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posted a comment on ススム ヨコタ* - Acid Mt.Fuji = 赤富士. 5 months ago
Overrated classic in my opinion. Sound engineering is flat, atmosphere lacks depth, tracks are disappointment after another.
posted a review of Kryptic Minds - One Of Us. 8 months ago
After all these years of ignorant dislike, sorry dupstep... Now I know better, let's be friends okay? For a techno fan this hits like thousand volts.
posted a review of Jon Hopkins - Singularity. 9 months ago
Jon Hopkins paints enchanting sonic artwork with palette of sounds varying from mechanically synthetic waveforms to earthly organic timbres.

Hopkins breeds classical style with electronic beats to produce something special. He just doesn't stack the two ... See full review
posted a comment on Cloudface - Super You. 11 months ago
One of the pointiest reviews ever published on the internet
posted a comment on Bicep - Bicep. about 1 year ago
I would recommend Dousk - D.I.Y. It's pretty similar and absolute banger. Nice combination of breaks and 4/4, with both ambiance and dance floor authority
Maybe some Legowelt too, try his album The Paranormal Soul

posted a review of Micronism - Inside A Quiet Mind. about 1 year ago
What a pleasant album. Mesmerizing union of banging kick, frosty noises and lush sweeps with some melodic aspect.
posted a comment on Wanderwelle - Lost In A Sea Of Trees. about 1 year ago
Melodic dub techno done right. Not a single dull moment in this album, all tracks are unique and outstanding, and progress very smoothly from one to another. This has to be my favorite melodic dub techno album since Yagya's Rigning
posted a comment on Amorf - Blending Light. about 1 year ago
Dangerously hypnotic stuff. Dark but soothing journey, this is one of the most trance inducing techno I have ever heard. Minimal core in it's essence, layered with plenty of subtle details playing with various musical genres.
posted a comment on Grant (24) - Cranks. about 1 year ago
I liked the first one better. It has more filthy underground vibe and in your face attitude. This production is more polished but misses the charm of first album. Still one of the best in it's genre anyway
posted a review of Astronaut Ape - Flight 420. about 1 year ago
At last a fresh sounding discovery, an memorable album standing out from the surplus of kitsch psybient. Best of it's style after Carbon Based Lifeforms discography and Connect.Ohm's outstanding 9980.

First half of the album wasn't that impressive but ... See full review
posted a review of Gas - Narkopop. about 1 year ago
This is all about the looping orchestral samples. Raw, mundane, organic ambiance without gimmicks but a lot of depth. The beat is minimal, melody is non-existent. This is not a music to listen to. This is music let oneself dissolve into. Merging into it, ... See full review
posted a review of Yimino - Breaker. about 1 year ago
This obscure gem have grown one of my favorite bedtime albums. First of all, it reminds me of Boards of Canada. A lot. And this is absolutely good thing - it's a rarer sound one would thing! It's the pattern hypnotic drum beats, hazy long sustained ... See full review
posted a comment on Sandwell District - Feed-Forward. about 1 year ago
I like this style of techno. Dark, ominous and death simple, yet ultimately immersing. Harsh POW POW POW without gimmicks, just the tribal rhythms, anemic hi hats and right amount of cold ambiance for immersive experience. I am new to the techno, and am ... See full review
posted a comment on Secede - Tryshasla. about 1 year ago
Overrated, plain bad album in my books. This album completely lacks depth and the mesmerizing aspect of ambient. Instead, it's like the ambient arrangement of children's songs from Disney movie. This album is packed with naive, irritating tinkling ... See full review
posted a review of Abul Mogard - Works. about 1 year ago
Best ambient I have heard for a while. It's a deepdive into dark, cold soundscapes with hidden spots of comfort. Dissociative stuff
posted a review of 36 (2) - The Infinity Room. over 2 years ago
I was hyped for the Avg Rating: 4.9 / 5 and disappointed. Melodies are lame, songs are each other copies, textures are thin, atmosphere is lacking. Only the last song had any soul in it. Technically flawless, but ultimately boring record.

posted a review of Jaytech - Everything Is OK. over 2 years ago
High quality production. This album delivers warm, instrumental melodies and airy textures backed by fat, GROOVY bass. Hits hard, but isn't aggressive by any means. Colorful but not oversaturated, juicy but not cheesy. Perfect balance of playfulness, ... See full review
posted a review of Yagya - Stars And Dust. over 2 years ago
This is an spectacular album from Yagya. His style to mix dub techno with neo-classical elements is unique and pleasant. Stars And Dust has familiar feeling to Rigning, but ventures even further with melodic progressions, textures and dynamics. It ... See full review
posted a review of Biosphere - Microgravity. over 2 years ago
Dark, cold vintage sounds and ruthless, deep bass is what makes this album appealing. Original simplicity. Whereas ambient techno albums later of that decade serves warm, organic sounds, Microgravity is cold, ominous even. It's as much about hypnotic ... See full review
posted a comment on Yagya - Rigning. over 2 years ago
Exactly my thoughts. Probably because it has very little to do with dub techno, and is more about sustained pads and even rhythm
posted a review of Future Beat Alliance - Hidden Emotion. over 2 years ago
Atmospheric, genuine electro without gimmicks. Warm analogue synths, groovy beats, minimal addicting melodies and no bullshit. Original, fun and relaxing journey from start to finish.
posted a review of Connect.Ohm - 9980. over 2 years ago
For me, this is best modern release from this genre. I think it's more solid and satisfying whole than anything by those most popular futuristic ambient downtempo artists such as Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields or Aes Dana (which are also worth ... See full review
posted a review of Gas - Pop. over 2 years ago
Primitive and repetitious patterns without anything one would consider trendy. Not really music, but a wall of sound, impressions of ancient nature, choice of modern shaman. One either hates or loves this kind of stuff, it depends of the objective. If ... See full review
posted a review of Yagya - Rigning. over 2 years ago
I love the rain, and I love this album, which concept is rain. Indeed, it sounds like quiet city in rainy afternoon. Hazy swells and echoes with continuous distant beat. No hard edges or too strong expressions. Melodic touch subtle enough to retain that ... See full review
posted a review of Dousk - D.I.Y.. over 2 years ago
Smooth as silk. Beautiful soundscapes and catchy beats. Not many albums of this genre manage to get me lost for 79 minutes as this one, as I find house music generally monotone. Half way through I was astonished how the album gets better and better and ... See full review
posted a review of The Sushi Club - Neo Sashimi. over 2 years ago
Seamless and mesmerizing blend of oceanic ambient sweeps, catchy electro beats, haunting japanese dialogue and cleansing melodies. Sounds nostalgic and original at the same time. I must tip the fedora for him not going too experimental, yet keeping me ... See full review
posted a review of The Sushi Club - Sakura. over 2 years ago
Just found out about The Sushi Club after going through a lot of dull or cliche downtempo albums in discogs recommendations. The typical problem with this genre is the lack of originality or going too experimental.

This is not the case with Sakura by ... See full review