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posted a review of Atheus - Compile. over 8 years ago
The forest cover art for this compilation befits it well.
The tracks found here are unhurried, a bit overcast, and very pleasing.

Though this is a compilation, the tracks here fit together like a proper album.
Solid dub techno that any fan of the ... See full review
posted a review of Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala. over 8 years ago
Definitely one of Olli's top albums, if not the best.

This is classic trippy and hard-hitting goa trance from the glory days.

If you've never listened to Space Tribe, listen to this album first.

It will send you spiralling and tumbling through a ... See full review
posted a review of UnionJack* - There Will Be No Armageddon. over 8 years ago

This is trance at its finest -- a masterpiece.

This one will stand up through the ages as a landmark and classic of trance.

Serene, blissful, triumphantly optimistic.
posted a review of Aura (4) - Butterflychrysaliscaterpillar. over 8 years ago
Butterflychrysaliscaterpillar is a relatively unknown gem from the heyday of trance.

Very organic, laid-back, and smooth with use of samples that fit perfectly into each track.

Albums like this are hard to come by these days; it is masterful without ... See full review