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posted a comment on Venetian Snares. 2 months ago
Intricate, dynamic, tension ridden tumbling asteroids of mutated drum n bass. Occasionally a nice melody or voice. The amount of music he has released is almost inhuman. The only other artist I've seen that has released more is Milieu. Been listening to ... See full review
posted a comment on Stars As Eyes. 3 months ago
Criminally underrated group. When I think of post rock electronica I instantly reference these guys. Amazing blends of acoustic and computer treated sounds that fill the air with relaxing ambient quirky grooves. Pure freedom in experimentation that ... See full review
posted a review of EOD - Named. 3 months ago
Gorgeous, elegant, sublime and sporty. For contemplation on cold winter mornings and hot hikes around volcanos at dusk.
posted a review of Mr. 76ix - Hits Of 76ix Par2. 3 months ago
Pixelated breakdancing, Terminator funk. Aggro and elegant. Drum shapeshifting. Sampler orchestra. Lazer guided Adidas.
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posted a review that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Collapse EP. 8 months ago
Thats part of his charm on certain tracks. Just because you can’t wrap your head around that idea doesnt make it my problem.
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posted a review of Otto Von Schirach. 9 months ago
Sonic dynamics and complexity that is only executed by a small fraction of the idm roster. Heavily influenced by The Residents and dark metal. Wrapped in a pulsating digital cyst that shape shifts and curb stomps sound like a dinosaur on pcp. Amazing ... See full review
posted a review of Otto Von Schirach - 8000 B.C.. 9 months ago
Amazing that this came out in 2001. The sound is not dated at all. The crisp crinkles and stuttering clicks with the blurry ambience and thundering bass are very pronounced on my vinyl copy. This is when Schematic records was a powerful contender in the ... See full review
posted a review of Boxcutter - Glyphic. 9 months ago
Proper ambient dubstep with the appropriate reaches too traditional dub with minor idm edits through-out. No wacky brostep bass lines. The real shit, top to bottom.
posted a comment on Luke Vibert - Luke Vibert's Further Nuggets. 9 months ago
You can still buy the vinyl new from Lo Recordings at this time for a great price. (18 pounds)
posted a review of Luke Vibert - Nuggets - Luke Vibert's Selection. 9 months ago
Only Luke Vibert could and did find the funkiest, weirdest and progressive tracks in a reel to reel library owned by the government of France. There are tracks that really sound like they were made in the last 10 years on here. It's stunning, charming ... See full review
posted a review of Decal - Brightest Star. 11 months ago
Great electro vibe excursions. Emotive melodics and rhythmic with dynamic synth textures. Proper and astute. And being on RGC you got to know their shit is exquisite.
posted a comment on Ultradyne - ...Is Evil. 11 months ago
Underground of the underground. Psychedelic percussion and melodies that evoke urgency. Proper Detroit raw electro all the way.
posted a comment on The Fear Ratio. 11 months ago
A dark, heavy, bassy break delight that floats between trap house and Skam sample break juggling. Intergalactic drive by music. Or ego dissolving traveler unto nether worlds. Heavy shit done so damn good.
posted a review of µ-Ziq. 11 months ago
The yang of Aphex's yin. Pulsing dirty breaks and tones with melodic layers packed on for a proper idm mineral snack bar. A little more raw than most but with quality control intact. His label is extremely prolific and continues to push forward in the ... See full review
posted a review of Aphex Twin. 11 months ago
a child was born in Limerick one day among others, a person who would bestow beauty and intelligent neuroticism so potent that it would set on a chain reaction that the world has yet to be seen into the far, far, far, far, far future. How the actual fuck ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Lily Of The Valley. 11 months ago
The compilation when Schematic 'made it' in the idm scene. Even thought the first comp was equally as great. This is where the sound shifted to cleaner but not so super clean fidelity sound that made the idm sound so great. A great dose of sound ... See full review
posted a review of Quinoline Yellow. 11 months ago
Flawless career of an underground chune wizard. Buy it on vinyl if possible.
posted a review of Quinoline Yellow - Dol-Goy Assist. 11 months ago
Mesmerizing chunky tunes with spooky carpet ride melodies and sampled break fuckery. The artwork is funny as it conveys the industrial efficient soul deprived designs of everyday plastic utility items. This one being a baby change station. I was one of ... See full review
posted a comment on J.P Buckle* - Flyin Lo-Fi. 12 months ago
Dirty bangers, quick energy and bass for the foots to tap toes. Reminiscent of Bogdan Raczinski sound but in the reverse since this came first.
posted a comment on Broadcast. 12 months ago
Some of the best music ever made. Absolutely gorgeous stuff.
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posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Level 17. about 1 year ago
Thank you for the info. Yeah I didn't even bid high enough at first and was asked to add more. I still don't see anything about a digital download either in my box. The lack of communication from their end is perplexing.
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posted a review of Kraftwerk - Autobahn. about 1 year ago
Found my copy in a free left over flea market bin that was given to my father (can you believe that?) 1974 vel-2003 pressing with a split sleeve. As old as it is and how badly it was treated it sounds pretty clean. Amazing grooves that bridge the gap of ... See full review
posted a review of 2 Lone Swordsmen* - Stay Down. about 1 year ago
Major hit of the electronic underground. Amazing that they didn't have to repress this. A major expo of how the current idm sound at that time could be harnessed back into a more humanized analog sound with groove with absolute uniqueness. Many a fond ... See full review
posted a comment on ISAN. about 1 year ago
Heard them back in the early 00's and was captivated by the composition of this amazing duo. A microscopic journey inside the elegant workings of idm and ambient electronica. Very gentle and inviting and still funky. A duet soundtrack to your own ... See full review
posted a comment on Com Truise - Galactic Melt. about 1 year ago
Got my vinyl copy in early 18', years after finding it on Youtube and getting the cd. The collector in me wanted the colored version, but just getting a copy is fine. A quintessential view of the chillwave sound done proper and with rhythmic edits that ... See full review
posted a comment on Harmonic 313 - When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence. about 1 year ago
I mean really. Considering MP isn't a 'metoo' idm artist and never would need to be, this lp is ambient electronica golden age production. LFO, Drexciya, Two Lone Swordsmen, Black Dog, Beaumont Hannant shit going down here. Above the crowd, way above.
posted a comment on Harmonic 313. about 1 year ago
Music that's been touched by god and the devil. Superb swerve down the urb through many curves that will serve the urge to encourage the the splurge that will cut out the bland scourge.
posted a comment on Harmonic 313 - When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence. about 1 year ago
Oh yeah, bitch. This one got my amps on my KRK 10-3s burning for real (not kidding, I can smell it) . Man what a dope release. This is what electro ambient dreams are made of.
posted a comment on Skookum - MDS004. about 1 year ago
Got this 7" free with my order of Harmonic 313 vinyl. Pretty dope stuff. Skam records downtempo sound with a bit more ambient. Well recorded. Kudos!
posted a comment on Autechre - Amber. about 1 year ago
Got my copy, so clean sounding. This lp is a huge part of my late teens. A must for any sound enthusiast with an ear for catchy rhythms. Papa bless the Ae boys.
posted a review of Autechre - Amber. about 1 year ago
This album evokes the transcendental musical moments I first experienced in my youth. Powerful use of silence with pin point precision of sound. These two artists were on top of the world or the universe for that matter when this released. The bridge ... See full review
posted a review of Jega - Variance. about 1 year ago
So much hype and controversy with this release. Files got leaked early, reworks of the tracks were made for actual release. And it also took around ten years to get released. Finally got my copy on cd, then vinyl. A much more trip-hop ambient technique ... See full review
posted a review of Jega. about 1 year ago
An absolute idm breakbeat/electro master. ALL of his releases are classics. I've been on many a mind excursion with his first two albums. Geometry is best for contemplation and ego dissolve, pure unique expression. Spectrum is an epoch into ... See full review
posted a comment on No Artist - Sound Effects Volume 10. about 1 year ago
A documentary time capsule of sounds from the late 60s. A treat for sound enthusiasts/sample heads.
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London. about 1 year ago
A league of their own. Powerful ambient soundscapes, tripped out hip hop and experimental breaks. These guys stand out above the rest and dont get caught up in the trends. They do what they do.
posted a review of Autechre. about 1 year ago
As I grow into my mid life years knowing Autechre's sound for over 20+ years I can say it's been a great ride. They have taught machines how to make music for them. A glimpse of Artificial Intelligence in it's purest form. They are of of those artist ... See full review
posted a review of Com Truise. about 1 year ago
Quintessential chillwave. Chunky ass vintage drum machines and bassy analog (Oberheim matrix?) synths to groove you into the future with a retro twist.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Otto Von Schirach - 8000 B.C.. about 1 year ago
Everything about this album is profound and absolutely unmatched. From the album artwork, the lyrical content of the songs, the sounds and the execution. This lp is fucking golden.
posted a review of Boards Of Canada. about 1 year ago
A very unique sound for the underground back in the mid/late 90s. 96 is when I first heard them. Being well versed in the 'scene' that was taking place back then I can tell you that their sound has been duplicated hundreds of times by other new ... See full review
posted a review of Phono Ghosts - Solar Dream Reel. about 1 year ago
Glad to get this on vinyl. This guy has more to offer than the VHS Head style sample juggling. I prefer the slow grooves out of the bunch. A nice walk between BOC, Vaporwave and 80's sample chop-up two step.
posted a review of Mark Pritchard - Under The Sun. about 1 year ago
A very relaxing collaboration lp. The Thom Yorke collab is the best out of the group. I would rather there be more musician guests than lyricists.
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posted a review of Phonem - The Mechanic Verses. about 1 year ago
Dope lp. No silence points between tracks but it expresses the continuous flow of ideas.
posted a comment on Ultra-Red. about 1 year ago
Underground champs getting together for political awareness of post-Spain colonies. A little heavy and abstract but a great show for their cause.