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posted a comment on Sandy Bull - E Pluribus Unum. 1 day ago
I started out with fantasies and inventions, as a glimpse of Sandy Bull's brilliance. Fantasies certainly remains high in many opinions, and It is a solid album.

That being said, upon discovering E Pluribus Unum, I found for me, his masterpiece. Two ... See full review
posted a comment on Steven Soles & Friends - Steven Soles & Friends. about 1 month ago
It's actually a different recording, it's confusing because it's tax scam, some of the tracks cross-over (different mixes actually), and some are unique to the LP. Weird world amirite
posted a comment on James Newton Howard - James Newton Howard. about 1 month ago
There exists a variant copy on the tax scam label "World Sound Records" under a pseudonym, same track list, same music.
posted a comment on Shamiram Urshan - Shamiram . 7 months ago
Ignore the "belly-dance" cover, this is anything but. This is top quality Assyrian Music recorded on a small label out of Seattle, WA (likely best known among crate-diggers for the awesome "Jasis Spontaneous Improvisation" album. Incredible originals ... See full review
posted a comment on Wasatch - Dance Music For All Kinds Of Dancin'. 8 months ago
"The Time Is Near" is also an instrumental, overall the whole album has a killer vibe
posted a comment on Count Basie And His Orchestra* - Count Basie. 9 months ago
Amazing Warhol cover, one of his best in my opinion, yet still affordable!
posted a comment on Katana (13) - F.R.E.E.. 10 months ago
One of the most incredible electronic EP's I've ever had the pleasure of picking up. No real info about the artist, or recording. Amazing one-off that always blows minds
posted a comment on Dan Gobel - Ramblin' Free. 10 months ago
Ultimate private loner folk, definitely Acid Archives worthy, and under the radar...
posted a comment on Tim Elia - The Toronto Mass. about 1 year ago
"The David Axelrod of Toronto" sounds as if Axelrod had been listening to Galt Macdermot and then was asked to cut a Catholic Mass album using High School or a College Stage Band. Unique.
posted a comment on Richard Whittington Adventure - Step To The Rear / Longtime Wait. about 1 year ago
Definitely one of the best psychedelic tinged forgotten funk 45's. Both sides are superb, showing a facet of Paramount that doesn't have a ready analogy. I can only imagine if they had a chance to cut a full LP. Though we are lucky to be left with a ... See full review
posted a comment on David Weiss (3) - Virtuoso Saw. about 1 year ago
Definitely one of the most bizarre classical recordings out there. Excellent mysterious sounds!
posted a comment on Victors (3) - Ride On With Jesus. about 1 year ago

Magnificent Sanctuary Band is one of the craziest boom bap breaks out there.
posted a comment on The Scott High School* - Jazz Ensemble '72. about 1 year ago
This beats out Kashmere Stage band, one of the best School Band records in existence!
posted a comment on The Chambersburg Area Senior High School Steel Band - Untitled. about 1 year ago
from 76' with considerable Funk, that "Smoke On The Water Cover" is something else, and Sissy Strut is just dope
posted a comment on A. Mann* - Free Arts / Fine Enterprise. about 1 year ago
Alan Mann brings aa Lou Reed vibe in terms of vocal style, excellent guitar work, some jazzy moments not out of place, the whole thing is a fascinating relic.
posted a comment on Bob Smith (23) - The Visit. over 2 years ago
Hans Pokora Record Dream's item. This obscurity on Kent marks a rather southeastern bridge between "Pet Sounds" and "Pink Floyd". Utterly tripped out, well worth the journey.

Etheral soundscapes forged of psychedelic swoons and acid toast embers. The ... See full review
posted a comment on Clyde & Phyllis - A Musical Fantasy About The World's First Guitar Playing Elephant. over 2 years ago
One of the best strangest kids records out there. A story with musical interludes about a popsike guitar playing elephant.

Nothing else like this, and the interludes are top notch.
posted a comment on Various - Jazz Progressively Better On CBS. over 2 years ago
Cheap way of getting a classic breakbeat. Makes me wonder if they pressed up a single of "Theme From The Planets" on 12' or 7'. We haven't seen or heard of it, but I still wonder if it exists.....
posted a comment on Via Libre - Via Libre. over 2 years ago
You got me dyin son! Bobby Orange on them trap trackers!
posted a comment on John Rydgren - Worlds Of Youth. over 2 years ago
Absolutely mind-blowing. Mixtures of rock, jazz, soul, spoken word... This sounds like a Madlib mix, and the Xian part is not heavy-handed, but rather philosophical and cerebral in nature (if you didn't know it was a Christian album and listened to it, ... See full review
posted a comment on Norma Lyon - The Music Of Norma Lyon. over 3 years ago
I have an original, I believe it is from 1968 if someone wishes to create a release page (She was 58 when this came out, and born in 1910)
posted a comment on The Bud Noble Trio - "By Request". over 3 years ago
This isn't some great funky trio work like Overton Berry, its mainly straight-ahead jazz, solo piano, and some jazz-funk moments on Close Encounters and Malaguena.
posted a comment on Marvin Holmes And Justice - Summer Of '73. over 3 years ago
I need an OG Cover, will pay $50 for just a cover if someone happens to have just the cover....
posted a comment on Jonah Thompson. over 3 years ago
Anyone have the info for the "Get Involved" 45 on that numero comp?
posted a comment on Great Pride - She's A Lady. over 3 years ago
Mono is the better side for the drums :)
posted a review of Billy Mitchel - Might Be Hope. over 3 years ago
This is an excellent one off record by one Billy Mitchel. Oddly enough I haven't seen any info even in acid archives (where it totally could sit comfortably) or the blogosphere. It has a diverse range of styles, but my favorite cut by far is the trippy ... See full review
posted a comment on Twilight (21) - Still Loving You. over 3 years ago
Easily track for track the best modern soul/boogie LP out there.
posted a review of The Triangle* - Now How Blue Cow. over 4 years ago
Severely underrated bluesy psych on a label that is mostly known for mediocre Crow releases, this is by far the scarcest LP ever put out by Amaret (Fresh Air shows up way more often in comparison). Because this it is so difficult to track down a copy, I ... See full review
posted a comment on Jimmy Smith - Sag' Shootin' His Arrow / For Everyone Under The Sun. over 4 years ago
there also exists a yellow promo copy...
posted a comment on Tom Scott And The L.A. Express - Strut Your Stuff / Sneakin' In The Back. over 4 years ago
The drumbreak hits way better in mono, for all the producers out there, you need this one!
posted a comment on Hysear Don Walker. over 4 years ago
Does anyone know more about this artist, who he was, what he's doing know, etc.? I've been trying to find any info I can on this genius, and I can't even find a photo of him, if anyone knows something or turns up something, please message me, I'm trying ... See full review
posted a comment on Trevor Dandy - Don't Cry Little Tree. over 4 years ago
Curious why a church would destroy his records....
posted a comment on Rev. Shines - Today's Good News Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
Amazing mix, a must for the beat-heads!
posted a comment on Don Brown (5) - I Can't Say No. over 4 years ago
reminds me of Ned Doheny's Hard Candy album, very interesting "blue-eyed soul" yacht rock.
posted a comment on Dick McGarvin - Peaceful. over 4 years ago
funk/fusion, not too heavy on modal.
posted a comment on Natural Essence (2) - In Search Of Happiness. over 4 years ago
A true 5/5 gem, no filler, all killer. If you are into jazz funk soul, you need this, very eclectic, possibly one of the best albums of the genre in existence.
posted a comment on La Familia Inc...* - Finally. over 4 years ago
amazing record with funk/soul and tinges of psych! 4.5/5!
posted a comment on Quill (2) - Quill. over 4 years ago
Thanks for providing the info! It does have a really cool DIY lo-fi type sound
posted a comment on Groundstar - Forced Landing. over 4 years ago
There exists a promotional copy that came with a buisness card for the group.
posted a comment on Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa. over 4 years ago
such an amazing album, musically it deserves to be like a $500 album easily, we're so lucky a lot were pressed up and kept circulating.
posted a review of Claude "Fats" Greene Featuring Pritchard - Fats Shake 'Em Up. over 4 years ago
This is NOT REGGAE! It is not From 1973! It is 1968 soul-jazz carribean latin!
posted a comment on Marva Whitney - Live & Lowdown At The Apollo. over 5 years ago
the year is inaccurate on this. The re-issue is from the 90's or 2000's.
posted a comment on Dom Um Romao - Dom Um Romao. over 5 years ago
had mine have the same damn problem. It's unfortunate, but it's probably just a pressing error, likely this makes it a very first copy, that isn't white label, like the first non-promo run, but it got messed up.
posted a comment on Doug Carn - Infant Eyes. over 5 years ago
it's not red, it's orange or copper labels.
posted a comment on Sesame Street - Numbers. over 5 years ago
the shadow knows...
posted a review of Mike James Kirkland - Hang On In There. over 5 years ago
one of the best albums ever made period.
posted a comment on Various - L.A. Soundtrack '76. over 5 years ago
PUTS fans will recognize the end of California Jam..
submitted Denny Mahn - Tributes. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Bob McKenna And Stash - The Sea Gull. over 5 years ago
might be cool to mention that it is somewhat blues, jazz, and electronic in nature, especially considering the moog is a big aspect of this lp, and they cover moanin' and ray charles for example. Not really too folky.
submitted John Standefer And Friends - For The Love Of Art . over 5 years ago