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posted a comment on Asphalt-pirates. over 5 years ago
Are you joking ? It's utterly wak . that drunk mop plays sounds that were fresh... 25 years ago !!
you need to put your ears out and listen .
And if , as he pretends on his total bullshit biocrap , was in germany in the 90's then he really hasn't... See full review
posted a comment on Chapati Express. over 6 years ago
no too bad as a label , mostly tekhouse but all releases sound the same . Pick one up , no need to pick a second even though the production is fairly good . But very marketable . Interesting though . But not original . Up to one self
posted a comment on Scaremonger - Soon We All Will Have Special Names. over 6 years ago
Main sample (and Ep name ) taken from Cronenberg's Videodrome .... Mk prod at its best
posted a comment on Bryan Fury. over 7 years ago
haha that was random . nice release too .
posted a comment on Christian Wünsch / Exium - Expect Nothing. over 7 years ago
indeed . never heard of the blok but randomly came across this release .it's really nice ! not too minimal , spacy overheads sounds, breakbeat used harmonically and the whole with a decent bass . defo getting it .
posted a comment on Double Vision (6) - How Should I Start E.P.. over 7 years ago
Quite a nice record if you don't have shit loads of ukg already, well early garage. Some of the sounds on the main track do feel a bit dated but it ain't too bad. The badman mix is much nicer to me , less cheese and altogether my kind of garage .... See full review
posted a comment on Ben (9mm). over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Robbert Latumahina - Retrofix Nine EP. over 7 years ago
Retro fix one is simply an amazing piece of live set . Classic Robert grinding acid ruffnek tekno , militant machines roaring their way in and evolving , kinda ov minimal if you compare to other prods of relevant genre of the time but the density of... See full review
posted a comment on Creeper II* - Spoke / About 50.000 Times / Tesselate. over 7 years ago
50 000 times is much better as a mix weapon (especially when pitchin it to 150/160), to my opinion . other two trax r like most cluster releases , not bad but noting new under the bin
posted a comment on Obs.Cur. over 7 years ago
What a label. Discovered it in 2011 and blimey it keeps being seriously good. Eclectic with a vision , from rough breaks to proper mental tekno , always with that special deep dutch acid feel. With a collection of quality producers from all across the... See full review
posted a comment on bRz / DX (3) - Transformed. over 7 years ago
Truly an amazing record. Tekno with edge, raw sounds, roaring samples, breaks in the back ground, excellent use of the transaformers original tv sounds... As far as rave tunes go this one makes you feel like being in a fat warehouse crammed with raver... See full review
posted a comment on Bibi (3) - Untitled. over 8 years ago
it's alright to mix but it ain't that great and defo not at the price it used to be sold for ( com'on be honest)
posted a comment on Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson - Punish 4. over 8 years ago
hmmm personnaly apart from the lyrics which r indeed sort of disturbing the track is bleak . come on same pattern for 5 mn , it doesn't go anywhere . if that's the best release on this label you've said it all . oh well at least i gave a go
posted a comment on Off Bits Records. over 8 years ago
indeed . fuk knows why the first is on this label . the bloke paid for it haha
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Dead Letter Drop # 1. over 9 years ago
indeed it does sound like something he would do . really nice track
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Urban Disturbance 02. over 9 years ago
I bet it's Cal . Could be wrong but it sounds like him doesn't it ?
posted a comment on Blackmass Plastics. over 9 years ago
Here's a proper producer as well as seriously good dj . The man puts his dirty hands in many pies and always makes some tremendous tracks. Often eerie but always groovy , he's often ahead of his time and does set vibes up . His love for oldskool and... See full review
posted a comment on The Dexorcist - The Wreknival EP. over 9 years ago
The above description couldn't be more accurate . It's fresh while combining a lot of old skool elements taken from various genre across time . must have .
posted a comment on Woody McBride - The Basketball Heroes Remixes. over 9 years ago
shiiiittttt!! here's what are real remixes about ( and not just doing the same shit ) ! take a tune , change everything ,keep the main backbone while making sure u drive the feeling to some other direction ! brilliant
posted a comment on Xavier (2) - Work That Sucker To Death. over 9 years ago
amazing piece of pfunk . I can hear both clinton and bootsy doing the backing vocal as well as various samples from pfunk
posted a comment on ZMK Soundsystem - Zombie Kru 3008. over 9 years ago
the kru is back for a joint release and pheww what a release .
In one word HUGE. In two words FUKIN HUGE. Don't take my word for it , trust your ears by listening to the two tracks . Tekno Core , Industrial , Space , Dirt Acid is what you get . 100%... See full review
posted a comment on Surgeon - Fabric 53. over 9 years ago
most sophisticated dj/producers on the planet: well that's very far fetched
posted a comment on Teknikal Sinner. over 9 years ago
For some nicer releases check his label Ajax were hen ran Dj Housewife productions .
posted a comment on Teknikal Sinner. over 9 years ago
I never really liked his productions but I've seen him a fair amount of times djing and doing live sets and these moments were priceless. Shame it was not transcribing so well on platic .
posted a comment on Spiral Tribe - Sound Of Teknival. over 9 years ago
This cd was also a main factor in spiral system's dissolution . 69db's Fuk Tekno Import mix is a direct answer to this unofficial release by Paris shop named Tekno Import ( still exists, u can go and piss on it )
posted a comment on Squarepusher - Ufabulum / Enstrobia. over 9 years ago
As I don't really know his previous releases am not even gonna try to compare ; but a lot could be said on this one. To me it's a very nice LP , broken but often funky , glitchy , atmospheric , dark and distorted, .The glossy inner booklet has some... See full review
posted a review of Stalker - Untitled. over 9 years ago
Ain't two tracks on side A but one . The record was a live set sold on cassette ( can't remember if all of the rec was part of the live , defo side A and B2 ) . Brilliant and very distinctive late 90's hardtek , dislocated percussive beats... See full review
posted a comment on Jigsore Record. over 9 years ago
posted a review of Anti Cheese Alliance - Far Too Fast!. over 9 years ago
Classic mid nineties techno ( communique , clusters and the likes ) played at 45rpm . Dj Mix by Ixi
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Like A Tim - Ultra EP. over 9 years ago
Monotously (Tim's version ) samples It's All Right by Graham Central Station
posted a comment on Pulsion Cardiak. over 9 years ago
Old moniker for the mighty 25eme Dimension
posted a comment on Stormcore. over 9 years ago
indeed. the invisble sp for real . always there, hardly known . The catalyst who started it all with zander , simone (not simon ) and debby . Unknown to many which makes him even more relevant to what it was about.
posted a comment on Various - Tekno Sucks Records 0034. over 9 years ago
Really nice four tracker that properly show cases the infamous dutch "mental" sound , each track having a distinct atmosfear . wicked .
posted a comment on DJ Freak Vs. Noize Creator - The Anti Nazi Pack. over 9 years ago
"Anti Nazi Pack" on a label called fukin BONEHEADZ ??!!! yeah right.
posted a comment on Headhunter (9) - Prototype. over 9 years ago

Mod Selektor's version of Prototype is way worth to be checked . It kept the bass elements but ina less boring arrangment . And I don't dig mod's stuffs 90% time .
posted a comment on Beta Birmingham. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Curley Music. over 9 years ago
" maybe barbara needs money " Not so long ago I randomly found out a bit more about it all and the whole repress thing was done for the sole purpose of spreading Curley's music. At the end of the day it truely comes from the heart , that's a fact not... See full review
posted a comment on Curley Music. over 9 years ago
I reckon Curley Music is to be the mark for all his releases , regardless of the label ( Kibra Hacha was his own imprint , the artwork for Kibra 01 was stamped / drawn by him and his missus Barbara ).His first release was originally on Audio Illusion... See full review
posted a comment on Somatic Responses - Post-Organic EP. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Gelstat - Horserie 01. over 9 years ago
End bit of Live at Recover uses a loop from Miss Nicky Trax " Acid in The house " .
posted a comment on Nero (5) - Guilt. over 9 years ago
haha thank you I know where to go for the dubstep I like. I was curious since one of my mate who listens to daytime radio at work told me he was quite surprised of what are now the standards . It's the over product marketing of a genre that disgusts... See full review
posted a comment on Massive Attack Vs Burial - Four Walls / Paradise Circus. over 9 years ago
Don't know about the hype but one thing's for sure ; if like me you still give a go to music genre you don't know there's 10% chance this will make you crave more downtempo . This is 25mn of solid boredom altough Four Walls atmosphear could be... See full review
posted a comment on Network23. over 9 years ago
I don't think it was incidentally chosen that's why it fits so well :)
posted a comment on Nero (5) - Guilt. over 9 years ago
It's disgustingly irritating . Cheezy bitchy vocals over a warmth less clinical beat . fake all the way . was curious about what a mate described to me as commercial dubstep i think this fits the shoe.
posted a comment on Sound Conspiracy - Sound Conspiracy 03. over 9 years ago
I was pretty disapointed with that one . really soso hardtek produced hastily ( sounds like it sorry ), simple rhythm with ongoing loops that gives a spastic feel to the rec, hardly anythin goin on really ! .Record's ok in a mix but not worth what... See full review
posted a comment on Various - 2010 France & Holland. over 10 years ago
All round great record. Each track has its own personality , drive , emotion and tripyness (fuk describing listen to them next door, way better :)
And all tracks REALLY are different from one to another. The fact that this double comes with a proper... See full review
posted a comment on Inchatorz. over 10 years ago
Inchartoz seems to be (i really think so ) .
It's written on his second album ( Op prod )
posted a review of Inchatorz - Untitled. over 10 years ago
A1 A2 are locked grooves . A1 is a looped vocal sample . A2 is a one bar tekno loop
B1 B2 are locked grooves . Both 1 bar tekno loops

This rec is not just techno .Track A3 is jungle tekno , think grity ,early infrabass to narrow it down. track A4 is... See full review
posted a comment on Heretik - Rock And Fuck 02. over 10 years ago
Cyberrurier Ain't the same version as on the Hors Scierie one . Canfle samples Robert Armani ‎– Ambulance