Welcome on my Discogs,

my name is Pascal Jahn, born 1986 in North Germany and raise up in Southwest Germany.

I´m listen to Electronical Music since i´ve been 8 years, influence of Hardcore and 90s Dance Compilations.
In the age of 18 after clubbing all over europe i bought my first DJ Equipment.
After years of mixing only with Vinyl Decks, i bought Producing Equipment and Software.
But first when i met "Perfex", i started to understand what to do with Software and Equipment...
Soon my first Productions are finished and i make more and learn more and more how to use

Now i got two Identity
2005 founded
SQUALE is my homebase for every sound i gonna start and finished similar about the style
on the oter side
2012 founded
THE BACKSTREET NOYZE thats my homebase for kind harder sound and tracks that represent my Style i like the most

But the most important for me is that you enjoy music and mixes