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posted a review of Kit Clayton - $x=$moles*$avocadoes;. over 14 years ago
The title is sometimes referred to as "Moles & Avocadoes" since it's easier to pronounce this way. This is one of Clayton's more dancefloor-friendly releases. Nice driving minimal tech-house on the a-side. "WShape Revisited" on the b-side is a long ... See full review
posted a review of Pub - Derail. over 15 years ago
Ampoule is a great label all around, but this is my favorite single on the label by far. Lush and dubby electronica at its finest. The a-side could fit in a techno set with its driving beat moving underneath a heavy layer of melodic warm textures, while ... See full review
posted a review of 8-Bit Construction Set - The 8-Bit Construction Set. over 15 years ago
This release deserves a bit of commentary for its novel and unique creation. It has been praised by lo-fi-digital music heads as well as scratch and battle dj's since it combines Atari and Commodore64 samples, soundbites, lock groove beats, and even a ... See full review