Please do not ask me about selling Ruffneck, Ruffex, Supreme, Gangsta, Enzyme (X) etc. records. I'm a collector and I'm not parting with them..
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posted a review of Comababy - Nice'n Nasty. over 12 years ago
One of the lowest rated Ruffneck releases, but in my opinion Absolutely Brilliant.

Comababy was years ahead of his time with his darker, rougher sound. Although this record contains some more melodic material (A1 and B1) they still have his intuitive ... See full review
posted a review of Meagashira - Through Inner Core. over 13 years ago
The melody does not slow down in the arrangement. I mix this record at parties almost every weekend and it's a breeze. Never failed on it yet. Some people might the melody in their heads, making it impossible to mix - which can happen, I experience this ... See full review
posted a review of Ophidian & Tapage - Phataa Diin God E.P.. over 14 years ago
Ophidian takes a side-step to Bionic together with his friend Tapage. This is Tapage's first hardcore release, although he did some work on Ophidian's track Mantaray and the Butterfly VIP interlude (sound design and editing).