My name is Adam and i have been collecting records since 1986. Started off being heavy into the chicago house music pioneers and once acid house broke in 1988 started clubbing and going to various Raves/Balearic parties and did a little DJing as seems to happen when you have a large record collection. Was already into Detroit techno but around 92 got into techno in a big way influenced by some top nights out at Lost. After much debating i have finally decided to start selling my vinyl bit by bit every record is from my personal collection loving looked after by a recovering vinyl addict. So please take a look you wont be disappointed.
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posted a comment on Eighth Ray - Axis Of Love / 8th Ray. over 9 years ago
This is quite simply one of the most over looked records of all time. Deep hypnotic mesmerising house that will change your life for ever. If quality dictated the value of a record this is worth $300+. One day the world will find out what its been ... See full review