addicted-to-music vinyl collector & dealer in berlin, germany.

my vinyls / cds / tapes are described in a "conservative grading" way to avoid disappointment. if i see scratches, i put the record / cd on and listen to it. so, if i say 'unhearable', it should be correct.
i don't sell any record / cd with hearable damage like cd-jumping or ugly loud vinyl cracks (except when explicitly indicated and described). there is a limit to 'lagerfeuer' (campfire-crackling / vinyl wax nostalgia). no CPR (cracks per round)! i don't sell crap - i put it in the garbage (so the record / cd gets rare :-))
please feel free to ask any question.
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posted a comment on CUD - Only (A Prawn In Whitby). about 1 month ago
Very fast and nervous music. Very british, like Weding Present or Stone Rosess.
The 'Living In The Past' cover is phantastic!!! Full of powerfulll!
posted a comment on Alan Moulder. about 1 month ago
I dooo nottt believe it!!! this guy is married to the woman with the most wonderful voice I ever heard. the first CURVE eps will be cult & party forever. incredible dynamics, lyrics metoo in the 90s. leftfield knew that.
posted a comment on Select Cuts. 2 months ago
All the Select Cuts compilations are fantastic! Modern electronic dub sounds.
Clean, funky, no errors.
posted a comment on The Prodigy - Out Of Space Remixes. 3 months ago
not too bad. three club stomper mixes à la boys noize. with this fat electro sound that was quiet new at that time.
posted a comment on Die Fantastischen Vier - MfG (Mit Freundlichen Grüßen). 4 months ago
Friendly greetings from Germany ;-) As always from Germany. The Stonediscobrothers RMX is incredibly cool.
posted a comment on Atom™ - HD. 4 months ago
Come on, let me produce a ltd. vinyl edition. 300 - 50/50. U get berühmt.
submitted Stewart McIsaac - In A Groove In A Grove. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Drafi* - United. 7 months ago
United uses the melody of the Eurovision Song Contest, well known from the TV intros.
posted a comment on Grobschnitt - Ballermann. 7 months ago
I have a copy with the label of Klaus Schulze - Timewind (Brain orange - Side 1 - Bayreuth Return - 0001 075 - 0664.925 s.1) on side 1. The vinyl plays the correct songs and the runouts are correct, too. Anyone else knows this version?
submitted Laboratorium - Anatomy Lesson. 8 months ago
submitted Claire Waldoff - Haben Wir Det Nötig? / Die Kartenlegerin. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Trevor Jackson - Metal Dance 2: Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88 . 8 months ago
Yes, you are right. Track CD1-8 Secret Life by Material is listed in the tracklist but it's not on the CD.
posted a comment on Freeform. 10 months ago
Just hearing 'Prowl' again. Very deep grooves meet strange loops of sounds and percussion.
No comments here?
Mr Pyke is one of the greatest musicians in the electro genre.
To be continued.
posted a comment on Attwenger - Flux. about 1 year ago
Basically drums and accordion. Strange polkas mostly. Hard to follow their hardcore austrian language, even for me as a german. The tracks with more production/sound are my favourites. Duamasche + Mief are funky powerful hiphop tracks, full of bass, ... See full review
posted a comment on Max Goldt - Die Majestätische Ruhe Des Anorganischen. about 1 year ago
Still a masterpiece in 2017! And i.m.o. the best record Max Goldt ever made. 20 pearls, 5 instrumentals and 15 songs, in german language, spoken or sang over Residents-like sounds and rhythms. The full pleasure of the stories moving from absurd humour to ... See full review
submitted Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker - Herbert von Karajan Dirigiert Grosse Sinfonien Der Romantik. about 1 year ago
submitted Gerry And The Pacemakers* - Ferry Cross The Mersey. about 1 year ago
submitted Lalo* / Ravel* - Ida Haendel, Karel Ančerl, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra* - Symphonie Espagnole / Tzigane. about 1 year ago
submitted Gottfried* & Lonzo* - Party-Rags Für Kneipe Und Saloon. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Propaganda - Valley Of The Machine Gods. about 1 year ago
On the labels I read 'Propaganda Vinyl Series 1 Of 4'. Does somebody know what the other three vinyls are? And how to get a chance to listen to them? The label Amontillado seems to have published just this one here.
submitted Original-Neckarbuaba - Überall Erklingt Musik. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Miladojka Youneed. about 1 year ago
In the profile they are called a 'Slovenian free punk/funk/jazz band'. That's correct for the first two releases which contain great punky funk-jazz, comparable to Barry Adamson or Pop Group. Later they got more and more into some boring overproduced ... See full review
submitted The Beatles - Rock 'N' Roll Music Vol. 1. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on My Bloody Valentine - Lost Tracks And Rare Cuts. about 1 year ago
A real pearl for all MBV fans (like me). Contains their beautiful cover of Wire's Map Reference, a really insane version of Glider and some tracks formerly only available on compilations. Sound quality is ok, not brilliant, but very acceptable. Play loud ... See full review
posted a comment on Der Expander Des Fortschritts - Urknall • Horde • Mensch. about 1 year ago
The early classic of this underrated east german experimental band. Songs with poetic lyrics (in german) and rather weird sound collages dealing with life in the GDR at that time. A well made copy is available through mail order.
Der ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Remixed 80s - Ultra Remixes Of The Coolest '80s Grooves Ever. about 1 year ago
Very funny and interesting compilation of covers of 80s tracks. Most of the so-called 'remixes' create something new based on one or two elements of the original song. The vocals were also recorded new, sometimes you need a minute to recognize the ... See full review
posted a comment on Michael Jeffries - And I Love Her. about 1 year ago
Rather cool R&B and house cover versions of the Beatles song.
submitted Marie Warnant - Nyxtape. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on DJ Mart - Dodge Traxx Volume 1. about 1 year ago
I think on side A the hammering orgue of Brainticket is sampled. Comments welcome.
submitted Butthole Surfers - Double Live. about 1 year ago
submitted Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Christoph Hagel, Berliner Symphoniker - Die Zauberflöte In Der U-Bahn. about 1 year ago
submitted Kirmesmusikanten* - Das Beste Vom Besten . about 1 year ago
submitted The Papa Benny Jazzband* - A Holiday With Papa Bennys Jazzband. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Dave Clarke - Red 1. about 1 year ago
The Procust Mix is a classic for millions of techno people. excellent and drivin...
posted a comment on Driftmachine - Eis Heauton. about 1 year ago
Drone at 33rpm - Abstract at 45rpm :-))

ulixes added a fine review/comment:
2016 Hallow Ground's vinyl re-issue of 2015 "Eis Heauton" EP originally released in Umor Rex. Berlin electronic duo Driftmachine's new tape is called Eis Heauton –a Greek term ... See full review
posted a comment on Mike Shannon - Possible Conclusions To Stories That Never End. about 1 year ago
ALL instrumentals are wonderful. Cleverly composed minimal electro. B3/B4 is a fine trip. ALL tracks with singing are nonsense. I think 4/10 are using curvy voices. I don't understand.
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Far-Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman. about 1 year ago
Great 12" - 4-track!! Future Jazz at it's best! True headz. Very dark sounds, reminding of film scores. Mostly dry beats, deep grooves. Fine sample of 23 Skidoo. B-side is still (9/2017) killing me! Play loud! And at +1-2%.
submitted Miles Davis - Old Devil Moon. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Severed Heads - Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past. about 1 year ago
Pioneers!! One of my favourites of all times!! Extreme Loop-Science in a New Wave style. Odd? Yes. Saw them in 1985/86 live in a club in germany, playing the tracks of this 2xLP, two dark guys with two small black keyboards. On the wall behind them a ... See full review
submitted Tchaikovsky* - Czech Philharmonic Orchestra*, Lovro Von Matacic - Symphony No. 5. about 1 year ago
submitted Mokoomba - Luyando. about 1 year ago
submitted Jessie Matthews (2) - Dancing On The Ceiling. about 1 year ago
submitted Roy Eldridge - The Krupa Years 1941-1942. Sideman 1940. about 1 year ago
submitted Rudy Vallée* - Sing For Your Supper. about 1 year ago
submitted Artie Shaw And His Orchestra - The Best Of Artie Shaw - Concerto For Clarinet. about 1 year ago
submitted Bertolt Brecht - Über Die Irdische Liebe Und Andere Gewisse Welträtsel. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Colin Newman - A-Z. about 1 year ago
My favourite solo LP from Mr. Newman. Fantastic songs, great sounds. Newmans exaggerated singing meets the limits.
Like many other remastered records nowadays (2017) the general level is lowered, you have to turn up your volume to get the full sound. ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Stoned Again (A Tribute To The Stones). about 1 year ago
Rolling Stones coverversions by more or less alternativ rock bands. Half of the tracks add a fine noisy rocking drive to the songs (Phibes, 3 Imaginary Boys, Family Cat...). The other half are rather free interpretations in a guitar-dominated indie rock ... See full review
posted a comment on DIIV - Is The Is Are. about 1 year ago
on 21st of march 2017 i bought the 2xLP new, shrinkwrapped. no download card included!
posted a comment on King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson). about 1 year ago
Wonderful picture disc but the pressing isn't really perfect. I had 5 copies of this LP in my recordshop. All bought new. All play with a few crackles. I examined the records carefully, nothing visible on the wax.