I'm a collector of all kind of "unusual", uneasy and experimental music/sound/recordings: industrial, avantgarde, spoken word, art-packaging/art-recordings, noise, musicque concrete, elektronica, neo folk, pagan, goth, black metal, techno, ambient, art rock, future jazz, free jazz, historical recordins, etc etc etc, on all kind of formate; vinyl (any size, any speed), 78rpm record/shellack, lathe cut, cassette, micro cassette, reel-to-reel, 8-track cartridge , CD, CDr, VCD, CDV, dual-disc, minidisc, VHS, Betamax, laser disc, Blue-ray, DVD, DVDr, memory stick, CD-ROM, cylinder, acetate, DAT, flexi disc, floppy, sound-cards....promos, demos, pic discs, shaped, test pressings, anti-records etc etc etc...

The Residents are my # 1 favourite group, none above, none next to. For me, a life without The Residents is not a life!!!!

Information needed on this group: Gum (19), with ex 23 Skidoo members Tom Heslop and Sam Mills.
They released two 12" records on Bold Records (2):
- "Barbecue" (Bold-1/GBR 100)
This one I have in my collection.
- "One One One", two very limited editions of this 12" was released.
These two are heavy wants!!!
Anyone with info about the group, or if someone wanna sell either of the two "One One One" editions, please contact me here at Discogs!

My wantlist: yes, it's far to big, and yes, I'm looking for all these releases, BUT I do not intend to buy all of them this year (...and not the next 1 to 5 years...!!)


.........................NO! NO! NO! NO! :(

Some norwegian releases I'm looking for:
- Jazkamer -Fuck Glenn Branca, CDR Business Card (Twisted Knister, FLUPP018. 2007, Germany)
- Jana Winderen - Ants, Memory Stick
(self released, edition of 50 copies in printed envelope, hand-numbered by the artist, 2009, Norway)
- Kim Hiorthøy - Fake, CD in a cardboard box with the "Book Without Function" (self-released in a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered and signed copies. 1996, Norway)
- Gåte - I Dødens Dal, DVD-Video, 90 Page Picturebook (MBN, N 50100-0. Limited edition of 600. 2009, Norway)

If you have any of these, and wanna sell, please contact me!!

My priority collecting list:
1. The Residents
2. Lasse Marhaug
3. Kaizers Orchestra
5. Splintered
6. Mortiis
7. Apoptygma Berzerk
8. William S. Burroughs
9. Faust
10. Matt Howden
11. Eraldo Bernocchi
12. Paolo Bandera
11. Tor Lundvall
12. Dean Dennis
13. Throbbing Gristle
14. Current 93
15. Coil
16. Nurse With Wound
17. Cabaret Voltaire
18. Attrition
19. Death In June
20. Psychic TV
21. Sol Invictus
22. Mark Solotroff
23. Clock DVA
24. Peter Hope
25. Portion Control
26. Chris & Cosey
27. Z'EV
28. Chrome (8)
29. Suicide
30. Swans
31. Foetus
32. Combichrist
33. Gåte
34. Minimal Man (2)
35. The New Blockaders
36. The Legendary Pink Dots
37. Norwegian noise/experimental
38. Neofolk
39. Industrial
40. Noise
41. Norwegian elektronika/techno/EBM/goth/black metal/new wave/punk/future jazz/synth-pop/alternative rock/++++++++
42. Obscure cassette releases

The most wanted releases on my wants-list:
1. The Residents - The Third Reich 'N' Roll Collectors Box, LP (25 copies were released. These came with a hand pressed red marbled vinyl edition of the record with silk screened sleeve and labels, in a velvet-lined black wooden box with a sliding panel featuring hand-screened version of the cover art. Also enclosed are two signed and numbered lithographs by Irene Dogmatic. The entire box was enclosed in a drawstring bag made from a piece of Christo's work "Running Fence"). Ralph Records, RR 1075.
2. The Residents - Santa Dog, 2 x 7" (Roughly 500 were made and many have the gatefold sleeves stuck together because they were folded and packaged before the varnish, applied to seal in the hand silk-screened cover art, had sufficiently dried. All copies are signed and intentionally misnumbered (consider the following mislabellings: 16/18, 7/58,000 and even 2/1!!!). Ralph Records, RR 1272.
3. The Residents - Satisfaction, 7" (200 copies with hand screened covers with 3 colours and then hand inked with 3 more colours). Ralph Records, RR 0776.
4. The Residents - Babyfingers, 7" (the first 1979 edition, 35-40 copies with no artwork. About 10 of these were later hand decorated in 8 colours with felt tip pens, packaged in modified Santa Dog '78 sleeves) Ralph Records, RR 0377.
5. Throbbing Gristle - 24 Hours, 26 x Cassette, Industrial Records, 24 Houers.
6. Die Tödliche Doris - Chöre & Soli, 8 x 4" vinyl box set (Box contains 1 book, 8 miniphon records and 1 battery driven device. Edition of 1000 copies). Pure Freude / Gelbe Musik, PF 34 GM / 2.
7. Throbbing Gristle - Live From Death Factory, LP (Possibly only 50 copies). Death Records (2), RF-5328
8. Throbbing Gristle - Live From Death Factory, Pic disc LP (An edition of 50 in a numbered, stamped, full-metal sleeve. Package includes picture disc (as per official? release), Sexual Transgressions No. 5 sticker and postcard, Death Factory sticker, Merry Xmas postcard, IR Questionnaire, numbered A4 poster AND large, 48" (approx) square Coum Transgressions No. 5 poster. The metal sleeve was sealed with an "A New Service From TESCO" sticker). Tesco Organisation, TESCO 000.
9. Cabaret Voltaire - Cabaret Voltaire, cassette promo from 1978. Cabvolt Publications Ltd. ‎– none
10. Attrition - Norway Demo 87, cassette. Requiem Productions (2), PRO 048

These are my favorite norwegian live bands, and I tell you; they are just GREAT!!!:
Focolift...KOBAYASHI...Bart (5)...IN MOTION...5FT7
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"Acommissioned edition of one"....and 7 - seven -!!!! have this!!?....I always think this is fascinating and fantastic, I simply love it!! :)
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