website. Apparently they released at least one other CD, and they also had plans to make a sequel to this at one point.

Fans of obscure techno should check this out. Most of it sounds ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Happpy Breaks - The Original Hardcore Jungle Techno. 2 months ago
Only way to get digital versions of 'Rollem' and 'Ultime Frontière', the latter of which was engineered by pre-neurofunk Optical. Even though I got this for the jungle tracks, this was compiled when happy hardcore was still using jungle-esque breakbeats, ... See full review
submitted The ReHab Club - Dark Interludes I. 2 months ago
posted a review of Various - The Very Best Jungle. 2 months ago
(Note: this was also re-issued over here, so anything that applies to this review also applies to that CD)

I made the horrible mistake of ... See full review
posted a comment on General Pecos - Wickedest Thing Around. 2 months ago
how do you make a jungle remix this bad? it's like someone bought a sample cd and put as many drums as possible onto a single track
posted a comment on Potential Bad Boy - Capsules / Baby Be Mine. 2 months ago
Why was 'Capsules' never released on CD? One of my favourites from PBB! The 'Akira' vocals are somewhat awkward, but the drum programming and synths more than make up for it. Underrated imo
posted a comment on Various - Illegal Jungle. 2 months ago
Only way of getting the unreleased 'Ruffnek Bizznizz (Remix)'. Considering how cheap it is, I'd recommend grabbing a copy for that track and skipping all the others.
posted a comment on MC Det - Out Of Det. 2 months ago
'Stick Up! (The Mack Remix)', 'Tonic's Reality', 'Let Me Recommend', and 'Hands Clappin' were later released digitally on the Nu Skool Flava US Update compilation. Should ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Trancemaster 9 (Conditions Of Mental Abstraction). 2 months ago
For the junglists out there, pick this up for Space Cube's 'Outbound'. Easy way of getting a hidden gem for next to nothing!
posted a comment on Space Cube - Inbound / Outbound. 2 months ago
A full-length version of 'Outbound' is also available dirt cheap on Trancemaster 9. As far as I can tell, 'Inbound' was never put out on CD.
posted a comment on Legend B.* - Lost In Love (The Remixes By Meteor 7 And Space Cube). 2 months ago
Space Cube had some seriously underrated jungle tracks. Check out 'Outbound' and their work on the 'Rough and Fast' compilation if you haven't already!
posted a comment on Various - 1997: The Tunes. 3 months ago
The female vocals from the original mix appear at around 3:00 on the Jonny L mix, and the 'Smack My Bitch Up' lyric is sampled at 3:28. That's all I could find.
posted a comment on Bay B Kane - Have A Break. 3 months ago
All the tracks are now available on Bay B Kane's Bandcamp over here (although I wouldn't really recommend paying £10 for it). Some decent samples in there, but producers would be ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Seduction. 3 months ago
This guys gone mental.

Charging £125+ for 10 wav files of new productions is absolutely delusional. There's already many producers doing the 91-93 sound with modern equipment, and they aren't charging a fraction of that price. Worst part is that ... See full review
posted a comment on The Prodhige* - Untitled. 3 months ago
"Czeryed-Ody In The Place" they didn't even try with that one
posted a comment on Various - Urban Jungle - The Black Music Of London. 3 months ago
Just a note: All of these tracks were made by in-house producers.
posted a comment on Keith Flint. 3 months ago
The Prodigy was definitely a turning point for me regarding music - introducing a new underground sound I hadn't heard before, especially with their first two albums. I was used to pop and hip hop before I eventually found my way to Gabber and Jungle ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Emminant Force / Snuggles & Slak - Project 13 / The Reckoning. 3 months ago
The Reckoning was also released on the Infinite Beat Vol. 1 comp.
posted a comment on Stepwise Recordings. 3 months ago
The 'Cairo' remix along with 'Smoking Section' were the only tracks I bought the album for. Sucks that Cairo never got a release.
posted a comment on Thunderdome. 3 months ago
4 is probably my favourite out of the first 5. Never knew that Theo had that much input - good to know!
posted a comment on Prizna Featuring The Demolition Man* - Fire. 3 months ago
From what I can tell, the Smokey Joe remix is exclusive to the CD-Single. It's pretty much what would happen if 'Fire' was released on his 'No Smoking' label instead, among releases like 'Mash Dem Down'. Massive Amen programming and dub sirens!
posted a review of Various - 3D And Snuggles Present Terminal Beats. 3 months ago
Decent compilation, but I mostly bought it for Flow's 'Smoking Section'. Heavy, straight to the point, Amen rollout that mixes well with some of the Hardleaders releases. Considering there are sealed copies on Amazon for $2, it's definitely a steal for ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - 3D And Snuggles Present Terminal Beats. 3 months ago
I just got the CD in the mail and the back cover is correct, there's only 12 songs. The extra ones on Spotify were released a couple of years after this one. They were also mixed by DJ 3D on his 'U.S.D.N.B.' tape though.
posted a comment on Ray Keith - Volume 4. 3 months ago
i like amen rollers as much as the next guy, but i think 'valley of darkness' would've been better if he continued down the techstep route established in the intro. still two great tunes regardless!
posted a comment on M-Beat - Knowledge. 3 months ago
'Search' is an extended version of 'M-Beat's Mood'. more words
posted a comment on Carl Crack - Lion MC / Dance The Monkey. 4 months ago
Track A6 is DJ Solo & DJ Rossie's 'Sureshot '.
posted a comment on Various - Jungle Fever Vol. 3 - Voodoo Summer. 4 months ago
Chubbstarr's 'Good Vibes' was only available on the vinyl version of the 'Champion Jungle Sound' LP before this compilation.

'New Jack Rapper' was also set for release on Third Eye records, but was never put out. Shy FX played a dubplate of it on his ... See full review
posted a review of Ricochet Feat. Buju Banton - Boom By By. 4 months ago
Can't seem to find my previous review of this one.

Great piece of jungle, shame that it was blocked from Discogs for the lyrics (even though it's a jungle track that doesn't focus on lyrics). Good luck picking this one up...
posted a comment on The Gambino Family - Untitled. 4 months ago
You guys were right about this sounding like a Redskin records release - this is undoubtedly a joint release between Sky Joose and either Chatter B, Potential Bad Boy, or Studio 2.

The AA side was released on ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Jungle Fever Vol. 2 - Love Jungle Love. 4 months ago
Another great release in the 'Jungle Fever' series. Like the other entries, this one has plenty of exclusives and rarities, including Shy FX + Gunsmoke's 'Gangsta Kid 3', Jr. Dangerous' 'Original Lover', etc. Throw in 2 tracks from Kemet's 'Champion ... See full review
posted a comment on Redskin Records. 4 months ago
RS 005, RS 006, and RS 007 are all available in high quality on the 360° of Third Eye compilation from Avex Trax.
posted a review of Various - 360° of Third Eye. 4 months ago
lads, we have found it

this is peak junglism

I bought the CD hoping for the 'Potential Bad Boy + Bad Vibes' remixes, along with the Jah Jah Remix, but was surprised when the first track was Chatter B's 'Bad Man Tune'. Fast forward an hour, and I ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Kemet Presents Original Rude Boy Tunes. 4 months ago
There's a Kemet mix from Jungle Fever Vol 2 which can be heard here. I'm guessing this is the one Mr_Geese is talking about.
posted a comment on Potential Bad Boy - Flash Your Lighter. 4 months ago
Definitely an underrated producer! Check out his track Vibes with Chatter B if you haven't already.
posted a comment on Tanya Louise - Deep In You. 4 months ago
Anyone have a clean rip of the Ed Rush / Nico mix to put on YouTube?
posted a review of Various - Intelligent Selecta - The Future Of Drum & Bass. 4 months ago
Great compilation, and I was lucky to find one for sale in Canada. High-quality versions of 'Far Away', 'Being With You Remix', and 'For Fabio' should be a good enough reason for picking this one up, but there are two other tracks that deserve more ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on N.G.O - Windermere (The Jungle Mixes). 5 months ago
Highest it's sold for is $13.73 and someone's trying to sell it for $152? lmao
posted a comment on Various - Techsteppin. 5 months ago
I was just going through Dillinja's compilation appearances and found the track from here - 'Tekken'. I'm guessing it's his remix of a song off the Tekken OST titled 'Windermere (Roll Out Mix)' . ... See full review
posted a comment on Pezz (3) - Watoosh!. 6 months ago
Lucky lol. I keep seeing Billy Talent's first album at the Value Village in my area, but that's about it. The best thing I found was a Japan-import version of the Prodigy's 'Fat Of The Land'.