i swear somewhere the truth lies within this wood.
i swear looters' follies has never sounded so good.
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posted a comment on Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew Chalk - Sumac. 5 months ago
mine is the same, it's an awful pressing. paid a pretty penny for it too. i only ever listen to the cd version now.
posted a comment on Have A Nice Life - Time Of Land. 7 months ago
11 people want this. that number should be 0 because this is still available for free on the enemies list homepage after 6 years! best zero dollars you'll ever spend i guarantee it.
posted a review of FM3 - Buddha Machine. over 9 years ago
I decided to lock myself in a small dark room for 12 hours in which, I could not leave for the duration. All I had with me was a jug of water, a few slices of bread, a bag of almonds and a bucket (You can imagine why). For the first few hours I listened ... See full review
posted a review of Andrew Chalk - East Of The Sun. over 9 years ago
Before I got the album I read somewhere that it was impossible to play loud. This is in fact the case and only adds to the overall appeal of this gorgeous slab of shifting drone and field recordings.
Two looong tracks that require undivided attention ... See full review
posted a review of Stars Of The Lid - The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid. over 9 years ago
A monumental epic of orchestrated ambience. The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid encompasses all the great things about an ambient record: Long swells of hypnotic drone, the use of silence as an instrument, subtle underlying tonalities, field recordings, ... See full review