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Kekra - Vréel 3
submitted Kekra - Vréel 3. over 6 years ago
Kekra - Vréel 2 Luxe
submitted Kekra - Vréel 2 Luxe. over 6 years ago
Kekra - Vréel 2
submitted Kekra - Vréel 2. over 6 years ago
Kekra - Paluché
submitted Kekra - Paluché. over 6 years ago
Kekra - Pull Up
submitted Kekra - Pull Up. over 6 years ago
Kekra - Intermission
submitted Kekra - Intermission. over 6 years ago
Novanova* - Memories
posted a review of Novanova* - Memories. over 16 years ago
I really really love Nova Nova. This album/compilation/best-of/whatever you want is a real object. The unreleased tracks are surprising, Eternity is one of these piano-tracks the band knows how to do, Suddenly has a nice reversed melody and Marc Durif... See full review
Avril - Like Everybody Else
posted a review of Avril - Like Everybody Else. over 16 years ago
The second single of Avril, Like Everybody Else, have been released only as this promotionnal single. A collector item for the fans of the artist. At the beginning, the single had to be released with a special surprise (maybe another special concept... See full review
DJ Goon & DJ Koyote - Diamond Grills
posted a review of DJ Goon & DJ Koyote - Diamond Grills. over 16 years ago
This mix-CD is a must have for every fan of booty house music, like a bible of the genre with A Night At The Booty Bar by Disco D, but in fact it's more than that. Around 150 tracks, always at last 2 tracks mixed during the disc, and what's more... See full review
Morando - Single Bell
posted a review of Morando - Single Bell. over 16 years ago
"Single Bell" is just an awesome "filtered house" track! There's a nice old sample and a too-cool melody that reminds me things I never lived like a swimming pool party with the Beach Boys.
Unfortunately, it's the only one Benjamin Morando produced.... See full review
TTC - Dans Le Club
posted a review of TTC - Dans Le Club. over 16 years ago
This EP represents a real change in the career of the band: before, TTC was considered like an Abstract/Weird rap band, but now with "Dans Le Club" it's clearly Club Rap with some electro in it. The lyrics and the music have changed, they totally... See full review
Klub des Loosers - Sous Le Signe Du V
posted a review of Klub des Loosers - Sous Le Signe Du V. over 17 years ago
Very rare release, the "Sous Le Signe Du V" single has been released only in a limited 12" and on this promotional japanese CD ! "Depuis Que J'étais Enfant" features the Long Island rapper MF Doom, not present on the album version, and a disco-remix... See full review
Various - Gastro Entérite
posted a review of Various - Gastro Entérite. over 17 years ago
This french "horrorcore-rap" mixtape is a compilation of american classics in the genre and exclusive tracks of french artists like Klub des Loosers, Roméo Buscemi (the boss of the label) with a cover of "R&B De Rue" (originally by Matt), ... a... See full review
TTC - Game Over 99 / Trop Frais
posted a review of TTC - Game Over 99 / Trop Frais. over 17 years ago
First 12" of the band, very rare today, with a big Nintendo's Mushroom on the cover, and samples of 8-bit NES game sounds. Later, Mr. Flash, who produced the track, went to the Big Dada studios to present his productions, and discovering the 3 french... See full review