I´m into techno / electro / minimal / experimental stuff. Check my wantlist and feel free to contact me if you have something I want.
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posted a review of Time Machines - Time Machines. over 14 years ago
Simply mesmerising. A work that in fact is much more than it seems at a glance. Its reverberating synth drones can fill a room with low bass frequencies which kind of hypnotise you and really take you away. The louder you listen to it, the stronger the ... See full review
posted a review of :wumpscut:. over 14 years ago
Harsh industrial synth driven chaotic mayhem with distorted vocals and scary melodies, one of the noisiest projects I´ve ever heard, but at the same time melodic and with great arrangements, truly noisy MUSIC. Unfortunately his latest releases are ... See full review
posted a review of Calva Y Nada. over 14 years ago
One of my favourites ebm/industrial projects. Sick, sick, SICK vocals with haunting melodies and stark beats makes Calva Y Nada hard to compare... a nightmarish world where you are subdued by the beats and beckoned by the voice.
posted a review of Jamie Lidell - Safety In Numbers EP. over 14 years ago
one of the best releases on Sativae (some may disagree)... crazy distorted beats, insane vocal bits and sick programming makes this one of my favourites - and I still haven´t got my copy, it´s so hard to find... ahhhhhhh!
posted a review of Akufen - Quebec Nightclub. over 14 years ago
Excellent album, funky as hell and at the same time very different and quite experimental to a certain extent. Recommended for anyone looking for something different to spice up their sets.
posted a review of Señor Coconut And His Orchestra - Smooth Operator. over 14 years ago
Great remixes for Señor Coconut´s version for the Sade song with his trademark incredible latinized vocals. Agoria´s mix is a slightly dirty techno workout with a great bassline, it rocks the floor. Good Groove´s mix is an electro version with full ... See full review
posted a review of Taksi - Blaulicht. over 14 years ago
One of the best releases on Taksi. Excellent tracks, I just wish that the sound quality were a bit better, sometimes the kick drums get muffled in the mix. But still very good indeed.
posted a review of Paul Johnson - Stop Trippin'. over 14 years ago
"Sppech Impediment" is an awesome track, with sounds that sound like those rubber toys you squeeze and go "weee"... it also ends in a locked groove. Very original indeed, one of my all-time favourites. Great track for mixing also, goes well with almost ... See full review
posted a review of Mutron - Hsart EP. over 14 years ago
Very well produced electro tracks with some old school videogame-like sounds, fat basslines and some quirky twists and turns on all the right places. Excellent, never leaves my record case!
posted a review of DJ Hyperactive - RX Tribe. over 14 years ago
A true classic, from a time when techno was much more than a filtered loop and compressed drums. Percussive mayhem from an artist responsible for some of my favourite tracks.
posted a review of Subhead - Subhead Remixes. over 14 years ago
Perhaps my favourite in the Subhead Remixes series - Dave Tarrida´s remix takes you to the verge of insanity, applying different crazy effects to the kick drums every few beats... hard, noisy, gritty, raw and intense. It can drive people crazy or clear ... See full review
posted a review of Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis 3000. over 14 years ago
The Club mix is a kind of cheesy rework of the original, with that typical retro bassline which became very common lately. Marco Remus´ mix is a slamming hard techno jam with Anne Clarke´s great vocal over the top.
posted a review of Various - Premier Pas. over 14 years ago
Nitsch & Gleinser´s track is very interesting, with a silly weird melody - quite original.
The other track I like is Cinthiesizer´s "Coffe Pot". Simple but efficient tech-house with a slight retro feel and very silly lyrics ("if you want your coffe ... See full review
posted a review of Ellen Allien - Stadtkind (Remixes). over 14 years ago
Great remixes for an excellent track - very hard to find though, I´ve been looking for this record for a long time. Straight remixes which are more floor-oriented than the breaky original version (which is simple beautiful).
posted a review of Various - The Men You'll Never See E.P.. over 14 years ago
I-F´s version is simply one of my favourite electro tracks ever... it has really dark mood which just sucks you in. Amazing. Adult´s version is also great, a bit more laid back than their latest efforts, with lovely melodies. A must have for any electro ... See full review
posted a review of Ellen Allien - Stadtkind. over 14 years ago
Great first album from Ellen Allien. Minimal grooves with her lovely voice on top makes this record one of my all-time favourites. Ellen has a style all her own, and all her tracks are very well produced.
posted a review of Mark Hawkins - Destitution Absolution E.P. over 14 years ago
Sick Brighton-styled wonky distorted raw techno here from Mr. Hawkins. Not for the faint-hearted, but I love it!
posted a review of Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera - The Divine Remixes (Part 2). over 14 years ago
I don´t really care much about the other versions on this record, but Alter Ego remix is a killer (as usual...)
A sick bassline with some shuffled rhythms makes this record something very hard to remove from my record case.
posted a review of Superpower - S.T.R.O.B.E.. over 14 years ago
S.T.R.O.B.E. is a "scary" track with The Horrorist vocals - hard and repetitive with some interesting sounds, very nice to mix with some stripped down techno. The flipside is also good, I would just prefer it to be a bit faster so I could play it - even ... See full review
posted a review of Codec & Flexor - Black Diamonds. over 14 years ago
Great single with versions for every taste. The original is great, but if you´re annoyed by the vocals you can use the instrumental mix in any techno set and it works just fine. For me the best is Dr. Shingo´s remix, with a killer bassline which turns an ... See full review
posted a review of Subvoice - Dynamite Voltage. over 14 years ago
In my opinion, this is the best Subvoice release. Slammin´ techno track with lots of energy and interesting programming - sometimes I still play it and it still sounds fresh... and always drives the floor wild!
posted a review of 2CB - 2CB 6. over 14 years ago
Crazy bass-heavy distorted electro-techno mayhem from the Subhead crew. Absolutely insane and very original, will rock the most daring dancefloors. My favourite 2CB record.
posted a review of Jamie Lidell - Freekin The Frame. over 14 years ago
Crazy bangin´ Brighton techno, very reminiscent of Subhead. One of the best Mosquito releases, it´s been in my record case forever. Not easy to find, but you must try to get it if you´re into this kind of weird crazy techno.
posted a review of Richard B* / Steve Rachmad - Superman / Legacy Of The Lost World. over 14 years ago
Richard Brown did a great minimal electro version of Laurie Anderson´s classic "O Superman" - it´s basically the original song with a wonderful fat electro loop which goes on forever. Hypnotizing and sounds great on a good sound system.
posted a review of Bergheim 34 - How To Sell Out When No One Is Buying. over 14 years ago
Their cover version for Silver Apples´ "Oscillations" alone would be worth getting this record.