about me and my collection

collector of usual and unusual records, mostly on vinyl.

special interests:
* krautrock, spacerock, progressive rock and psychedelia
* industrial, neofolk, dark ambient, noise
* german folk, punk, new wave, and NDW
* acid techno, progressive techno, minimal techno, goa & all classic techno labels
* music from former German Democratic Republic and other eastern european countries
* contemporary composers, minimalism
* weird stuff: christian rock music, cheesy sacropop, nude covers, exotica
* private pressings, bootlegs, colored vinyl and picture disks
* records from my home area (list)
* folk music from around the world
* flexi-discs of the 1950s and 1960s
* signed records (list)

my personal collection has grown for about 35 years to more than 11.000 hand picked records. my discogs collection represents my personal collection with just a few items missing.

about my sales

in early 2017 i started to put up some records, tapes, and cds for sale in here. I mostly list uncommon stuff, often for sale by noone else in here.

do i offer something from your wantlist? or maybe you just want to explore my offers?

i will answer all question about sales items (condition/release/postage details etc).

you also might ask, if i sell any item out of my collection, but usually i won't. i will never sell or send audio files of any of my records.

PS: sending items from germany to other countries is ridiculously expensive since 2019. My postage rates for international shipping look like FRAUD, but that is what i actually have to pay at the post office.

bigger, better, faster, more

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Recent Activity
submitted Nana Mouskouri - Chants De Mon Pays. 18 days ago
submitted Otto Miehler - Musik Zur Bewegung. 18 days ago
submitted Fun House (5) - Afrika. 18 days ago
submitted Gruppo Folkloristico Fauno Notte Club Sorrento - Tarantella Sorrentina. 18 days ago
submitted Orchesterverein Handschuhsheim, Männerchor Und Quartett Des TSV Handschuhsheim - Hendesse. 19 days ago
submitted Various - Sang Und Klang Aus Eberbach. 19 days ago
submitted Feuerwehrkapelle Eppingen - Mit Volksmusik Ins Land Hinaus. 19 days ago
submitted Die Blaumännle - Aus Alter Zeit. 19 days ago
submitted Flat Foot Stompers & Friends - Volume 2. about 1 month ago
submitted Kaylyn - The Vampire State Building. 2 months ago
submitted Attila* - The Six Million Dollar Man. 2 months ago
submitted Khetama* - Green Flow (The Mixes). 2 months ago
submitted Albion (2) - This Is For. 2 months ago
submitted Global Transfer - ABC - Analysis. 2 months ago
submitted Anton Diabelli - Pastoral-Messe In F-Dur Opus 147. 2 months ago
submitted Max Frisch - Mein Name Sei Gantenbein. 2 months ago
submitted "Da Gamsei" Hermann Bosch* mit Toni Sulzböck Und Seine Chiemgauer Musikanten - Die Lustigen Staffelstoana - Chiemgauer Schuhplattler* - "Da Gamsei" - Der Meisterjodler Aus Dem Chiemgau Und Seine Buam. 2 months ago
submitted "Da Gamsei" Hermann Bosch* mit Toni Sulzböck Und Seine Chiemgauer Musikanten - Die Lustigen Staffelstoana - Chiemgauer Schuhplattler* - "Da Gamsei" - Der Meisterjodler Aus Dem Chiemgau Und Seine Buam. 2 months ago
submitted Liederkranz Nordheim e.V. 1852 - Chor-Musik von Robert Edler. 2 months ago
submitted Musizierkreis Karl Heinz Klein - Lieder Aus Dem "Zupf". 2 months ago
submitted Les Vaillants D'ossun - Folklore En Bigorre. 2 months ago
submitted Young Hope (2) - Live. 2 months ago
submitted The Les Humphries Singers* - The Les Humphries Singers. 3 months ago
submitted Chor Ehemaliger Soldaten Der Waffen-SS - Lieder, Die Wir Einst Sangen. 3 months ago
submitted Abdu-El-Hanid Et Son Orchestre* - Chants Et Danses Des Pays Arabes. 3 months ago
submitted Bertolt Brecht - Bertolt Brecht Singt. 3 months ago
submitted Autumn Bliss - Nature People Love Soul. 3 months ago
submitted Die Spitzbuam* - Die Spitzbuam VI. 4 months ago
submitted J. S. Bach*, W. A. Mozart* - Irmgard Dürr-Seeger, Doris Mamber, Hermann Schatz, Ulrich Kadelbach, Heike Paeth, Stiftskantorei Öhringen, Orchesterverein Öhringen - Magnificat, Krönungsmesse. 4 months ago
submitted J. S. Bach* - Elisabeth Wacker, Friedreich Melzer, Hanns-Friedrich Kunz, Stiftskantorei Öhringen, Chor Des Hölderlin-Gymnasiums Lauffen - Kantate BWV 67 Und Osteroratorium BWV 249 (Ausschnitte). 4 months ago
submitted Ted Herold - Die Gefährlichen Jahre / Bin Schon Vergeben. 4 months ago
submitted Knut* Und Hartmut* - Roter Mohn, Rote Rosen. 4 months ago
submitted Petula Clark - Downtown. 4 months ago
submitted Chanson-Club Tegernsee - Internationale Folklore & Chansons. 4 months ago
submitted Liederkranz Blaubeuren Und Eintracht Weiler* / Jugendkapelle "Blaumännle" Des Musikvereins Blaubeuren - Heimatsang Und Heimatklang Aus Blaubeuren. 4 months ago
submitted Perez Pilar And His Orchestra* - Bostella. 4 months ago
submitted Christoph Kaiser, Kirchenchor Von St. Mang* - Glocken der Stadtpfarrkirche St. Mang, Füssen / Der Kirchenchor von St. Mang singt. 4 months ago
submitted Paul Keller (7) - Bergkrach. 4 months ago
submitted Peppino Di Capri E I Suoi "Rockers"* - Lassame (Let Me Go) / Malatia. 4 months ago
submitted Edelweiß-Trio - Reit im Winkler Polka. 4 months ago
submitted Susanne Schlecht, Adolf Schrenk, Heribert Frantz - Über Die Berge Schallt - Alte Und Neue Lieder Aus Dem Altvater Zur Gitarre. 4 months ago
submitted Various - Blasmusik Aus Der Rundfunksendung "So Klingt's In Der Region". 4 months ago
submitted Rudolf Mauersberger, Dresdner Kreuzchor, Matthias Jung, Dresdner Philharmonie - Dresdner Requiem. 4 months ago
submitted Schabo - Mein Leben. 4 months ago
submitted Ape & Feuerstein - Da Steckt Doch Irgendwas Dahinter. 4 months ago
submitted Schabo - Robotermänner. 4 months ago
submitted Various - Crailsheim Sampler. 4 months ago
submitted Mofamco Cultural Guild - Gangeh Di Montanyosa. 4 months ago
submitted Czubi - Grüße Aus Der Ballerburg. 4 months ago
submitted Levitation (10) - Forever Music - Live Im Hohle Fels. 4 months ago