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posted a comment on Can - Ege Bamyasi. about 1 month ago
Good Pressing, Sounds most of the time quite good, but what is the matter with those f**n harsh s-sounds...
come on remastering people
posted a comment on Bob Dylan / The Band - Before The Flood. about 1 month ago
Great Album!
And a flawless Pressing. The Reissue is the same Master as from MOV-Release. Sounds great!
posted a comment on Bob Dylan - More Blood, More Tracks (The Bootleg Series Vol. 14). about 1 month ago
there is quite a bit inner groove distortion with this record.
vocal parts of e.g. shelter from the storm are not pleasing.
posted a comment on Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. about 1 month ago
I have the same issue. Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks LP (MFSL 2013)
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express. 4 months ago
It got very sharp S‘s in the vocal parts (Ssszzchaufenszszszterpuppen..)

Computerwelt e.g. sounds much better
submitted Roxy Music - Stranded. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes. about 1 year ago
First Foxes Pressimg i‘m disapointed with.
surface noise and distortions.
in most parts its ok, but side D e.g. got anoying pops.
it was quiet cheap for a new pressing, and now i know why.
..i never really liked colored vinyl
posted a comment on Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II. about 1 year ago
Album is ok - definitely worth a listen
(Track 2 & 3)!
Pressing is mediocre, little noisy. Mastering is ok
posted a comment on Duke Ellington - Caravan. about 1 year ago
Track selection is ok, but the mastering and pressing is quite bad, but ok for 14€
posted a comment on The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations. about 1 year ago
A BackToBlack-pressing.
Nice colored vinyl, but the Sound is not that great
"Good Vibrations" sounds distorted.
posted a comment on Cluster & Eno* - Cluster & Eno. over 2 years ago
Good Album.
Reissue is ok. Recognized some distortions, but its listenable
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue. over 2 years ago
sounds great!
I read that rumble is pressing low-quality reissues ("Further as a European citizen I warn you for two labels. First rumble records. Stay away from them. Their reissues are overpriced crap[...]."), but this is a fantastic sounding record!
posted a comment on Nico (3) - Chelsea Girl. over 2 years ago
Is this version a bootleg?
Not sure, because it sounds a bit low-fi
posted a comment on The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out. over 2 years ago
This Music on Vinyl Reissue sounds fantastic. No noise, no clicking. Great Pressing!
posted a review of Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks. over 2 years ago
Sounds great, but with a slightly surface noise. Can hear it during the quite parts. Thats a bit disapointing for a 40€ MFSL-audiophile pressing.
submitted Mozart* - Das Beste. over 2 years ago
submitted Giora Feidman - The Spirit Of Klezmer. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Paranoid. over 2 years ago
There is an annoying surface noise while playing Planet Caravan. Anybody else with the same problem?
posted a comment on Lou Reed - Transformer. over 2 years ago
The Music On Vinyl 180g reissue sounds great - clean and powerfull. Good quality pressing!
submitted Pink Floyd - Meddle. over 2 years ago
submitted Lorna Bennett - Breakfast In Bed. over 2 years ago
submitted The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds. over 2 years ago