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Gilbert (41), Owain K - Innate 006
submitted Gilbert (41), Owain K - Innate 006. 8 months ago
Fka Boursin - Comatose
posted a review of Fka Boursin - Comatose. about 1 year ago
Few and Far Between serve up their third release with a trio of sumptuous sounds: giving a daring debut in the shape of ‘Comatose’ from an equally mysterious local Producer/DJ who goes under the name of FKA Boursin.

Previously known as DJ Boursin... See full review
Tom Churchill - Rainy Day In Clynder EP
posted a review of Tom Churchill - Rainy Day In Clynder EP. about 1 year ago
It may well be 20 years since Tom Churchill last made and released an EP of material under his own name. But if there’s one thing you can be sure of – his enthusiasm for all things deep and electronic has never been stronger.

If you’re unacquainted... See full review
Zobol - Waveform Trajectory
posted a review of Zobol - Waveform Trajectory. about 1 year ago
Seemingly in a rich vein of form right now, Bristol based Brummie Zobol (Jon Chmielewski) drops his debut double 12” release ‘Waveform Trajectory’ with 8 smoking hot star struck jams.

Demonstrating his ability to straddle a range of influences and... See full review
Biosphere - Shortwave Memories
posted a review of Biosphere - Shortwave Memories. about 1 year ago
With a knack for creating and shaping loops, a penchant for peculiar samples taken from sci-fi sources, the length and breadth of Jenssen's discography is testament to his talent.

Seizing the moment and delivered an absolute delight in the shape of... See full review
Mark Broom - Fünfzig
posted a review of Mark Broom - Fünfzig. about 1 year ago
UK techno mainstay and all round top geezer Mark Broom releases ‘Fast Fünfzig’ on Rekids. A finely crafted EP comprising of 4 cuts that give more than a nod to this talented producer’s roots and make you take note, whilst also signalling the arrival... See full review
Various - Volume 1
posted a review of Various - Volume 1. about 1 year ago
Placid kicks off his imprint in style with WGD Volume 1 - a four track EP made by four equally brilliant artists.

First up, a legend in the 303 business, Tin Man drops an up-front 303 workout in the form of ‘Jerkin Acid’, taking a large slice of ‘88... See full review
Jayson Wynters - The Affect Heuristic
posted a review of Jayson Wynters - The Affect Heuristic. about 1 year ago
Refreshingly cliché free in his output, Jayson Wynters is not afraid to push things into the red and cover his sonics in dirt. Yet, equally commands a finesse and poise that is more akin to the Motorcity forefathers than the ‘klang’ of his local... See full review
Call Super - Cherry Drops
posted a review of Call Super - Cherry Drops. about 1 year ago
Part of two EPs titled ‘Cherry Drops’ (Part One and Two) on the label they co-founded with DJ and producer Parris,

‘Eye Wide Flow’ on Side A is a delightfully light-footed sketch whose melodies move and mutate at speed with elegance and grace that... See full review
Various - Vol. 4
posted a review of Various - Vol. 4. about 1 year ago
Since its inception, Chubby! has become a trusted imprint and high quality source of deep house, having featured artists such as Ewan Jansen, Trinidadian Deep, Javonntte, Vincent Floyd and Brad P. Their latest edition Vol.4 is their first release... See full review
Mark Hand & Neil Iceton - Holiday In Beta Centauri
submitted Mark Hand & Neil Iceton - Holiday In Beta Centauri. over 2 years ago
Higher Intelligence Agency* - Discatron
posted a review of Higher Intelligence Agency* - Discatron. over 3 years ago
Named in honour of a portable record player invented in his own hometown of Birmingham, “Discatron” is a classic Higher Intelligence Agency ride into the outreaches of the aural cosmos as Bird powers straight into the opening groove wrapping... See full review
Sansibar - Targeted Individuals
posted a review of Sansibar - Targeted Individuals. over 3 years ago
“Targeted individuals” is an 8 track journey full of surprise that rides the line between tense moods and pensive relaxation, summoning the precision swagger of Detroit in Effect (who Seppä fully credits as a big influence) whilst injecting a whole... See full review
Skee Mask - ISS006
posted a review of Skee Mask - ISS006. over 3 years ago
As Skee Mask hits the 6th release in this series, he goes even further down the trail of sonic exploration and delivers 6 slices of the finest electro-acoustic ambience that is earpleasing, as it is powerfully charged and evocative. A trip into the... See full review
Gallifré Featuring Mondeé Oliver - Don't Walk Out On Love (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
posted a comment on Gallifré Featuring Mondeé Oliver - Don't Walk Out On Love (Frankie Knuckles Remix). over 3 years ago
"When Larry met Frankie"...

One of my all time top ten records, worth every single penny.
Soul State Jazz - Annwn
posted a review of Soul State Jazz - Annwn. over 3 years ago
In Welsh folk law, it’s said that “Annwn” (pronounced an:un) which translates as “The Otherworld” in English, is a world of delights and beauty, located on an island or somewhere beneath the earth. It seems a fitting title for the debut LP on Banoffee... See full review
Afrikan Sciences - Have It Tall
posted a review of Afrikan Sciences - Have It Tall. over 4 years ago
Holding time in one hand and space in the other, New York multi-instrumentalist and producer Afrikan Sciences is on a mission like no other.

Conjuring up two interdimensional slices of savoir faire for a debut EP on ESP, this is music you can’t help... See full review
Aril Brikha - Dance Of A Trillion Stars
posted a review of Aril Brikha - Dance Of A Trillion Stars. over 4 years ago
Welcome back Aril, this has been worth the wait.

Over 8 tracks, he ambles through a sumptuous mixture of gentle soundscapes, minimalist styled composition and trademark warmth that comes together in blissfull technicolor. With very little aimed at... See full review
Daisy Moon - Geometry Of Curves
posted a review of Daisy Moon - Geometry Of Curves. over 4 years ago
To celebrate the label’s 61st release, Idles Hands spotlights the talents of Daisy Moon who makes her debut with this exquisite 4 track collection of ambient-tinged electronic-pop.

Bringing a clear understanding where the dancefloor ends and chillout... See full review
A Sagittariun - A Fistful Of Bitcoins
posted a review of A Sagittariun - A Fistful Of Bitcoins. over 4 years ago
Techno outlaw and notable West Country synth slinger A Sagittariun returns to his Elastic Dreams imprint to round out the year in style, dropping a brand new EP ‘A Fistful Of Bitcoins’. Another spatial adventure that traverses the wilds of Tucumcari,... See full review
Sirko Mueller / Jonno & Tommo - Receptor Theory
posted a review of Sirko Mueller / Jonno & Tommo - Receptor Theory. over 4 years ago
Summing up everything this is positive about modernist electronic music and giving it an outlet to the wider world – “Receptor Theory” is the label's seventh. Featuring sets of tracks from Berlin’s Sirko Muller alongside Ornate Music’s Jonno & Tommo... See full review
Johanna Knutsson, Karen Gwyer - Oscillate Tracks 003
posted a review of Johanna Knutsson, Karen Gwyer - Oscillate Tracks 003. over 5 years ago
The 3rd release in their series, Oscillate welcome the talents of Johanna Knutsson & Karen Gwyer for this brilliant split EP.

Checking in on Johanna’s side, the Swedish producer takes aim with the bubbling tones and tempo of “Hassel”, a minimal... See full review
Deep Nalström - Naive Melodies
posted a review of Deep Nalström - Naive Melodies. over 5 years ago
As debut releases go, it’s always a nice surprise to stumble upon the work of a new artist. Based in Bristol but hailing from France, Deep Nalström (Guillaume De Ubeda) has taken a bold first step in releasing his music on the world and we’re... See full review
Apiento - Things You Do For Love
posted a review of Apiento - Things You Do For Love. over 5 years ago
Although his productions are few and far between, London-based Apiento aka Paul Byrne has an impressive knack of serving up catchy hooks, wrapped in immersive ambience. This fantastic 7" lays down a bubbly downtempo, delay-filled groove that pitches... See full review
Tomi Chair / Tominori Hosoya - Tropical Imagination
posted a review of Tomi Chair / Tominori Hosoya - Tropical Imagination . over 5 years ago
DJ and producer Tomi Chair aka Tominori Hosoya records under both names and never veers far from a lush, emotion swept mixture of warm synthesis that oscillates between ambient excursions and the dance floor. ‘Tropical Imagination’ is certainly in... See full review
TapesJamaican - Zero Seagull EP
posted a review of TapesJamaican - Zero Seagull EP. over 5 years ago
As debut EPs go, “Zero Seagull” is one of those 12s you really can’t argue with or want to miss out on. Featuring three beautifully crafted tracks packed with techno soul, underpinned by jazz-tinged drums and dusty breaks – this is material that sits... See full review
Tony Allen, Jeff Mills - Tomorrow Comes The Harvest
posted a review of Tony Allen, Jeff Mills - Tomorrow Comes The Harvest. over 5 years ago
All too often, high profile collaborations end with up more style than substance – however right from the get go, ‘Tomorrow Comes The Harvest’ is everything you could wish to hope for. The skills of legendary drummer Tony Allen are balanced perfectly... See full review
Edward - Hooked On Magic
posted a review of Edward - Hooked On Magic. over 5 years ago
As someone who doesn't follow Giegling that much, this release came as pleasant surprise. A class EP all round, it's packed full of futuristic minimalism and Detroit influences that somehow transcend current trends. From the twinkling eeriness of 'Jap... See full review
Reference - Isolated Rhythm
posted a review of Reference - Isolated Rhythm. over 5 years ago
Deep bomb alert ... "Unified Movement" is a wee gem! Get yourself a copy of this before they're all gone...
Casey Tucker - Knoe 2/1
posted a review of Casey Tucker - Knoe 2/1. over 5 years ago
All the good stuff on this EP... Acid, Detroit, Techno, House... Top work BOE for getting these tracks back out on wax for more of us to enjoy...
Nu Guinea - Nuova Napoli
posted a review of Nu Guinea - Nuova Napoli. over 5 years ago
Incredible album and collection of tracks, there's nothing not to like about this fantastic piece of work. If you like your cosmic disco infused with a heavy slice of jazz, look no further. This will be played and loved for a long time!
Karim Sahraoui - Eternal Life EP (Part 1)
posted a review of Karim Sahraoui - Eternal Life EP (Part 1). over 5 years ago
Deep techno bomb... "Stella" is one of those tracks that will really capture the mood and the moment in front of the right crowd. Enjoy!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
Reedale Rise - Eternal Return
posted a review of Reedale Rise - Eternal Return. over 5 years ago
This EP is the business ... ALL winners, it's soulful electro at it's best flavoured with all the right undertones and influences of UK electronic music. Win, win, win, win!
Stephen Lopkin - Imitator EP
posted a review of Stephen Lopkin - Imitator EP. over 5 years ago
Perfectly crafted machine music that takes all the best elements of the classic early Detroit experiments and puts them back together with real passion. HEAVY!
The Nuclear Family vs Other Lands - Surface Noise
posted a review of The Nuclear Family vs Other Lands - Surface Noise. over 5 years ago
If you like your house and techno on the deep side, these two cuts won't disappoint - lovely stuff. 'Surface Noise' is one of those pure analogue sounding slices of lushness that just gets better with each play!
David Alvarado - The Sun Kiss E.P.
posted a review of David Alvarado - The Sun Kiss E.P.. over 5 years ago
Superb ep ... every track brings a different flavour but all well worth their weight. This one won't leave your bag.
Various - Verdant
posted a review of Various - Verdant. over 5 years ago
One of the best techno compilations I've acquired in recent times. Every track is a winner! Don't sleep on this...
Moodymann - Moodymann
posted a comment on Moodymann - Moodymann. over 10 years ago
Sealed copy from Chemical Records ... No extra vinyl, just a free chemical records calendar. Not really a bonus but I'll take the album.
Carbomb* - Keep Sexy
posted a review of Carbomb* - Keep Sexy. over 18 years ago
This is one release that any self respecting fan of deep UK house should put in their box (& collection). Just watch this number roll as those killer keys hit after the breakdown...
Cajmere Featuring Dajae* - Brighter Days (Remixes)
posted a review of Cajmere Featuring Dajae* - Brighter Days (Remixes). over 18 years ago
Brighter Days - Underground Goodie Mix - A slice of old school tuff house (dare i say Garage?) at its best: big drums, choppy vocals - sounding absolutely huge! This mix hit the right note with many a DJ at the time. Another slice of class action... See full review