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posted a review of Augusto Algueró - Augusto Algueró - Homenaje. over 13 years ago
Absolutely disappointing! When I bought this record I thought it would sound like Augusto Algueró: the amazing 1970s genius, full of imagination, combining funk with awesome orchestral arrangements, Brigitte Bardot-like chorus, latin disco... Instead, ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Nitro. over 15 years ago
I've seen this man playing live (in Seville, where he and I come from) and I must say that his shitty music is extremely boring. No innovation at all. The audience was under 21 years of age, with the only exception of myself, and after a few minutes I ... See full review
posted a review of Incubus (2) - S.C.I.E.N.C.E.. over 15 years ago
Uplifting funk to which it's impossible not to dance, or rather jump, at times.

However, the highlight of the album is Summer Romance, an acid-jazz track with lively percussion and a soulful tenor sax solo.
posted a review of Various - Latino Blue. over 15 years ago
Incendiary percussion and overwhelming passion. These are the keys to this compilation. When you blend latin and jazz the result is, at the same time, both and none of its ingredients.

The percussionists (several on each track) are seemingly ... See full review
posted a review of Various - QFG: A Compilation. over 15 years ago
This superb production showcases 45 different artists from the French experimental scene, chosen among more than 120. There’s a great variety of styles: from atmospheric beatless ambience to obduriate noise. All the tracks are futuristic and boldly ... See full review
posted a review of Combustible Edison - Schizophonic!. over 15 years ago
This album is as colourful as lounge music can be: exotic, mysterious, elegant and charming. Of course it's old-fashion flavoured, but that's part of the purpose: taking the listener away to lost places and forgotten times.

The chimes are excellent: ... See full review
posted a review of Exit-13 - Ethos Musick. over 15 years ago
This is not a full-on grindcore album. It's rich in changes and messages. The grunts are hardly comprehensible, but if you read the lyrics you'll find they talk about environmental policies, drugs, progress and several human habits, such as hunting or ... See full review
posted a review of Pantera - Official Live: 101 Proof. over 15 years ago
Track 07 "War Nerve" is not censored at all, but the band conviniently changed the chorus to show some respect towards the audience: after harsh criticism on media, instead of screaming "fuck you all", as the original "Great Southern Trendkill" song, ... See full review