- because of the Covid-19 situation the National Post suspended shipping to some countries or some countries don't allow incoming mail, so it may happen that some orders cannot be shipped for the moment; in this case I will either refund your payment in full, or if you decide to, will try sending at later dates until correspondence with your country is open again, and I will keep you updated

- also because of this situation, delays in receiving the orders may occur (although things are slowly improving), and that is completely out of my control, please take notice of this when ordering!

Thank you for your understanding! \m/


Buyer pays for shipping.

PRIORITY shipping (NO tracking number; buyer takes all responsibility), airmail:
4 Euro per item, 1 Euro per additional item

SURFACE shipping (NO tracking number; buyer takes all responsibility), quite slow:
3 Euro per item, 0.5 Euro per additional item

REGISTERED shipping (with tracking number), airmail:
9 Euro per item, 1.5 Euro per additional item

To cut shipping costs we can also ship without jewel cases, please get in touch for quote if interested (shipping as low as 2 Euro / CD!).

For high-volume orders get in touch for reduced shipping fees!

All packs are sent through National Post (no other options available, sorry) as soon as possible, usually within the next 2 days after payment is received, but in exceptional situations it may take longer in which case you will be previously notified.

VERY IMPORTANT: If the delivery is delayed, this is out of our hands, delivery depends totally on the postal services, and by reading this you acknowledge it.