about me and my collection

collector of usual and unusual records, mostly on vinyl.

special interests:
* krautrock, spacerock, progressive rock and psychedelia
* industrial, neofolk, dark ambient, noise
* german punk, new wave, and NDW
* acid techno, progressive techno, minimal techno, goa & all classic techno labels
* music from former German Democratic Republic and other eastern european countries
* contemporary composers, minimalism
* weird stuff: christian rock music, cheesy sacropop, nude covers, exotica
* private pressings, bootlegs, colored vinyl and picture disks
* records from my home area (list)
* folk music from around the world
* flexi-discs of the 1950s and 1960s
* signed records (list)

my personal collection has grown for about 35 years to more than 14.000 hand picked records. my discogs collection represents my personal collection with just a few items missing.

i submit every item from my collection that hasn't yet been added here. in august 2020 i entered the top 1000 of the discogs contributor list.

about my sales

in early 2017 i started to put up some records, tapes, and cds for sale in here. I mostly list uncommon stuff, often for sale by noone else in here.

do i offer something from your wantlist? or maybe you just want to explore my offers?

i will answer all question about sales items (condition/release/postage details etc).

you also might ask, if i sell any item out of my collection, but usually i won't. i will never sell or send audio files of any of my records.

PS: sending items from germany to other countries is ridiculously expensive since 2019. buy local and save postage!

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Recent Activity
submitted Chor Und Volksmusikkreis Der Städt. Singschule Kolbermoor - Musik Und Lieder Aus Dem Alpenland. about 2 hours ago
submitted Barbara Thalheim & Streichquartett* - Was Fang Ich Mit Mir An. about 3 hours ago
submitted Heino - Heino. about 3 hours ago
submitted Milt Jackson - Bags' Opus. about 3 hours ago
submitted Oschtalb Ruassgugga - Blech Power. about 4 hours ago
submitted Alison Kinnaird - Die Keltische Harfe (The Harper's Gallery). about 4 hours ago
submitted Leo Roth, Werner Sander - Meisterwerke Der Synagoge. about 4 hours ago
submitted Various - Hits 64/65. about 7 hours ago
submitted Grips Theater Berlin* - Ein Fest Bei Papadakis. 5 days ago
submitted Rädelchen - Spiel' Ein Lied Und Weine Nicht. 5 days ago
submitted Carl Orff - Herbert Kegel, Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig, Rundfunkchor* Und Kinderchor Leipzig*, Jutta Vulpius, Hans Joachim Rotzsch*, Kurt Rehm, Kurt Hübenthal - Carmina Burana. 5 days ago
submitted Valia Dimitrievitch Et Volodia Poliakof - Les Dernières Voix Tziganes. 9 days ago
submitted Hildegard Knef - Der Mond Hatte Frei. 9 days ago
submitted Unheilig - Als Musik Meine Sprache Wurde. 19 days ago
submitted The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground. 19 days ago
submitted Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Full House. 19 days ago
submitted Tante Friedas Jazzkränzchen - Dans les rues D`Antibes. 19 days ago
submitted Burnin' Alive - Tattoo Of The Devil. 19 days ago
submitted Avoid Bad Company - Sex Still Sells. 20 days ago
submitted Various - Kammermusik Live "Unter Der Glaspyramide" Vol. 3. 20 days ago
submitted Weiser Te - Das Erste Mal. 20 days ago
submitted Heaven's Cloud - Prinzipien. 20 days ago
submitted Männer Ohne Nerven (5) - Männer Ohne Nerven. 20 days ago
submitted Idiots In The Crowd - Idiots In The Crowd. 20 days ago
submitted Idiots In The Crowd - Street Busking Years. 21 days ago
submitted Jazzualdo - Strictly Vocal. 21 days ago
submitted MB Bigband - Dufte!!!. 21 days ago
submitted Thomas D - Die Rede des Häuptlings Seattle. 21 days ago
submitted MDC (2) - Millions Of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops. 24 days ago
submitted The Morganfields - Someday. 24 days ago
submitted Freddy's Dinner - Oligarchie. 24 days ago
submitted Heinz (25) - Born To Be Heinz. 25 days ago
submitted Out Of Norm - Attempts At Truth. 25 days ago
submitted André Eisermann, Charles Baudelaire - Die Dichtung Vom Haschisch. 26 days ago
submitted Tales Of Sorrow - From The Bottom. 26 days ago
submitted Aufbruch - 15 Jahre (1986-2001). about 1 month ago
submitted The Trashmonkeys* - The Trashmonkeys. about 1 month ago
submitted The Who - The Kids Are Alright. about 1 month ago
submitted Thomas Heckel - Dreams. about 1 month ago
submitted Abfluss - Punk-Terror... Und Ewig Schreit Das Volk. about 1 month ago
submitted Daily Terror - Apocalypse. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Pearls Before Swine - 5 Years Sireena Records. about 1 month ago
submitted Пурген, Diagens - Moscow Punx. about 1 month ago
submitted Blue Note Project Voodoo Crew - Live At Substage. about 1 month ago
submitted Hostile Hodge Podge - Current... Or Whatever Demo 2002. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - 20 Jahre Förster Juz Saarbrücken - Best of... Compilation. about 1 month ago
submitted Days Of Thunder - Starfighter Demo 2001/2002. about 1 month ago
submitted Georgsgeyer Vocalensemble Mühlacker - Friede Auf Erden - Weihnachtslieder Aus Aller Welt. about 1 month ago
submitted Spielleute Skadefryd - Westwind. about 1 month ago
submitted Ray Charles - Blues, Gospel, Soul. about 1 month ago