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posted a review of Daed. 12 days ago
This is the new school of idm drum n bass. He stands with the best of them Even better in some respects since he uses heavy percussion and lots of experimental edits. Amazing talent!!!
posted a comment on Yunx - In The Heat Of The Night. 29 days ago
Experimental groove Electronica with ambient moods, oldschool sample breaks with post rock touchings. A genre that has been tried on the UK but not much elsewhere. very fulfilling on a spiritual level .
posted a comment on Various - aux44100 - 10 years of mindcolormusic. about 1 month ago
An imaginative collection of buzzing braindance downtempo electronic goodness. I've never heard of any of these artists but they are all well adjusted experimental beat grinders nonetheless. Just goes to show there are many great musicians out there... See full review
posted a comment on Viewtiful Joe (2) / Titch Thomas - aux4414. about 1 month ago
No slackers here, just proper acid ambient jams. Once again Mindcolormusic is finding the diamonds in the rough for us to lo-key gawk and chill at.
posted a comment on Viewtiful Joe (2) / Titch Thomas - aux4414. about 1 month ago
Luxurious braingrooves. Electro break, idm floor music for humans and others with formidable frontal cortexes.
posted a comment on bromic / envmod - aux4413. about 1 month ago
Fresh, robust braindance, how can you resist? Get it on vinyl if you can.
posted a comment on Foreign Sequence, omni causa - cybomotions. about 1 month ago
What a great start to a record label. Very promissing. Thoughtful and energetic with the analord/druqs vibes.
posted a comment on Various - aux4412. about 1 month ago
A braindance holiday from the generic Aphex sound wish lords. Holy shit, could it get ant better? If so it would include a package of some sort of chemical to make you die and cream your knickers. But then you'd be dead so you would'nt be able to hear... See full review
posted a comment on Microlith. about 1 month ago
Just got to pay my respects. When I was in my 20s people were living fast and dropping off quick. Not saying he was living dangerous but the sudden death of a friend should always a stopping point of reflection. We need to be aware how precious we... See full review
posted a comment on Flux (39) / Bovaflux - aux4411. about 1 month ago
a beautiful flotilla of brainium dancium. If you got a vinyl copy, you've been blessed. What a great ride. Nortacid, the last track will set you free. Leave them wanting more....
posted a comment on Brainwaltzera - Marzipan. about 1 month ago
Big ambient breaks, open for introspection. The reason why idm got popular in the first place. And that's why it still stands today as a musical movement.
posted a comment on Various - Remixes. about 1 month ago
AF is the modern Warp of braindance/techno/electro breaks. Powerful stuff. They know how to rope in the legacy masters. A bridge of the new age mixing in with the mid-school days. IDM is a wide open genre y'all, always has been, always will be. We all... See full review
posted a comment on Various - aux4410. about 1 month ago
This release reminds me a little of the old days when I would buy compilations knowing I would probably like every song because they were on a similar wavelength. This is actually better than that. Dom is obviously very good at picking artists out and... See full review
posted a comment on Tysk Raider / Lithium Flux - aux449. about 1 month ago
Bought for the Tysk Raider tracks but was very impressed with the Lithium Flux tracks. Very impressive, well rounded braindance/proto idm. The synth tones and stabs are superb from both artists.
posted a comment on bromic - aux4417. about 1 month ago
Anytime! Good music makes the world a better place. And we all need that, especially in 2020. See you around, take care.
posted a comment on Qebrus. about 1 month ago
Such a talented sound designer. Somewhere between Otto Von Schirach and Valence Drakes. The first and last correspondence from me to him was me complaining about one of his shirts being the wrong size. He was very chill and explained he had no... See full review
posted a review of Bedroom Research. about 1 month ago
What an awesome label. Energy and unique electronic fuckery is abound with this output. I had to buy all of the releases on Bandcamp. Get this stuff, it adds the spice to life.
posted a comment on Luke Vibert - Rave Hop. about 1 month ago
Awesome as ever. How the hell did he clear all these samples? Maybe he didn't, and that makes me smirk, chuckle and think about the old days when samples were up for grabs. Beautiful music was made in those days with uncleared samples. This album... See full review
posted a comment on Iyunx Productions. about 1 month ago
In the end it's not about who has the most mind bending sound, it's just about making interesting music.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Burial. 4 months ago
You're on the light side. More like a boy scout bake sale.
posted a comment on Burial. 4 months ago
The Rephex Grime compilation, Funckarma, Roel Funcken, Saturate records, Boxcutter, Hyperboloid Records, Vaetxh, Subjex, Polyklinik, Plastician, Valence Drakes. That will keep you busy.
posted a comment on 96 Back - Excitable, Girl. 4 months ago
Another great proximal expansion of the last wave of Rephlex output before they went kaput. IDM sprinkled electro with beautiful sizzling pads. Just some good dance and brain music making, ya know?
posted a comment on Phoenecia. 4 months ago
Early stuff was unique and interesting but they abandoned their audience twice, kind of like Autechre did but worse. They could have been great. One of them was quit rude in email conversations with me. They really liked the smell of their own farts... See full review
posted a review of Volruptus - First Contact. 4 months ago
Rephlex would have released this album back in the day. A great example of properly set techno sounds in a perfect audio recording. Nice, punchy kicks and bass. Reminds me of Soul Oddity at times. This album has so many traditional electronica/dance... See full review
posted a review of Solvent - RDJCS5 EP. 4 months ago
Aphex is always an inspiration but having such a historical and integral piece of his own gear is much more. This hopefully gives inspiration for other artists for concepts on their work other than just remixing wav files. I see artists using this... See full review
posted a comment on Fundamental Records (4). 4 months ago
Such an impressive label. How are there no reviews here??? Very astute electro electronica with the amazingly weird vinyl set boxes that will fill your collection with much extra space depending on the release. I feel that Alek has a great vision that... See full review
posted a comment on Client_03. 4 months ago
Suave ambient, intricate and bassy electro. Just perfect stuff. Audio rendering quality is top level. Some songs have an older electronica 90's vibe which is also very nice to hear these days.
posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä. 5 months ago
What an amazing progression from his first releases to today. He obviously went to a college for music study. His Astrobotnia works are my favorite, but his Colundi works are beyond what music is usually supposed to express to the human ear (by the un... See full review
posted a review of Fah (2). 5 months ago
Fun and smart electro tunes to groove and grind out to. Proper levels and sounds that a fringe electro fan like me to consume and occasionally be blown away by. And the concepts of his work are as fun to look into as well as the tracks that he made... See full review
posted a comment on Shinra. 5 months ago
This nerdy little fella has a mech suit with capabilities that will blast your cortex into dust waves. Heavy, dynamic, banging acid electro breaks for days. Top notch anthem electronics for the nerdy dorks like me and the normies to shake their ass... See full review
posted a review of Jega - 1995. 5 months ago
Dirty beats and luxurious melodies. Hopefully this isn't the last of his releases. Vintage Jega sound with sci-fi drama with the electro breaks beats to keep it a little aggro.
posted a review of µ-Ziq - Challenge Me Foolish. 5 months ago
Like an expansion of "The Fear" album with the Kazumi vocals and string melodies. A nice harken back to the days when the internet wasn't flooded with Aphex copycats (who some are very talented in their own way). Kind of wish the melodies were... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a review of James Shinra - Vital Heat . 5 months ago
Some good, clean melodic techno breakbeats. Recorded/mastered absolutely perfect. The bridge between electronic dancefloor and idm. Very inviting. Syro bass and Druqks piano vibes through out.
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posted a review of Bochum Welt. 6 months ago
As unique and dynamic as Kraftwerk. Simple programing but not simple in structure and sound. Amazing sonic templates for the time. Elegant, futuristic and beautiful. The sophistication of the songs will put you in awe. Ambient idm, first generation.
posted a review of Squarepusher - Be Up A Hello. 6 months ago
This release is a great break from the wannabes and try hards I find on the streaming apps nowadays. Perfection, beyond perfection. It leads you instead of you giving it a benefit of the doubt and helping it up the stairs. This is the idm I cherish. I... See full review
posted a comment on Rhys Celeste. 6 months ago
Elegant and thoughtful braindance/electro. God bless your transition, brother. We'll all be there soon enough.
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a review of Fah (2) - Future RX. 6 months ago
Concept album made on a Yamaha RX-5. From my experience I've always hated the RX series of drum machines, even the circuit bent ones. The RX series just seem to be the most useless drum machines on the planet. BUT, the RX5 had the benefit of switching... See full review
posted a comment on Mozyk. 6 months ago
Awesome idm/ambient break workout label as far as I've heard today 3-16-20. They must have eagle brains because eagles see reality in slo-motion. Therefore it is easier for them to make intricate break-core with ease.
posted a comment on Alek Stark - Electrica Eclectica. 6 months ago
The sound is reminiscent of BochumWelt but 200 years later in clarity and rhythm. The melody is pulled away to reveal the percussion. Modern day classic for at least another 400 years or until the vinyl rots away.
posted a review of Various - aux4415. 6 months ago
These are the type of artists that care more about musical ability and song construction than releasing it for the public. I'm astonished. Maybe some of the names are pseudonyms but what ever it is I'm hooked. All vinyl is a must.
posted a comment on Schematic. 7 months ago
A very prominent and rich source of what south east American IDM was capable of in the early 00's. These releases were an output when IDM was making waves into record shops and shows here and there across the East Coast of the US. Obviously there was... See full review
posted a review of Vulva. 7 months ago
If Black Dog had a cousin these guy's would be it. Quirky electronica proto-idm that you definitely can shake your monkey butt too. All made with lo-fi simple gear. I bought Birdwatch on vinyl back in the early 00's. I didn't even like vinyl back then... See full review
posted a review of Vytear. 7 months ago
I discovered this artist the same time I discovered Vaetxh on youtube (thanks youtube deep diving), which was a mildly strange coincidence. Amazing whit and complex breaks with the ever important cheekiness so you can have fun like a rollercoaster on... See full review