I have been a working club DJ since 1982, originally playing New Wave,Ska,Reggae/Dub & Alternative, Using my full name Jason Webster plus aliases DJ Leo & Jason'Leo'Webster i have mainly been DJ'ing around the South Coast of England. I was resident at Portsmouth legendary Alternative club Basins between 1986-88, supporting the likes of The La's, Pop Will Eat Itself, GBOA, Stone Rose's, Desmond Dekker, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, That Petrol Emotion, Howard Devoto and many more. I then moved on to play at many Acid House party's and festivals in the late 1980's & early 90's. As well as working for club nights like Interdance, Bump & Hustle and Bang! (For whom i was resident for during 1994 & played with artist such as Farley Jackmaster Funk, Masters Of Work, Harvey, Mark Farina, Carl Cox & Kevin Saunderson plus worked on the club tours visiting the city of MOS, Cream & Hard Times). I was instrumental in promoting the Acid Jazz scene in Portsmouth in the early 90's working with artist like Roy Ayers, Mother Earth, Corduroy & the Emperor's New Clothes whilst also promoting House of Funk, which was my own night from 1993-96. I was one of the original founders of the US House and Garage night Southern Exposure in 1997 & have also run club nights in Southampton & Brighton. Played music in Spain, Luxembourg & have done 7 DJ'ing tours of Thailand 96-2004, i have also run several niteclubs in the U.K & one in Thailand. I was ever present on Portsmouth's Delta Force Pirate Radio 1989-92 as well as doing other South Coast radio show's NRG FM in Bournemouth,Cable FM in Brighton & Kitchen FM. I bought my first piece of vinyl in 1973 when i was 8 years old. I was also the owner of Time Tunnel Records in Portsmouth from 1992-1995 & the dance section of Criminal Rekords from 2009-2010.

I have been currently running the LURK underground parties since 2010 and making 80's remixes & re-edits on the Were Records label plus running the New Wave/Punk vinyl only label URS (http://www.discogs.com/label/616836-URS) & the 80's live recording label Basins Recordings (http://www.discogs.com/label/222703-Basins-Recordings). In 2016 i started a new weekly event called Love The Dread based at The Pyramids center terrace in Southsea which runs throughout the summer from May to September playing Dub/Reggae & Ska influenced music. I am also currently the resident at the Basins Reunion events in Portsmouth.






I collect Punk,Ska,Reggae/Dub/Funk,Disco,80's Alternative,original Hip-Hop/Electro,Acid House,early Detroit/Chicago Techno/House,Acid Jazz,Breaks,early US Garage,Tech House & Latin influenced music!

Everything in my collection, around 7000 tunes is available at the right price which i'm compiling on discogs at the moment, mp.3's are available at special request. I also buy collections from DJ's & ex shop stock.

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posted a comment on Killing Joke - Kings And Queens. about 1 month ago
Great tune live but unfortunately, the production for vinyl didn't do it justice, shame as it's a banging track. :(
submitted X Mal Deutschland - Peel Session 22-06-1983.. about 1 month ago
submitted Bauhaus - Spy In The Cab. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on The Media (2) - No Darling I Love The Media E.P.. 3 months ago
No, 500 were made with homemade sleeves at that was it. They use to live with my older brother. I'm doing a lathe cut reissue of this very soon with there consent. I still see them quite a bit.
submitted The Clash - Rock The Casbah (Unreleased Studio Version). 3 months ago
submitted X Mal Deutschland - Peel Session 17-12-1982. 5 months ago
submitted Exam Season - Exam Season. 5 months ago
submitted The Clash & Allen Ginsberg - Ghetto Defendant. 6 months ago
submitted Mystic Peach - Across The Pond. 6 months ago
submitted Potato 5 - Live At Basins 01-05-1987.. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Stray Cats, Killing Joke - Recorded Live At The Roxy September 2, 1983. 10 months ago
How's the quality on this, usual awful bootleg quality or is it a desk recording?
submitted Webster J. Blighty* - Sound Chaser (WFX Rough Mix). 11 months ago
submitted Gary's Gang - Do It At The Disco (WFX Dubstramental). 11 months ago
posted a comment on Gay Kids Summer Camp* - Most Women Are Faking It. about 1 year ago
For me head for Rad Rice's Give It To Me (Financial Advice) mix. Deep Progressive House for the masses.
submitted Public Image Limited - Vampire. about 1 year ago
submitted The La's - Live At Basins 25-11-1987.. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Shapes (2) - More Songs For Sensible People. about 1 year ago
Poor quality reissue. The sound quality on some of these tracks is just not good enough. I have the original 7" of 4 of these tracks & the sound is far superior then this L.P. Very disappointing!
posted a comment on Machine Orchestra - Survival. about 1 year ago
Head straight for the Survival (Underground Dub). The kinda thing that the real DJ's would find & play leaving the others to chase their tails with commercial mixes that don't quite do it on the dance floor!
submitted Rhythm Rhyme Revolution* - SupaFunki. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Specials - Live At The Moonlight Club. about 1 year ago
Yes it is a lathe cut version. I had a very small amount picked up in an ex shop stock collection about 10 yrs ago. The TS 201 is a mistake with the cat no. scratching & be should be TS 210.

submitted GBOA* - Live At The Brook Southampton. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Specials - Live At The Moonlight Club. over 2 years ago
No, this was made at a later date & is lathe cut.
posted a comment on Devo - Jocko Homo / Mongoloid. over 2 years ago
No comment about this? I find that quite incredible. Being in my early teens at the tale end of Punk in the late 70's & listening to all the new/different music that had been coming through for several years. Then this comes right out of the blue & ... See full review
posted a comment on The Producers - Flying The Funky Path. over 2 years ago
Too right, not been out of my box much for 15 yrs & never fails on the dance floor. Can't understand why it has only a rating of 3.54 on here. What's wrong with people? ;)
posted a comment on Human League* - Human. over 2 years ago
Quite possibly the worst human League record by an absolute mile. When you consider what they were doing a few years before this,
posted a comment on Killing Joke - "Ha!" Killing Joke Live. over 2 years ago
Adjusted to correct listing. 12" Mini-Album. With all other versions being 10".
submitted The Racketeers (5) - On The Shelf Selection. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on The Clash / Mikey Dread - Hitsville U.K. / Radio One. over 2 years ago
Forget Hitsville U.K not one of The Clash's finest moments but the flip side Radio One by Mikey Dread is pretty decent. Should of been a 12" with it's 8 min + length.
submitted Emptifish - I'm Gonna Change The World. over 2 years ago
submitted Big Ben, Micky Mike & Jazz Tip,The - Jack Jazz. over 2 years ago
submitted Sleaford Mods - Key Markets. over 2 years ago
submitted The Wilko Johnson Band* - Live At Basins 13-12-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted Potato 5 - Live At Basins 01-05-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted That Petrol Emotion - Live At Basins 21-05-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted Angelic Upstarts - Live At Basins 03-12-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted 999 - Live At Basins 04-06-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted The La's - Live At Basins 25-11-1987. . over 3 years ago
submitted Gaye Bykers On Acid - Basins Live E.P. over 3 years ago
submitted Pop Will Eat Itself - Live At Basins 26-02-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted Gaye Bykers On Acid - Live At Basins 09-04-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted Sleaford Mods - A Little Ditty c/w I'm Shit At It . over 3 years ago
submitted Desmond Dekker - Live At Basins 23-01-1987.. over 3 years ago
submitted The Clash - Remote Control. over 3 years ago
submitted The Clash - White Riot. over 3 years ago
submitted Archive 45 - 33 1/3. over 3 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Sleaford Mods - Live At The Fat Fox Portsmouth Record Store Day 2015. over 3 years ago
Now this i really love. The Sleaford Mods how we all love em, raw, live & straight to the point. No flim flam from these boys.
posted a comment on Leftfield & Sleaford Mods - Head And Shoulders . over 3 years ago
Another below par collaboration. Expected more from a collective of people who've obviously got some talent. This is of course just my personal opinion. Disappointed.
submitted Benjamin Zephaniah - Dis Policeman Keeps Kickin' Me To Death (WFX 100 BPM Remix). over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Sleaford Mods - Key Markets. over 3 years ago
Limited, how many?