DJing for many years now, grew up on a diet of licquorice allsorts from the age of 2 and never really recovered.

Legendary dj sets i've seen include Smith n Mighty @ Subdub, Laurent Garnier @ Electric Chair Manchester and Aphex Twin among others. Exposed early on to banging ol' techno from the likes of Sven vath, Jeff Mills I had early experiences in techno clubs such as the legendary Orbit in me teens. Live seen Horace Andy, Massive Attack, Gentlemans Dub Club, Deftones, RATM, Smif n Wessun, Task Force, Mad Professor, Tena Stelin and many many more.

Played and help set up free parties and inbetween went to Norwich to do a degree, partied up the Earlham Road area, DJed hip hop n ragga n jungle down at the Rinse Out collective and played electro/cheez and alt oddities for art students at Rubbish. Was fun.

Now back in Calder Valley area, perfecting mixtapes with a 1200s set up that is treating me well and staying in more but still loving my music. Occasionally putting on reggae nights when I find time and babysitters!

Playing lots of roots, ragga, dub, dubstep styled stuff as well as folk, jungle, 60s pysch rock, UK & US hip hop, house, electro, downtempo, techno n other oddities.

Got some mixes up on the site
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posted a comment on Task Force (2) - Voice Of The Great Outdoors EP. over 4 years ago
The peak of UK hip hop? Pretty much - Jehst, Task Force and Braintax on a big big release
posted a comment on Chukki Starr* - Ghetto Youth's. over 4 years ago
great early Mad Professor album, nice and uptempo!
posted a review of Cate Ferris - Blaze Bright. over 4 years ago
beautiful production and vocals, a must have
posted a comment on VC (2) - By His Deeds. over 5 years ago
yep, b side is a dub - nice version too
posted a comment on Task Force (2) - Life Without Instructions. over 6 years ago
very strong task force release

deep meaningful lyrics, great delivery,

almost commercial sounding productions - nice and polished but still slightly rugged

i would say this a triple A-sider, baby don't cry and life without instructions being deeper ... See full review
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada. over 8 years ago
thanks for the replies

ryan larkin -street musique on the national film board of canada is an amazing piece

posted a comment on Alpha & Omega. over 8 years ago
Bless up Alpha and Omega

A truly original and spiritual dub sound. Organic and electronic. Strong yet meditative.

Listening to A&O is an almost religious experience. Scrub that, is a religious experience.
posted a review of John Martyn - Solid Air. over 8 years ago
An absolute classic folk blues album from the late and great John Martyn - RIP.

A lovely gravelly and ethereal voice crossing from jazz expressions and timings to pure roots and folkyness combined with his exceptional and powerful acoustic guitar ... See full review
posted a review of Peaking Lights - 936. over 9 years ago
Love this album. It swirly pyschedelia that evokes sunny days in grassy meadows.

Maybe being a bit flowery there but its great; soft enough to drift off to but with real experimental bite. A mix of spacey guitar, nods to electronica beats and ... See full review
posted a review of Scientist - Scientist Wins The World Cup. over 9 years ago
Essential piece of dub education from King Tubby's Protege Scientist.

Fantastic bass heavy music with gorgeous melodies and horn drops courtesy of Roots Radic as well as featuring fantastic vocal contributions most notably from some of Johnny ... See full review
posted a review of Richie Spice - Youths A So Cold. over 9 years ago
Huge Richie Spice re-rub on the same riddim as the Johnny Osbourne classic Truth and Rights.

Highly reccomended.
posted a review of Various - Bearded Ladies Volume One. over 9 years ago
Absolutely stunning collection of female folk on the excellent Finders Keepers label, compiled by Manchester based folkist Jane Weaver (partner of Finders Keepers Andy Votel). An amazing insight into a relatively obscure world of music that to many ... See full review
posted a review of Dub Syndicate - Research And Development. over 9 years ago
Fantastic heavy uk dub remixes of Dub Syndicate tracks.

Particular standouts are the excellent re-rub of lloyd Parks' Mafia by Mr Scruff, a top take on the Prince Far-I voiced tale of Bedward by Zion Train and the Centry mix of 2003 ... See full review
posted a review of Various - You Can All Join In. over 9 years ago
Really good compilation of late 60s rock and folk coming out of the Island label.

Features classic blues rocks song I'm a Mover by Free, a great early rootsy feel song from John Martyn, a cover of Buffalo Springfield What's That Sound, a rousing ... See full review
posted a review of Senya - Children Of The Ghetto. over 9 years ago
Lovely 1976 female vocal track from the Randys stable (Clive Chin), deep, conscious and melodic; "don't you fuss or fight ya", with a great Wailers dub/backing too.

Its been available on repress recently and is definitely worth picking up.
posted a comment on Synkro (2) - King Of Kings / These Times. over 9 years ago
Good little number on the B here, a nice dubstep fix of the Lee Perry/Errol Walker classic In These Times. Nice piano roll and a good use of the sample on a reasonably laidback dubstep tip.
posted a review of RSD - Murderation / Trample. over 9 years ago
Top double header on this white label, in my opinion one of the best of all the reggae dubstep mash ups about.

A-side fixes up the Barrington Levy and Beenie Man classic to absolutely great floor filling effect. Lively and exuberant, a guaranteed winner ... See full review
posted a review of I Wayne - Living In Love. over 9 years ago
Fantastic conscious track from I Wayne, a man who can sing with real emotion in such a beautifully soft unique tone. He apparently sang this song straight from memory and without writing the lyrics down at all. This possibly shows in the heartfelt ... See full review
posted a review of Wayne Wade - Man Of The Living. over 9 years ago
One of my favourite tracks from the classic roots era of the 1970s. Yabby U in great form on the rhythm, a man whom almost crosses the line from a producer to spiritualist in his works, such is the raw feeling he conveys in his songs.

Wayne Wade who ... See full review
posted a review of VC (2) - By His Deeds. over 9 years ago
Absolutely essential modern roots classic, consciuous reggae at its very very best.

"Sitting in your church on Sunday,
Thinking who you gonna screw Monday.
Who you gonna tief, who you gonna rob,
Take it as me tell you seh, you can't fool God, ... See full review
posted a review of Digital Mystikz - Education / Horrid Henry. over 9 years ago
A side Education is a right Mala gem, and worth picking up for any fans out there in case it becomes sought after in the future. Its a melancholic sort of mood, stangely eerie synth noises that are between uplifting and foreboding and remind me of ... See full review
posted a review of Cotti - Run Tings. over 9 years ago
Nice little reggae flavoured instrumental cut to Cotti's grimy dubstep bumper Calm Down. The rhythm is a bit of an updated No No No (You don't love me) and sounds good without the vocoder chorus and lyrics of the original(not that i like a lot peeps ... See full review
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada. over 9 years ago
amazing group. i am keen to see some of the national film board of canada nature documentaries that apparently inspired the name, anyone sourced any or know where they could be sourced?

many thanks
posted a review of Noah D & Roommate (2) / OSC (2) - Police Polizia RMX / Dreadlok. over 11 years ago
I love this tune, the A-side Polizia is good solid dubstep, nice little drops and a good ol raggary vocal courtesy of italio-jamaican reggae star Alborosie. Nothing amazing but solid floor dropper with a nice bass skank.

The B-side though hits me hard ... See full review
posted a review of Debaser Vs U-Ome* - Mood To Kill. over 11 years ago
Debasers mix of this possibly has one of the heaviest jungle drops ever (even if its only 30 seconds into the track). I'm in the mood to kill a sound, champion sound a throw them down! it drops like an oft-kilter aphex amen over some nice reggae lines ... See full review
posted a review of The Bug Feat. Killa.P* + Flow Dan - Skeng. over 11 years ago
Killer 12 from the peerless Hyperdub label. The Kode 9 mix is one of the most sonically devastating pieces of wax ever. Its starts with a foreboding beat that seems to have Japanese people saying 'Kode 9' in mad voices before it goes 'You don't want to ... See full review
posted a review of Antennae - Water. over 11 years ago
Antennae is all about the beats. The instrumentals are sublime; true future looking hip hop without any cliche loops in sight. Destroy this is a slightly gritty track but with an awesome dipping and straining hook to mellow out the harsher high snares. ... See full review
posted a review of The Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall. over 11 years ago
A review on the CD version of this album doesn't seem to be very positive so I thought I'd give the other side of the fence so to speak.

An eccentric oddball of warpy alien wallpaper chimes, this is one of my favourite albums of all time. Very few ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Deeon - Let Me Bang. over 11 years ago
One ghetto-tech track that really pumps the jam. Let me Bang is a databass classic, the first track does what it says and bangs about well, deep bass rumbling and those off time little phasing noises that sound so good when the mid range is stripped ... See full review
posted a review of Nmonic - Voice Mail EP. over 12 years ago
Stunning rendition of dystopian future, a truly great work of art about the consequences of the man and machine reality we are all facing.

The tracks flow like a novel, its not rap its hip hop, and a great extension to the works of Huxley and Orwell ... See full review