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posted a review of Buttechno - City-2. 6 months ago
So its well balanced stylish EP. Full of love & shit.
posted a review of Head Front Panel - HFP#002. over 2 years ago
who did that?
posted a review of Walt J - Ascender. over 2 years ago
b2 - is soo genius tune. so in love with it
posted a review of Zanzibar Chanel - Funky Junk EP. over 2 years ago
weird and beautifull ep
posted a review of Massimiliano Pagliara - Focus For Infinity (The Remixes Part 2). over 2 years ago
sotofett synths are so impressive on b side with right pitch
posted a review of Ü - Lussefar, Inledningsvis. over 2 years ago
b-side b side.
posted a comment on DJ Sotofett Feat. Madteo - There's Gotta Be A Way. over 3 years ago
i understand that is sum kind weirdness :) but for me its important and interesting because fm synthesys not so simple especially in dx 100/ maybe one time he will read it%) who knows
posted a comment on DJ Sotofett Feat. Madteo - There's Gotta Be A Way. over 3 years ago
Dear Sotofett
Please tell me which algorithm in vision of love club mix do u use in ur dx 100? i cant make same sound almost 2 months
posted a review of Fit. over 3 years ago
DELETED COMMENT. Great Label by The way. It is what it is
posted a comment on Bjørn Torske & Siob Latsyrc - Percussion Mix. over 3 years ago
f side is sum kind bad ass techno track. unique
posted a review of Dj Sotofett. over 3 years ago
dj sotofett is the best punk in electronic music. big thanx from Russia
posted a review of DJ Gilb'R & DJ Sotofett - Concrete Guajiro. over 3 years ago
brilliant hypno ep.
posted a review of Edanticonf - The Boundary of Nowhere Land. over 3 years ago
i want to try that trip. where is possible to do that?
posted a review of Edanticonf - Planet. over 3 years ago
abdulla rashim remix is so magic
posted a comment on Dave Peoples & Walt J - Diminsional Planes. over 3 years ago
great example of detroit crates
posted a review of Clover Ground - Zabazza Cabasa. over 3 years ago
insane record. b1 is like toxic mutant on the dancefloor. great and fresh
posted a comment on DJ Sotofett Feat. Madteo - There's Gotta Be A Way. over 3 years ago
Man i bought this gem for 45 euro. and now u think that iam some kind of greed person? but now i can play it on sum small russian parties it will be something for our places ears.
with best wishes
posted a comment on D.M.C. Project - Everybody Dance. over 3 years ago
shelly's theme is my favorite houz track ever
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a review of DJ Sotofett Feat. Madteo - There's Gotta Be A Way. over 3 years ago
i think that gem must be without repress
iam just take care about house underground.
dont be ugly on me

posted a review of Samo DJ* - Tai Po Kau. over 3 years ago
sick record
posted a review of Invincible Scum - Scumrush Pt. 1. over 3 years ago
chemical madness
posted a review of Daywalker + CF - You Only Live Once. over 3 years ago
b2 is a really stoned record. crazy shit
posted a review of Frak - Börft EP. over 3 years ago
excellent. b2 one of the greatest
posted a review of Kris Wadsworth - Uranus 111 . over 3 years ago
fuck that fake limited pressing / i bought it for 30 euro
posted a comment on Walt J. over 3 years ago
This guy is one of the best house gangsters ever. His music is simple warm delicious.
Does anyone knows what actually happend/s with him?
posted a review of Dj Sotofett - Acido Records Presents DJ Sotofett. over 4 years ago
ill musik. brilliant 420 electronic sound. awesome