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Sasha - Invol2ver
posted a review of Sasha - Invol2ver. over 14 years ago
What can be said about Alexander Coe, AKA DJ Sasha, that wasn't already said or written? Probably not much. Many DJ's and Producers in his caliber and age are long gone into the oblivion, the Hollywood honey trap or jumping from one rehab institution... See full review
Ticon - [2am]
posted a review of Ticon - [2am]. over 15 years ago
The Swedish duo Filip Mårdberg and Fredrik Gilenholt are back with a 4th album on their regular Digital Structures label. It's been over 2 years since their previous hit release "Zero Six After" and the anticipation (by me anyway) was pretty immense.... See full review
BT - This Binary Universe
posted a review of BT - This Binary Universe. over 15 years ago
BT is the artist name of Brian Wayne Transeau, one of the most influential electronic musicians in the 90's. A man who almost single-handedly defined epic trance together with Sasha in the beginning of the 90's stood in the middle of 00's with a big... See full review
Bigwigs - The National Heroes Of Sonic Parallel
posted a review of Bigwigs - The National Heroes Of Sonic Parallel. over 15 years ago
Bigwigs, or as their parents call them Grzegorz Magnuszewski and Jurek Przezdziecki (I’d like to hear it spelled correctly one day btw) are Psy Trance scene’s Monty Python or perhaps judging by the cover maybe the Village People. This is their second... See full review
Ace Ventura - Rebirth
posted a review of Ace Ventura - Rebirth. over 15 years ago
Unless you have been living under the rocks in some Afganistanian cave you should already be familiar with Ace Ventura and with Iboga Records. If you're not, i can only suggest you pressing pause on your Astral Projection mini discs and smell the... See full review
Apparat - Walls
posted a review of Apparat - Walls. over 15 years ago
Apparat is a German electronic music producer that i first noticed about 3 years ago following a recommendation by a friend that knows her shit.
It was Apparat's Duplex album that hit me hard with it's hectic yet organised soundscapes that amazed me... See full review
D-Nox & Beckers - Left Behind
posted a review of D-Nox & Beckers - Left Behind. over 15 years ago
D-Nox (Christian Wedekind) & Beckers (Frank Beckers) are 2 seasoned players in the Electronic music scene. Although their first steps can be cautiously called Psy Trance related (D-Nox as the person behind the success of Plastic Park, Tatsu and most... See full review
Antix - Wanderers
posted a review of Antix - Wanderers. over 15 years ago
The Kiwi Strom brothers who are better known as Antix are back after 2 excellent artist albums and one Remixes album that was personally a bit of a let down. Obviously the expectations were very high and considering the fact that Antix changed their... See full review
OOOD* - Free Range
posted a review of OOOD* - Free Range. over 16 years ago
OOOD are a 4 piece collective from UK that already graced us with 2 albums a few years ago. I didn't really connect to aLive which was the first debut psy-trance album that was recorded live but their second offering, Breathing Space had a few of my... See full review
Koxbox - U-Turn
posted a review of Koxbox - U-Turn. over 16 years ago
Not an easy one to review...
Very incoherent and more of a compilation than an album. In one hand Frank'e follows the trend and gives his interpretation of the Full-on genre in the first half of the album, than towards the middle of the album the... See full review
Trentemøller - The Last Resort
posted a review of Trentemøller - The Last Resort. over 16 years ago
Every now and then an album is released that shifts my current musical preferences into completely different territories. It was in 94 with Prodigy's Music For The Jilted Generation. Astral Projection's Another World in 99' and subsequently Kox Box's... See full review
James Holden - At The Controls
posted a review of James Holden - At The Controls. over 16 years ago
James Holden is a former prodigy kid of the British Trance scene who break through first at the tender age of 18 with the huge Horizons hit that was played to death and was licensed later to many compilations and mix sets including Dave Seaman's... See full review
Ace Ventura - New Order
posted a review of Ace Ventura - New Order. over 16 years ago
A somewhat different approach by the Israeli leading Full On label Hommega Productions is here on my CD player for a review. Some of the top names in the Progressive Trance scene on a Hommega compilation? When i first heard about it a few months ago i... See full review
Sensient - AntiFluoro
posted a review of Sensient - AntiFluoro. over 16 years ago
Tim Larner AKA Sensient is back with his third, aptly named album, AntiFluoro. After releasing some of the finest minimal gems on compilations and 2 exellent albums he presents us his fresh material on this album.
First let me mention that i had a... See full review
Sensient - Blue Neevus
posted a review of Sensient - Blue Neevus. over 16 years ago
Sensient is Tim Larner, one of Australia's finest psy producers and this is his debut album on the now late Tatsu Records. By now you should be already aware to Sensient's unique style that blends obscure sound scapes with intricate melodies. The... See full review
DJ TV (2) - Satellite
posted a review of DJ TV (2) - Satellite. over 17 years ago
Oxygen Records, a brand new Czech Psytrance label bring us their debut compilation that showcases mostly fresh artists from all over the globe. Although the general direction of this compilation is morning full on it remains quite eclectic and doesn’t... See full review
Pogo (2) - Wingmakers
posted a review of Pogo (2) - Wingmakers. over 18 years ago
Yay, 2 thumbs up for DJ Pogo to be able to gather so many big UK names and several other ones for such a kick bottom compilation. The label is Dragonfly and if that’s not enough to promise quality tunes than you are welcome to hear it by... See full review
Talpa - The Art Of Being Non
posted a review of Talpa - The Art Of Being Non. over 18 years ago
So i've been visiting my Psychiatrist lately. He's always been very kind to me and giving me the best medicine available to suit my musical craving.
So he recommended me the new compilations from 3D Vision and Mind Control. I refused and told him... See full review