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posted a review of B.J. "Fix-A-Mix" Jesse - Funk-N-Roll. 8 days ago
I'm not sure if this is necessarily a "good" record, but it's worth five stars alone for it's strangeness. The record is some sort of mash up of drum machines, Prince-style guitar shredding, funky basslines, and echo-drenched "rapping"/singing. It's one ... See full review
submitted B.J. "Fix-A-Mix" Jesse - Funk-N-Roll. 8 days ago
posted a review of Raze - Break 4 Love. 9 days ago
Spanish Fly mix is one of the greatest house trax of all time!!!!
posted a review of Acufunkture - Boy Blue / Following A Dream. 10 days ago
"Boy Blue" is an incredible, feel good funky disco track.
posted a review of The New Age Orchestra - Let's Dream Together. 14 days ago
One of the most beautiful deep house trax you’ll ever hear. Not sure why only 50 copies were pressed but this desperately needs to be reissued.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 14 days ago
submitted Ismael Marín - Solo Ritmo. 15 days ago
posted a comment on Hex (26) - S.E.X.. 17 days ago
Weird ass, minimal 90’s electro boogie with a creepy synth line and skronkin’ sax. The instrumental mix is the one!
posted a review of Joey Lopez Y Los Guadalupanos* - Pensando / Olvidar Corazon. about 1 month ago
"Pensando" is a beautiful Tex-Mex accordion ballad and "Olvidar Corazon" is a standard ranchera.
posted a review of War - Galaxy. about 1 month ago
It seems more often than not this record is overlooked for whatever reason. Everyone I've ever showed it to has fell in love with it. Jazz, disco, funk, and smooth lowrider soul are all present and mix beautifully on the record and despite the varied ... See full review
posted a review of Mystic Rythem - Track Relaxer. 2 months ago
Five stars for Creation. Such a beautiful track! <3 <3
posted a review of Roger S.* Presents Soundshaft - Get Up. 2 months ago
A lot of trax that use shout-y garage vocal samples can kinda drive me nuts sometimes. The ‘Raw Mix’ on this is not one of them. They’re utilized perfectly with a tuff ass bassline, some soft deep chords, and great arrangement. Definitely worth the $3 ... See full review
posted a review of C.A.T.S. - I Got It / All Night. 2 months ago
Grab it before it's "discovered" and the price raises. Not sure why this isn't a more sought after record. Superrrr sexy and quality Detroit house on a classic label. Love it!!
posted a review of Benjamin Franklin Junior High School - 8th Annual Best Of Franklin 1970. 2 months ago
Whole record is standard school band choral LP music, nothing special, EXCEPT the Inner Sanctum songs.

There’s a nice lo-fi, garage take on “Evil Ways”, but the real killer here is their original “Will You Spend Your Whole Life With Me?”, a dreamy ... See full review
posted a review of Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte. 2 months ago
Don’t let the amount of copies for sale fool you. This is a great, kinda goofy 80’s disco track. Despite it being French and the lyrics multi-language, it could have easily been an italo hit.
posted a comment on Bigger Than Life - Feel What I Feel / High & Mighty. 3 months ago
"High and Mighty" is greattttt feel good vocal house. Classic Chicago production.
posted a comment on Xtra Bass - Step To The Rhythm. 3 months ago
The Hot House Mix is great. Tough baseline, standard house piano chords from the era. Nice cheap one!
posted a comment on Zagittarius - 1984 Trax EP. 3 months ago
Super funky early sounding Trax-style house, nice n' gritty n' hard hitting. Found in a discount bin at a widely praised electronic shop and that's just a shame...
posted a comment on Stefan Ringer (2) - Blow Up. 3 months ago
Then why'd you only give it two stars? Was that an accident?
posted a comment on Sir Victor Uwaifo And His Titibitis Of Africa* - Jackpot. 4 months ago
A really killer disco-highlife, crazy fuzz guitar, blasts of synth record super solid all the way through. Gonna get you up on your feet n' movin'!!! Hell yeah!
posted a comment on Abacus - The Relics E.P.. 8 months ago
Anyone else catch the "Cabo E" sample at the end of Relics One? Soooo sick!!
posted a review of Mary Lou Williams Trio - Free Spirits. 8 months ago
An absolutely beautiful record from the best of the best as well as the most underrated in jazz.
posted a comment on DJ Shortstop - Club Jumper EP. 10 months ago
"Club Jumper" is what the name sounds like - a heavy ghettotech track for the club to get asses movin!!! "Force" is an intense track with some spooky synths to put some heavy vibes on the floor.
posted a comment on Rene & Ray* - Too Late. 11 months ago
"I Can't Let You Go" is probably the finest chicano soul cut to ever surface anywhere outside of San Antonio at the time.
posted a comment on Eddie Palmieri - Azucar Pa'Ti. 11 months ago
An incredible record start to finish! "Azucar" is frantic with horns that hit you like a brick in the face, while "Cuidate Compay" will bring you down back to earth and relax the hell outta ya.
posted a comment on DJ Genesis - Whatisunderground?. 11 months ago
The Westway Remix is one of Detroit's all time best tracks from one of Detroit's most underrated producers. Beautiful, deep, relaxing, and dark techno.
posted a comment on Lena Platonos* - Shadows Of Blood. about 1 year ago
That bass line is so damn good hell yeah boi
submitted Black Soul (2) - Mangous Ye/Hermanos Negros. about 1 year ago
submitted Pino D'Angio'* - Una Notte Da Impazzire. about 1 year ago
submitted Linda Leida - ¡Con Sabor A Montuno!. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on World Series Of Life - I Would Give Anything. about 1 year ago
No love for "Phoenix"? Underrated, great, mellow deep house cut
posted a comment on The Jazz Messengers* - The Jazz Messengers. about 1 year ago
why the hell would they leave off the two best songs on the album smh
posted a comment on Bonehard Productions* Featuring Big Mello - Hot Club Wax. about 1 year ago
Classic H-Town funk. Doesn't get any better than "Back Do Akshun".
posted a comment on Aphrodisiac - Something Jazzy. about 1 year ago
Original mix of Song of the Siren is an incredible and all around beautiful track.
posted a comment on Beauregard - Popcorn Popper. about 1 year ago
This doesn't get the credit it deserves. Everyone that is interested in International Artists is typically psych-obsessed and this record is not psych in the least bit, but it is an incredible record. Both sides. The sounds fits somewhere between Pearls ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Assault - The Rowdy EP. about 1 year ago
That Tyrone Remix is so good! Jungle/d'n'b of Detroit origin
posted a comment on D.J. Rush* Presents Bryant Stewart - EP. about 1 year ago
All around solid release with "Tango" being the highlight. Ultra repetitive groove with bouncy drums to get ya movin.
posted a comment on Yo (7) - Good Tidings. over 2 years ago
Interesting mix of The Fall style ramshackle post punk, REM style early indie rock, and twee pop. The guy's vocals are a make or break kinda thing, you will love em or hate em. Great record start to finish!!
posted a review of Mon Bijou - Just A Lover. over 2 years ago
A really beautiful italo synth pop song. Glistening keyboards, mellow vocals.
posted a review of John Ruth - I Am A Model. over 2 years ago
What diedominas said below. Incredible, dark synth pop/post punk/whatever record.
posted a comment on Dot Vaeth Group - White Collar Worker / Armed Robbery. over 2 years ago
Notable in that it was a punk group from the Dallas-Fort Worth area playing in 1978, but when it's taken into account that Vomit Pigs were playing not too far away at the same time the year really doesn't make any difference. The music is hardly punk and ... See full review
posted a comment on Billie And Mark - Deep Down / Just So You Love Me. over 2 years ago
"Deep Down" is a great, eerie, reverbed-out pre-psychedelic country number.
posted a comment on Bob (26) - The Things That You Do / Thomas Edison. over 2 years ago
All time underrated classic of the punk wave/post-punk/no wave/whatever genre. Essential!!!!!!!!!
posted a review of Traxmen Presents Mark Bernard - Loop Point. over 2 years ago
Not unremarkable. "Loop Point" is a great, very high energy track with a hypnotic sorta loop as the basis. Getcha hyped on the dancefloor.
posted a comment on Scars (2) - Adult/ery / Horrorshow. over 2 years ago
One of the greatest and most underrated post punk records ever!!
posted a comment on Mya & The Mirror - Hesitation. over 2 years ago
I understand where Jarren is coming from below, but I think the sax is entirely appropriate in this song! Incredible track.
posted a comment on The Royal Jesters - Private Number / Girl I Can't Forget. over 2 years ago
"Girl I Can't Forget" is one of the greatest rolas to ever surface out of San Antonio's Westside.
posted a comment on Various - LACR013. over 2 years ago
That Blacktail track is a monster. Hard hitting, lo-fi, bass heavy tekno
submitted Fungi Girls - Old Foamy. over 5 years ago