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posted a comment on Echoes Of Yul - Cold Ground. over 7 years ago
Those people that know me well enough can confirm that I have strong metal scene roots in my musical taste. Being kind of a young headbanger twenty years ago, even today I can find a spiritual connection to my past while listening to different heavy... See full review
posted a comment on Nigdeniya - Nigdeniya. over 7 years ago
Without any doubt, sometimes people seek for the place to run away from everyday life, from all the problems around and stuff that tries to hit you hard each day. Some of them find the escape in imaginary worlds, and music can be a key which can open... See full review
posted a comment on Verdant - Sincerity. over 7 years ago
There are not many new names on the scene of power electronics recently. Musical experiments with extreme sound demand a special mental condition, and I assume that the people with such a kind of condition became rare these days. Though an American... See full review
posted a comment on Kshatriy - From Heart To Heart. over 7 years ago
When dealing with high abstract and deeply individual genres, like dark ambient for example, the artists try to establish a really close connection with the listener. I truly believe that most of the albums that step out of the doors of that scene... See full review
posted a comment on IFOTS* - Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand. over 7 years ago
Oh my dear Lord! Time machine eventually exists and it finds its incarnation in the face of Iron Fist of the Sun, a power electronics project from Birmingham UK. Though the band is related to this genre, I am not sure that this is the exact definition... See full review
posted a comment on Fescal - Two Winter Poems . over 7 years ago
Stop! Alert! If you are the person that cannot activate your imagination, this album is not for you. Better stop reading this review and find yourself a better entertainment.

But if you classify yourself as the one that lets his thoughts to drift in... See full review
posted a comment on Leidungr - De Nio Kraftsångerna. over 7 years ago
In the era when the old traditions are becoming dust, when people start to forget their roots, when nothing is sacred, few souls desperately seek for reviving, and they look for the force to restore the pride of past generations. And the force was... See full review
posted a comment on Stahlwerk 9 - The Grey Ghost 1856-1939. over 7 years ago
Once, one famous horror writer was asked about the source of his ideas. His answer was: "So where do the ideas?the salable ideas, come from? They come from my nightmares. Not the night-time variety, as a rule, but the ones that hide just beyond the... See full review
posted a comment on Phragments - New Kings And New Queens. over 7 years ago
Every physical body aims for equilibrium. This is the basic mechanism which cannot be escaped; it's a part of a basic chain of events. Sometimes the "equilibrium" is also guided by a state of rest when the processes are either stop completely or... See full review
posted a comment on Abandoned Asylum - Derelicts Of Distant Hope. over 7 years ago
I am sure that many of us who involved in the scene of industrial music have special feelings for abandoned places like old houses, factories etc. Sometimes they continue to live their hidden lives dreaming of memories long gone and breathing with a... See full review
posted a comment on Otzepenevshiye / Vir'* - За Ножом / For A Knife. over 7 years ago
Creatures of catacombs... They are not from our world. Their reality is full of gloom and dancing shadows which never saw the light besides the one from smoky bonfire, hiding from the eyes of those walking the surface. They think different than us.... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Epicurean Escapism II. over 7 years ago
I had been always respecting people that are willing to donate from their time and efforts for the scene of experimental music. I put an accent on the word "donate" in purpose, because it is not a secret that there is no money in that kind of music... See full review
posted a comment on Lamia Vox - Sigillum Diaboli. over 7 years ago
There, in a gloomy hollow glen, she found
A little cottage built of sticks and weeds,
In homely wise, and walled with sods around,
In which a witch did dwell in loathly weeds
And willfull want, all careless of her needs;
So choosing solitary to... See full review
posted a comment on Steel Hook Prostheses - The Empirics Guild. over 7 years ago
It's summer time outside. Everybody plans his vacations nowadays, starts to order flight tickets, packs his stuff. You know the ordinary destinations for tourists, they don't change for decades. Turkey, Egypt, South Spain, hell, there are many dozens... See full review
posted a comment on Aderlating - Gospel Of The Burning Idols. over 7 years ago
There are lots of people who believe that our life is a constant battle between God and the Devil for each and every soul from the first time we open our eyes and until the death takes its share. Every deed and every effort can poison the immortality... See full review
posted a comment on Vestigial - Solar / Aeon. over 7 years ago
Dark ambient genre became a really accessible recently. The times changed from early nineties when there were only a dozen or two of names that experimented with sound. Mainly because the technologies to produce dark ambient music became easily... See full review
posted a comment on Lux Interna - There Is Light In The Body, There Is Blood In The Sun. over 7 years ago
Autumn is knocking on my door, and it's a right time for rethinking, reviewing, a little bit of melancholy. It was a big challenge to survive this extremely hot summer, but today it's already behind, nights become longer, mornings colder and... See full review
posted a comment on Human Larvae - Womb Worship. over 7 years ago
Art, as I can see it concept in general, has a really significant role for the human interpretation of a macro world around and its influence on the inner world of each of us. But it has not only a positive impulse implemented inside of it. There... See full review
posted a comment on Phelios - Gates Of Atlantis. over 7 years ago
Atlantis... a magical and mysterious name that captured imagination of many people in classical antiquity and continues to be one of the biggest secrets of all times. The brightest minds tried to discover for centuries what could have happen to this... See full review
posted a comment on The Vomit Arsonist - An Occasion For Death. over 7 years ago
Winds, storms, autumn is all around, and such a weather, full of energy and destructive power, fills me with a mood for some protest. And of course, automatically, almost without any control, my mind starts to seek for a soundtrack to strengthen those... See full review
posted a comment on Circular (2) - Radiating Perpetual Light. over 7 years ago
I am sure that each of us has his special hideaway somewhere in the world, because sometimes it is extremely necessary to escape from the everyday crazy life, all the problems around and stressful environment. Few times in a year we start to pack our... See full review
posted a review of Kryptogen Rundfunk - Live 2005. over 7 years ago
Yay people. This summer strikes me with soooo hot weather, that my brain melts in 5 minutes each time I go outside. I promise myself every year, that I will consider moving to some colder place on the planet Earth, but I always postpone the decision... See full review
posted a review of Simulacra - There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood. over 7 years ago
There are so many wonders in the world to remember, that people from the very ancient times tried to capture them somehow. They where using different kinds of crafts, like painting, sculpturing, composing or any other expression of creativity. But... See full review
posted a review of Minamata - Politkovskaïa. over 7 years ago
Terror, horror, totalitarianism and agony… If you like music that conveys some protest, the next album is for you. Minamata is an old-school legendary French industrial band which has its roots in the long forgotten 80’s of previous century. On this... See full review
posted a review of Tho-So-Aa - Identify. over 7 years ago
Do you feel lonely? Do you feel cold inside? Does it seem that there is nothing that can warm you up? Would you like to take a step outside the window of 20 or 30 floor building? It would make any difference, because the life is nothing more than a... See full review
posted a review of Blood Box - Funeral In An Empty Room. over 7 years ago
From time to time I am certain that sometimes it takes many years to create a really good music. The time passes and brings lots of new experiences which influence creativity process, pushing it to undiscovered corners of author's imagination. Dark... See full review
posted a review of Ekoplekz - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol.1. over 7 years ago
I remember the time 20-25 years ago, when the world was fresh and undiscovered. Everything seemed to be new, while I opened my mind to the new stream of music experiences. The scene was young, and a lot of sounds were around to establish that, which... See full review
posted a review of Vresnit & Kshatriy - TaeT. over 7 years ago
Every nation has its own roots, connected to the specific history and geographic location. Not many people remember them today, because the magical singularity of the nation is not popular any more in the age of total globalization. Certain customs... See full review
posted a review of Bad Sector - Chronoland. over 7 years ago
There are few artists on ambient music scene that I always keep an eye on their activity. They are always full of interesting passages, which will support a specific mood during long autumn evenings, when the rain and thunder rule outside the window.... See full review
posted a review of Ex.Order - Shuchu Ryoku. over 7 years ago
I have felt very strange for last few weeks, kind of hungry. Hungry for some new excitements, that only a good piece of heavy music can bring. With lots of copycats around, a new album of Ex.Order arrives right in time to retrieve my belief in power... See full review
posted a review of Broken Harbour - Broken Harbour. over 7 years ago
Dark ambient have never been a genre where a lot of things happens. There were some years with a stable activity of the famous bands and formations, but it always was some kind of niche of industrial music for personal listening, where one could... See full review
posted a review of Na-Hag - Lost Cities. over 7 years ago
It is not a secret, that industrial music is explored already for three decades. So many things were played, so many subgenres invented. There is a huge field for experimentations, and many bands try to mix their own cocktails of different genres,... See full review
posted a review of Broken Harbour - Gramophone Transmissions. over 7 years ago
I am always pleased when I see the artists develop their own sound during their career. Being stuck on some specific level doesn't make any good for anyone. I like to hear the transformation or at least the efforts for transformation. But I much more... See full review
posted a review of Tabor Radosti* - Agartta. over 7 years ago
Hello folks. Once again this year I lay my hands on one piece of tribal industrial music. This time it's a Czech based band under the name Tabor Radosti which tries to explore the wide fields of ancient civilizations projected into the modern music... See full review
posted a review of Brighter Death Now - Very Little Fun. over 7 years ago
In the season of mass psychotia , when the world is going crazy from minute to minute, when the global economics is collapsing, the riots and death are everywhere, when your family is being torn apart, and you feel like the ground is washed away below... See full review
posted a review of Adrian H And The Wounds - Dog Solitude. over 7 years ago
Dear boys and girls. Let me tell you a story. It will carry you away from the present and throw you into the depth of dark and gloomy London nights, somewhere around 18th or 19th centuries. Those days were full of strange, even horrible deeds. People... See full review
posted a review of Sky Burial - Threnody For Collapsing Suns. over 7 years ago
Another electronic album entered my home one rainy day, and I willingly dive into it with the goal to discover what kind of ambient music can be created by the mastermind behind the well-known power electronics gang, Michael Page.

After releasing a... See full review
posted a review of Of The Wand And The Moon* - The Lone Descent. over 7 years ago
There is one album from the last year which the crew of Brutal Resonance had passed by, and I don't understand how this could happen. This record definitely is a thing to write about. There were a lot of reviews written and posted, a lot of words had... See full review
posted a review of Various - United States Bestial Forces. over 7 years ago
There is a great Russian tradition that I suggest you to try it at least once. Relax in sauna for 10-20 minutes and then jump into the well with a freezing water. Believe me, you will not regret. The whole gamut of feelings will erase your personality... See full review
posted a review of Maculatum - The Nameless City. over 7 years ago
This year had been very productive for Malignant records. It is only August outside, but the label was already in time to indulge devoted listeners with a pack of solid releases. Few of them were reviewed recently by Brutal Resonance crew. And today... See full review
posted a review of Caul - The Long Dust. over 7 years ago
Sometimes music behaves like a good whiskey that needs many years of aging in order to receive its special aroma. The same is with Caul while it took Brett Smith around fifteen years to return to Malignant Records to release his solo album under the... See full review
posted a review of Navicon Torture Technologies - Your Suffering Will Be Legendary. over 7 years ago
Having a lot of friends is a great thing. As for me, I cannot talk large about the list of my best friends. But this fact is personal for everyone. Some of us are more socialized, some of us are less. But when you have such a list of extremely... See full review
posted a review of Sabled Sun - Signals II. over 7 years ago
Conceptuality of musical albums is very common for bands which exploit industrial genres and subgenres. Creating music around some specific idea and follow its emotional path gives an artist a strong background for expressing his feelings. But what... See full review
posted a review of Broken Harbour - The Geometry Of Shadows. over 7 years ago
Are you in a mood of travelling between the stars today? Did you ever think about transferring information between galaxies or even star systems? Is there a possibility to break a speed of light barrier? Even if science cannot supply a specific answer... See full review
posted a review of Holism Gaea - Blakesian Williamness. over 7 years ago
The art of William Blake finds its reflections in different creations all over the world for many years. It is really understandable, because the true genius usually lives for centuries influencing generations of people with its power and beauty. Of... See full review
posted a review of Bocksholm - Caged Inside The Beast Of The Forge. over 7 years ago
When two men meet for a couple of drinks, it can end in any possible way. When two men from Sweden meet for drinks, you can be almost sure that the result will be making music together. But when two guys with the names Peter Andersson and ... Peter... See full review
posted a review of Vicious Beast - Tortura Obscura. over 7 years ago
I love power electronics and noise for many reasons. I am sure that each of us has his own. I would like to mention one of the main reasons here and this is the wide opportunities for a huge field of experimentation to reveal almost every possible... See full review
posted a review of Armchair Migraine Journey - Cosmic Space Drone. over 7 years ago
Dear ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. I want to welcome you on the board of our spaceship that is going to carry you into the deepest void of your imagination. Take your sits and fasten your belts, take a deep breath and send your... See full review
posted a review of Darkrad - Abnormal Love. over 7 years ago
Cold Meat Industry was always one of my favorite labels and I usually try to lay my hands on the products that arrive from the house of mister Karmanik. I can state that the first industrial records that I heard in my life twenty years ago came from... See full review
posted a review of Deathstench - Massed In Black Shadow. over 7 years ago
Sometimes, the ordinary life passes by us on a daily basis, full of routine actions and occasions, blunting our emotions, turning everything around into one grey line. During such periods it is very important to whip up all senses with a portion of... See full review