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posted a comment on Keni Burke - Risin' To The Top / Can't Get Enough (Do It All Night). 2 days ago
Its the extended 12 Mix no ? I think its a bootleg
posted a comment on Carmen (4) - Take The Night. 16 days ago
This was Supposed to be released on 30.june 2017 - how
Is it? Is it out?!
posted a review of Danny James And His Palanquin Guitar* - Switch It / Blue Clouds. 17 days ago
Just listend and realised this Rhythm of " Switch it " resembles something like "dark end of the street" by Prince Buster.
5 star instrumental rNb
posted a comment on Glass Pyramid - Glass Pyramid. 17 days ago
Thank you for making the awful mastering of the digital era a more commonly known mystery ...
it realy is horrendous what some of these "REMASTERED" reissues sound like and simply does not
do the actual FUN you can have with FUNK music ANY JUSTICE and ... See full review
submitted Modogsta - Street-Funk Volume One. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Gregory Issaccs* & Trinity (4) - My Time / Loving Pauper. about 1 month ago
apparently the cool ruler himself - bless his heart - once said this to be his favorite recording of his and i can't disagree - THIS is an incredible coupling and well worth its pricetag (20-30) for an a side of heavy stepping roots with a classic early ... See full review
posted a review of Hotline (5) - You Are Mine. about 1 month ago
Great Hi-Fi Sound on this Carefully ReMastered and Perfectly Pressed RE-Issue!!!
with nice double sided info sheet and padded inner sleeve... no complaints!
posted a review of The Horace Silver Quintet - Señor Blues / Tippin'. about 1 month ago
Super tune as the Priceless vocal cut.
The way it should be done: instrumental Jazz with an Interpretation over the Original groove. Simply stunning when these great tunes get their final polish!
Any other suggestions apart from Mark Murphy, Andy Bey ... See full review
posted a review of Lord Funk* - Global Warming EP. about 1 month ago
classic future dope funk shit right here ... on green 10 vinyl! #DontSleep
posted a review of Various - Boogie Slice Vol.1 (9 Slices Of Nu Boogie & Modern Soul). about 1 month ago
you can't say funk without saying #modogsta #funkmasterozone #lordfunk these days !!!
essential insight into theyre world here !
submitted Claudio Villa / Domenico Modugno - 1. Preis San Remo 1962. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Ronnie Hudson And The Street People* - West Coast Poplock. 2 months ago
ok whenever you ready dough - I'M BUYING!!! VALENTINO $%!!
posted a comment on Finis Henderson - Skip To My Lou. 2 months ago
incredibly cheesey incredibly groovy incredibly funk incredibly original incredibly timeless dancer
posted a comment on Gerald Luciano Hartwig. 2 months ago
just noticed this hairy oaf of a berliner on the front of the second karthago cover of that incredible LP and realised he played bass with EMBRYO, GURU GURU, MOMBASA and a shed load of other heavily funnky and influential german subculture bands!
WHAT ... See full review
submitted Wolfgang Sauer, Hans Conzelmann U. S. Orchester* - Eine Melodie Geht Um Die Welt / Ich Weiß Wo Ich Hingeh'. 2 months ago
posted a comment on John Morales - The M+M Mixes Volume 3. 3 months ago
i am looking for a complete intrumental of this track - scott grooves played it .... bloddy genius probably made it but it was just too many instruments and JUST NO VOCALS :=0
posted a comment on Third World - Now That We've Found Love (Remix). 3 months ago
i am looking for a complete intrumental of this track - scott grooves played it .... bloddy genius probably made it but it was just too many instruments and JUST NO VOCALS :=0
submitted Oscar D' León - El Baile Del Suavito / Tu Son. 3 months ago
posted a review of Dudley Sibley / Dinsdell Thorpe - Gun Man / The Monkey. 3 months ago
Great cuopling on this - both indeed rude boy rocksteady classics.
one if them writtne by "KING" the Monkey.. recently covered by Andre Williams.
Which KING the writing credit refers to sadly doesnt spring to mind... anyone?!?! NOLA KING ?!?!?
posted a comment on Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids (3) - We Be All Africans. 3 months ago
Produced and Recorded in Berlin by Philophon Records at Stibbtone Studios.
posted a review of Mickey Finn And Aphrodite* - Bad Ass !. 4 months ago
Gonna revive this for the Summer and make dancefloors Great again!!!
Tune If ever there was one bside is better though...
posted a comment on The Stooges - The Stooges. 4 months ago
150 bux seriously ,,,, should be ashamed of themselves ... classic it maybe but reissues are 25 max!
posted a review of The Whole Truth & Earl 16* - Two Fools. 4 months ago
much appreciated funk and boogie bomb from the one and only lloyd daley
posted a comment on Robert Pferdmenges - Bas-Boris Bode - Der Junge, Den Es Zweimal Gab. 4 months ago
crazy rare synth flute sample on A3 on this lp
posted a comment on Frank Sinatra With Billy May And His Orchestra - Come Fly With Me. 4 months ago
This Release plays it Happens in Monterey instead of on the road to Mandalay
posted a comment on Wizardz - Boogie Slyde. 4 months ago
R.f. Is Raymond franco aka Razor sharp ... 10 words
posted a comment on Wizardz - Boogie Slyde. 5 months ago
Razor Sharp and Mr. Groove made this and it was bootlegged ... The additional Guitar is by tom noble.
This Track has more History than Meets the eye.
Funk freaks made First legitimate Print with clearance from Artists released Late 2016
submitted The Funky Drive Band / Dominator (5) - Street-Funk Volume One. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Plustwo - Melody / Stop Fantasy. 5 months ago
Listening to melody over a hundred times can Probably Drive you to some extreme Action.... LoL...still banging release
posted a comment on Mongo Santamaria And His Orchestra* - Watermelon Man!. 5 months ago
This vinyl actually has a "Serrated Edge" !!! - i have never seen anything like it! exatc match BM 6120 !!!
submitted Nelson Y Sus Estrellas - La Sirena / Canción Del Viajero. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Ultramagnetic MC's - Give The Drummer Some. 6 months ago
was there two versions of this release #perhaps .. Who Knows ?!
submitted BODY SLAM! - D.A.N.C.E / Take This Sound. 6 months ago
posted a review of Various - The Rise And Fall Of Paramount Records 1917-1927, Volume 1. 6 months ago
considering most copies of this label go for 400-40,000 USD each. 400.00 is a very reasonable price and great service to humanity for making these available to a public whom they were destined for and probably can learn a lot from now as for the past 90 ... See full review
posted a comment on Tempers* - No Favors. 6 months ago
two same versions of this classic nevertheless but that is poor service ... the original with the instro on flip is available!
submitted H-Blockx - Revolution / Rising' High. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Kenny Graham's Afro Cubists* - Bongo Chant. 6 months ago
This Release smells of bootleg in (unfortunately) typically low Jamaican quality?
Am i Right?

posted a comment on Shawne Jackson - Person To Person (Loveline). 7 months ago
This is with 99% certainty a Promo or just a mistrust of this
posted a comment on Gallows Pole - In Rock We Trust. 7 months ago
Got on this from mannfred "manne" Schneider later Project: Grashaus - Guppy balearic Guitar Stuff, i bought from one of his Personal Friends at a fleamarket on the banks of the Rhine, west grmany.
Was impressed by the guitar and will seek his other stuff ... See full review
posted a comment on Eddie Harris - I Need Some Money / I Don't Want Nobody. 7 months ago
Dont sleep on this Funk Monster double sider !!! Its just been in my Bloodand just groben there- the lp is extremely original too!!!
posted a review of Diamond Ortiz - Loveline. 7 months ago
get yours while you can - banging streetfunk vibes - this IS the real deal
posted a review of Abassians* - Satta Amasa Gona. 7 months ago
Very early roots Classic - left a Deep impression, so good, it set a high standard for A great 45 for me ever since hearing it 20years ago, while taking care of a rare collection of a hundred or so beautiful reggae 45s belonging to a friend who regularly ... See full review
posted a comment on Bob Marley & The Wailers - Stereo Pop Special-45. 8 months ago
Holy crap where did this come from ?!
What a Digg!!!! Congratulation!!!
posted a review of Die Antwoord - $O$. 9 months ago
absolutely bootlegged this to bits - i would be very upset about this... nevertheless great releae : top sound !!
posted a comment on Various - 50 Years Of Religious Broadcasting. 9 months ago
This Recording includes B17 –Jimmy Savile, O.B.E.* Extract From 'Speak-Easy' On The Subject Of Cancer aka #SirJimmySavile the knighted pervert !!
posted a comment on Tubby* - Tuby Talking: Informal Conversations With The Rev. Dr. P. B. Clayton, Founder Padre Of Toc H. 9 months ago
i was passed the foto of the rear of this Lp by a friend in the UK who was disturbed to find "Sir Jimmy Savile" on the rear with the vicar of All HallowS Church, London at the time "Tubby" and also at least one disturbing foto of "Tubby" putting his ... See full review
posted a review of Maggie Mae - My Boy Lollypop. 9 months ago
the epitomy of german cashcowing foreign culture and cheap sex2sell derogatory schlagerparade attitude...
the rape of foreign culture is NOT a german thing but THIS is the best example of this.
submitted Silvio Caldas - Saudades. 9 months ago
submitted Zzebra - Mr. J.. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Specter At The Feast. 10 months ago
127 jave this in their collection : pressing is apparently ltd to 100 pieces ....we ll with a label name like abstract dragon ...