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i don't sell any record / cd with hearable damage like cd-jumping or ugly loud vinyl cracks (except when explicitly indicated and described). there is a limit to 'lagerfeuer' (campfire-crackling), no crack-per-round! i don't sell crap - i put it in the garbage (so the record / cd gets rare :-))
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posted a comment on Freeform - Wildcat. 5 days ago
Strike of a genius! Very funky, some boring vocals. Check all of his 12"s!!!!!
posted a comment on Freeform - Palavalamp / Wakker Sticks. 5 days ago
Freeform - Simon Pyke, one of the most underrated electronic musicians ever. On this 12" there are two long tracks. Palavalamp is a polyrhythmic tribal groove with strange noises (bats?). Wakker Sticker starts as a slow headz-jazz, moving into space, ... See full review
posted a comment on Jazztrack. 9 days ago
Fantastic band. A real experience for all who like jazz. Extremely skilled musicians play a wide range of fusion and modern jazz. With piano solos, drum solos, bass solos and all the other usual ingredients mixed perfectly. A pleasure for the ears and ... See full review
posted a comment on Eight Frozen Modules - DJ, Riddim & Source EP. 14 days ago
Fine mixture of ragga toasting on breakcore beats that surely plays at 45rpm ;-)
posted a comment on King Crimson - Cat Food / Groon. 14 days ago
Please discuss these things on the submission page. Thank you.
posted a comment on King Crimson - Cat Food / Groon. 14 days ago
Please discuss these things on the submission page. Thank you.
submitted CRèME - Popmusic Is My Life. 15 days ago
posted a comment on Funckarma - Reasch EP. 20 days ago
Fantastic EP. I admit, these incredibly blasting sounds impress a lot. But all tracks are also fine driving compositions and scapes. Dubstepp Experimentaal!
posted a comment on Funckarma - Dubstoned Vol. 2. 20 days ago
'Nays Of Dight' is my definition of dubstep. Slow, intense, funky, dubby, noisy. A thrilling suspence with a full sound. Kinda liftoff...
posted a comment on Severed Heads - Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past. 21 days ago
Surely one of the masterpieces of experimental Sample&Loop music. I saw them live with this music in Aachen, Germany, in a big disco that presented an 'EBM' night. Two guys with slim keyboards, only silhouettes against the videoscreen in the back. Very ... See full review
posted a comment on Luna C* - The Luna C Project. 26 days ago
"Everything I see is half real." The happy hardcore pioneers at their best. Like early Prodigy. Meaning it serious. Sounds a little dumpbass now, but the machines work. Creating 5-6 minutes tracks that switch from piano dub to d'n'b to hardcore. ... See full review
posted a comment on Subjex. about 1 month ago
Matthieu Debliqui is/was a genius combining fast rhythms and melodies. Finest breakcore, mostly very complex and sometimes even phunky.
posted a comment on Kim Wilde - Chequered Love. about 1 month ago
I have this 7" with Dreiklangsdimensionen by Rheingold on the A-side instead of Ckequered Love. Anyone else?
posted a comment on Kim Wilde - Chequered Love. about 1 month ago
this one has the rim text in german and Mady in Germany.
posted a comment on No Means No* - In The Fishtank 1. about 1 month ago
Would Be Alive is a fine cover version of The Residents' Would We Be Alive? (from Intermission).
posted a comment on Air Liquide - Stroboplastics. about 1 month ago
"tech-house smoothness, electro-acid with a touch of funk to keep things interesting and more experimental. A solid EP."
Yes!!! All-time classic of early 90s electro times in Germany. Drugged and hypnotic.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - 3-D (Der Katalog). about 1 month ago
FYI: the download code/card expired on 1st of june 2018.
posted a comment on Roxy Music - Roxy Music. about 1 month ago
Greeat!! Is this album pre-punk or 1972 glam? Or psychedelic prog-pop? With a strange dramatic singer? The early vinyl has long pauses between the tracks, so it's like a time travel. If there is something....
posted a comment on Chrome (8) - Read Only Memory. 2 months ago
CHROME goes art. I like this 12" very much. Very experimental. The excessive use of drum backward loops creates a strange feeling of machine-music. And you can play these parts backwards to get a groovy driving bass with all the rest backwards. That ... See full review
submitted The Cope Street Parade - Volume Three. 2 months ago
submitted Moabeat Underground - Future Bootz Vol.2. 3 months ago
submitted Moabeat Underground - Future Bootz Vol.1. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Pigbag - Sunny Day. 3 months ago
Nuclear? Right!! Free-Jazz-Funk-Punk in the early 80s. This was a fantastic scene: Pop Group, Rip Rig & Panic, 23 Skidoo, Slits, Shriekback, Hula, Pigbag...
posted a comment on Exoterm - Exits Into A Corridor. 3 months ago
Thriller!! Instrumental electro-rock-free-jazz fusion turning into universal chaos. Great jazz 2020 & Hard stuff.
posted a comment on Bong Messages - Bong Messages. 3 months ago
Fantastic strange funny nowadays 'old-school mixture' of the 90s favourite electronic sounds, loop sequencers and rhythm machines. From straight grooving techno to bigbeat acid to funkjazz to experimental d'n'b. All is full of plastic.
posted a comment on Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing (12" Remix Version). 3 months ago
Caution! I bought this 12" three times now. All copies have a pressing fault at about one minute on the album version of Been Caught Stealing (A2), needle jumps forward one groove. I guess all copies for an acceptable price have this fault. Anyone has a ... See full review
posted a comment on Utah Saints - Something Good. 3 months ago
Utah Saints at its best. Fine Kate Bush sampling. Typical 1992 Stakker Humanoid sound over all.
posted a comment on Strangebrew* - Earth Out. 3 months ago
Classic Triphop. Pure deceleration. Electronic loops meet real drums. Relaxed, never boring.
posted a comment on Turn On - Turn On. 4 months ago
Fantastic LP! This is what I expect when I read Electronic and Experimental. Strange sounds of plastic keyboards, a wild mix of spacy effects, all kinds of machine grooves. With humour, surprising and entertaining. Stereolab instrumental. Play Loud!
posted a comment on Unitary - The Turning Point. 4 months ago
Rather cool straight techno house stuff. A-side with two clever percussive minimal tracks. B-side with a long funky stomper and an experimental outro. Suitable for the club and for home listening. Get it while it's cheap.
submitted Various - Beat Revival - Part 2. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Delancey Mass Of Black. 5 months ago
Any info about MOB would be fine. Why didn't they continue?
posted a comment on The Pressure Company - Live In Sheffield 19 Jan 82. 5 months ago
Great Cabaret Voltaire Live Ep! A1 +A2 are live versions that appear on the 2x45 vinyls. The real pearl is B1 Get Out Of My Face, a 10 minutes or more electro-rock jam. B2 is an intense spacerock outro.
posted a comment on Hardfloor - Mr. Anderson - Fish & Chips. 5 months ago
"most banging 12" that Hardfloor put out" - yes !!
submitted "Song Of The Dragon River" Group Of The Peking Opera Troupe Of Shanghai - Modern Revolutionary Peking Opera, Song Of The Dragon River - Scene 8, Epilogue. 6 months ago
posted a comment on The Messthetics. 6 months ago
"re-imagine the power trio" (Police, Fisher Z) - this powertrio could be called Maththetics, too. I like it very much that all tracks are instrumental. Like the best moments of Blind Idiot God. Or Fugazi. This is post-punk in 2020 imo.
posted a comment on Synesthasia - Venom. 6 months ago
Peak 43 is one of my favourite techno-trance tracks ever!!! An incredibly fine 10 minute builder with a driving bassline, ending up in spacy chaos. Comparable to the best Hardfoor tracks, maybe.
posted a comment on Renaldo & The Loaf - Songs For Swinging Larvae. 8 months ago
please merge your comments to save space and time ;-)
posted a comment on The Residents - I Am A Resident!. 9 months ago
The fan made covers are fine, place x-z on the ranking. But for me the mash-ups are the new exciting thing. Partly very up-to-date sounds with phat electronics, used in the usual ironic style. Old man's recuts and remixes, a pleasure.
posted a comment on Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band - Sauerkraut In Hi-Fi "Da Brechen Sie Zusammen". 9 months ago
The Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band plays his versions of the tracks in a Portsmouth Sinfonia style.
posted a comment on Schneller Autos Organisation. 9 months ago
Wie? Nix? Keine begeisterte Kritiker?
SAO, eine der wenigen sprachlich-begabten poetisch abgedreht-straighten & besten intelligenten Punkbands Deutschlands !!!!!
Tolle Cover und booklets. Gnadenlos: Was mich krank macht, ist die Zeit, die weg ist.
posted a comment on Various - Trans Slovenia Express. 10 months ago
Really a great compilation! Most Kraftwerk songs are covered and rebuilt in a very different style, using only basic (lyric-) samples of the originals. From hardcore d'n'b to slomo tom waits. Very open-minded in 1994. The Laibach tracks are not covers ... See full review
posted a comment on T.C. Matic* - Choco. 10 months ago
Surely my favourite T.C. Matic record. Half of the tracks are timeless funk-rock hymns with wonderful intense singing (french + english) and a good sense of humour.
"Putain putain, c'est vachement bien, nous sommes tous les européens" !!
posted a comment on Miss Lie - The Pimp. 11 months ago
A2 + B1 are EBM 90s classics. A2 samples in a cool way the Troggs words. B1 is an early techno killer with trumpets.
posted a comment on Amon Tobin - Slowly. 11 months ago
Slowly is the ultimate groove. Future jazz melts into Bad Sex. A coolage ;-)
posted a comment on Plastic Solution - Plastic Solution EP. 11 months ago
Do In A Love is an uncredible hardcore track from the times when d'n'b was born (Prodigy, Force Mass Motion). 64 or more stereo-channels. blows you away.
posted a comment on Rip Rig + Panic* - God. 11 months ago
Fantastic album! Wonderful cover! Not New Wave but No Wave, dry, real. No very Avantgarde but Jazz in a funky behavior like Pop Group. Still surprising and fresh and wild in 2019.
posted a comment on The Yardbirds - Having A Rave Up With The Yardbirds. 12 months ago
please check my update. those numbers in the bottom right corners are still a mystery (US distribution code?)
posted a comment on Fudge Tunnel - Teeth EP. 12 months ago
Early one. Really noizy. But not too heavy. Bulldozer grooves.
posted a comment on The Residents - Eskimo Deconstructed. 12 months ago
LP originally released 1979. It was hailed as the group's best record to date. A concept album, iconic cover, partly exhausting:

The pieces on Eskimo feature home-made instruments and chanting against backdrops of wind-like synthesizer noise and sound ... See full review