STORE'S CLOSED UNTIL CDC/WHO DECLARES "ALL CLEAR" or TRUMP IS OUT OF OFFICE and swimming in his future of congressional/civil/tax/sexual harassment courts which ever comes first.

IMPEACHED Trump has started IMBLEACHMENT proceedings against himself.
A wartime President (his words) who is at war with his own people
You can't be number one on earth if you are number two in space...
Bunker Boy

Trump's Guide to American History | Old man ramp | How a Trump Supporter Voted to Destroy His Own Career | Chump don't care | Failure to lead
Leadership | Lindsey Graham priorities | Flag of Treason | Antithetical - Our Nations Leader is Failing America | Life Accordion To Trump #4 | Life Accordion To Trump #3: "Happy Holidays" Edition | Obstruction of Justice | Dumb & Dumber | To Stupid to Understand | Martha McSally Is A Trump Hack | Mission ACCOMPLISHED | Rich Mitch aka Moscow Mitch | Lindsey Must Go! | Unprepared, spineless, weak | Deer in the Headlights | Making China Great Again | Mourning in AmericaPUTTING AMERICA FIRST! | Mumbling Idiot | Fox & Friends | UNFIT | Lysol (is NOT your friend) | Ronald Chump: Unfit. Unwell. Unacceptable | The Trump Corruption MACHINE | king thing | Liar, Loser, Dunce | Distracted | Chump administration’s botched coronavirus response, explained | Chump Says He'll Win 2020 'In A Landslide' As U.S. Death Toll Tops 50,000 | Republickasses don't give a fuck about their voters | As Americans face a new normal, Chump returns to the old playbook | tRump flunky | Chump's Experts WE SALUTE YOU!

America needs a leader it can trust
DOJ Alumni Speak Out Against Political Interference

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The Glass Menageries
Lady Uranium

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