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posted a review of Nando* - The Best. 1 day ago
DJ Isy´s Remix of The Best can described with "a clean demolition". The Title "The Best" speaks for himself. Put the needle on and take cover.
posted a comment on DJ Tonka - Phun-Ky. about 1 month ago
have searching over 10 years. god bless you. thanks a lot
posted a review of Hell - Teufelswerk. 7 months ago
8x8 Must-Have Survival Gear Items. ready to go in case disaster strikes
posted a comment on Profetus - As All Seasons Die. 9 months ago
In Every Store in my Town , That Tracks are Calling a piece of pure Coyote Shit.
posted a comment on Die* / Suv - Planet V (The Remixes - Part One). 9 months ago
The Autumn Remixes are top notch and timeless. never leave my Bag.
posted a comment on David Carretta - The Rocket Sardine. about 1 year ago
This record is a message to young people.
For people under the age of 25, and certainly to people under the age of 40. If you are over the age of 40, i'm not sure that you should listen to this record. What i'm going to say might make you mad. I don't ... See full review
posted a comment on Klubfilter - I've Seen The Future. about 1 year ago
Rare Pepe 12. Massive Anthem all time. Love this tune.
posted a comment on 2 Bad Mice - Gone Too Soon EP. about 1 year ago
Top notch release from Movin Shadow crew. I've be thankful for the the sound.
posted a review of Try Unity - Stand Up / Fight For Love. over 2 years ago
Rave Radio Records debut with top notch old skool tracks from TRY UNITY. The message is clear. Stand Up and Fight For Love.
posted a comment on Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files* - Love & Hapiness / Dreamworld. over 2 years ago
Nice 12´ from Intalex that were very successful in Germany as well . R.I.P. M8!
posted a comment on Ram Trilogy - Molten Beats. over 2 years ago
This vinyl is mutch fatter than mother. A all time classic.
posted a review of Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing / Prototyped. over 2 years ago
Dark stuff here. A Heavywight Jungle all time classic tune.
posted a review of Special Forces - The End / Babylon. over 2 years ago
Photek´s visions in a tasty oldskool jungle sound. R.I.P Babylon!
posted a comment on The Brothers Grimm - Field Of Dreams / Exodus (The Lion Awakes). over 2 years ago
. . . Here comes trouble. The Lion has awoken! . . .
submitted Various - FTP 001. over 2 years ago