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Burial - Street Halo
posted a comment on Burial - Street Halo. over 12 years ago
Why this release got so early day cat number HDB013? Is it so old track?
ASAP Rocky - LiveLoveA$AP
posted a comment on ASAP Rocky - LiveLoveA$AP. over 12 years ago
When the LP version is coming out?
LV & Joshua Idehen - Routes
posted a comment on LV & Joshua Idehen - Routes. over 12 years ago
Hopefully there will be LP release!??
Samiyam - Sam Baker's Album
posted a comment on Samiyam - Sam Baker's Album. over 13 years ago
Does anybody know if this album will be released on vinyl?
Breakage - FACT Mix 104
posted a comment on Breakage - FACT Mix 104. over 13 years ago
Correction: style: dubstep & DRUM n BASS!!!
posted a comment on DMZ. over 13 years ago
Anybody know why cat.number 015-020 are missing?
Rusko - O.M.G.!
posted a comment on Rusko - O.M.G.!. over 13 years ago
rusko gone bad.