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submitted Toto De Miramar - Une Nana Pour Noël. over 5 years ago
submitted Carol Hadden - Hollywood Babylone (Je L'Aime). over 5 years ago
posted a review of Daniel Bechet - Woodcutters' Lullaby / Saturday Night Flavour. over 6 years ago
Also exists in yellow wax, either in a Picture sleeve or the usual Vogue "Disco 33 Single" generic sleeve.
posted a review of The Sand Flowers - Sahara Casino / Pacific Grapefruit. over 6 years ago
Played at 33rpm on the youtube video diplayed--->
posted a comment on Queer (2) - Night Leather Boys. over 6 years ago
What happened with the LP "Earthquake" it's supposedely taken from?
posted a comment on Poppers (3) - Kill Me With Your Love / Silver Satin. over 6 years ago
"Silver Satin" was previously released on a Carrere 7" single by band Solcyst (2), in 1981.
posted a comment on Magnifique - Magnifique. over 6 years ago
The tracks on this bootleg run approximatively 10 bpm's slower than the original single 7".
posted a comment on Theo Vaness - Back To Music. over 7 years ago
The French pressing has the countdown..
maybe the italian one or those that are "partially mixed".
posted a comment on Whizz!! - Here Comes Super Man. over 7 years ago
Hard to believe this never went onto 12" maxi 45..
i'll stick with two copies of the 7"
posted a comment on Kim Harlow - Libre Pour Toi / La Poupée Qui Dit Oui. over 7 years ago
"Libre pour toi" is a French cover version of Viola Valentino "Comprami" out in 1979 on Paradiso (Italy)
posted a review of Ras Mandal Reggae - Dasanudasa. over 7 years ago
One day some Krishna guys knocked my parents door and my mum felt she had to buy this record from them because, she said, they were polite, pacific... and it made them go away..
posted a comment on Dinamik Band. over 7 years ago
Sauveur Mallia was the session bass-player in dinamik Band.. at least on some of the cool disco tunes
posted a comment on Patrick Coutin - J'aime Regarder Les Filles. over 8 years ago
The competition is tough on this one regarding who is making the shittiest remix.. i think Fiasco wins but listening to both is so painful that i cannot decide really.

Cherry (not) on the cake: the original version isn't present on this Vinyl.. it ... See full review