I am a contributor to Record Collector magazine, the Rare Record Price Guide & uDiscover. I previously wrote for The Tip Sheet for approx. eight years.

I have had regular shows on four radio stations (most recently Cowbell Radio) and am a resident DJ for The Perfumed Garden tent at the Beat-Herder festival. I have DJ'd on line-ups with Jerry Dammers, Don Letts, Norman Jay, System 7, Richard Norris, Deadly Avenger, DJ Derek, Fat City All Stars, Gideon Conn and the Colman Brothers, among many others.

I previously played in Heffalump Trap, Blowjangles & Poco Loco, contributed music to Astral Social Club releases, was part of The Termite Club committee in Leeds, have occasionally released other people's stuff on a small scale and have spent much of the rest of the last 25 years doing other bits & pieces to do with music.
I have been collecting an extremely wide variety of music, especially from the outer edges, since 1989 (when I was 12). I now have c. 10,750 records, CDs, pre-recorded tapes, etc (increasingly including official promo MP3s tbf), collectable & otherwise, over 1,300 of which I've added here as new entries :-). I'm not too bothered about format & will happily just have most things on MP3 if they're hard to get, but I found like many people that my sound files got in a tangle & I ended up not listening to new ones consistently, so I've largely gone back to just collecting physical items! I will also confess to a love affair with vinyl though, particularly 7"s & 10"s (3" CDs are pretty smart as well!).

I am mainly here because of my discogs wants list, which is the very tip of the iceberg in terms of records I'm interested in, but which is basically the stuff I am hunting with vigour & which I have generally been after for quite some time now or have recently found on here & never previously knew about. Having said that, despite what people will tell you, most things crop up at a sensible price if you look for them long enough, so I don't believe in paying obscene amounts. Hence, feel free to offer me things from my wants list, but keep the prices sensible if you are going to do that. Also, my collection is deliberately kept private most of the time (unless I've opened it for someone to look at basically), so unless I've listed it for sale, I'm not planning on selling it. Hence, you're welcome to ask questions but you're probably not going to twist my arm (well, if you're offering three figures on an item, maybe we can talk, y'know, but otherwise...).

In Mar 2012, after three years of heavily using this site, I'd tagged & where necessary added to the database the vast majority of my collection. The main exceptions are some of the albums I haven't yet listened to (I'm up to date on singles at last - yippee!) & a sizeable minority of infuriatingly complex-to-add items (multiple artist compilations where the artist names are really generic, recording details all in foreign script etc). The largest section in the above is about 350 Tip Sheet promo compilations (part of the total given above). Hopefully I'll get to most of those eventually if someone else doesn't.

Rating system, as nicked & adapted from ProgeriaYouth...

1 - Pretty terrible. The sort of thing I wouldn't touch with a barge-pole (ie really limp boy bands / girl bands etc).
2 - Very unoriginal or fails to do what it by rights should (ie the better end of boy band/girl band stuff, the limper end of RnB, bandwagon-jumping generic stuff, very poor releases by bands I usually like etc).
3 - Nice enough & I'll support anyone getting a 3, but not spectacular (ie standard releases in genres I like).
4 - Great music (all styles).
5 - Amongst my (long list of) favourites (all styles). Plenty of stuff gets a 5, but usually because its very exciting, very beautiful or very original.

I've pretty much decided that...
God Is My Co-Pilot & The Ceramic Hobs are my favourite bands,
Aphex Twin my favourite solo artist,
The Only Ones' "Another Girl Another Planet" is my all-time favourite song,
De La Soul's "3 Feet High & Rising" is my favourite album,
and R&S '90-'94 and Shut Up & Dance '89-'91 are possibly my favourite labels...
but these aren't necessarily representative of my taste...

Genres of particular interest to me include
dancehall reggae/ragga jungle/bashment (see my lists on here);
gabba/hardcore techno/hard acid/speedcore/etc;
noise/experimental/noise rock/avantgarde;
UK Garage (all styles from 4x4 to jackin);
Washington DC go go;
music hall novelties &
music from the Fylde & from the English fens (see my lists on here)...
...but then I've also got more indie, hip hop, drum n bass etc etc etc than you can shake a stick at...

I'm also interested in strange vinyl pressing ideas that affect the audio (as opposed to cosmetics like picture discs or concentric grooves, all of which are nice but which I'm not looking to go out of my way to obtain any more of), ie; locked grooves, multiple centre holes, playable etchings & new records pressed into old records...
As of Sep 2016, the items listed below are the ones NOT on Discogs that I'm also very much after & would be very keen to pay/trade for...I have to say at this point that whilst Discogs was always very helpful to me for many years even before I became a member, I am now VERY impressed with how encyclopedic it has become, at the point at which there are not much more than 20 recordings in the world that I'm this keen to get hold of & aren't listed on here, two thirds of them being releases by a guy who sang at an obscure flea market in the US & probably largely just sold his records there! Well done everyone...I hope it never disappears into the ether...

Canopy & Matrix – Rough Business 12" (feat. “Arkine's Lost”, Space Records SPAC 9 [Space Records, 175 Warstones Road, Wolverhampton WV4 4LG, 01902 653535 - Don't ring this number, it is out-of-date], 1994) - ambient drum & bass.
My top want not currently listed on Discogs. Played by Peel several times, including again as part of his end of century Peelenium. Never sent for it, even though I had the address from the beginning - darn my student pockets...See my pieces about this record on my blog...This is a rare occasion when I am willing to pay a premium - £50 offered for a copy in half-decent condition. I would also like SPAC 7, an as yet unidentified item...

Demon Rocka – Bad Boy No Ramp 12” (Unity FEA 020, c.1988?) – dancehall.
Early rare-as record by one of the sainted Ragga Twins, before they formed the partnership.

Buddy Max - Rainbow & Pot Of Gold (Pic. Disc, 2002), America's Singing Hillbilly Flea Market Cowboy (1991), The Story of Freda & Bud (1985) and The Great Nashville Star Is a Flea Market Cowboy (1984) LPs & Roller Skating Cowboy (1979), Poor White Trash (1980), Challenger (1986) & Tell Me (1988) 7"s on Cowboy Junction,
Together - Our Masterpiece LP,
The Life To Fame & Fortune LP/CD (1992) on Cowboy Junction,
Gold Record Award Winning and Orange Blossom Special (1990) CDs,
Tribute to Challengers Crew of Seven & Apollo Moon Capsule's Crew of 3 and Cowboy Junction Stars tapes - country.
C'mon, someone just upload the stuff from America's woefully obscure "Flea Market Cowboy" to the web...I STILL only have a coupla MP3s plus one great CD that came via Theme Park Records in the mid-nineties. UPDATE: I have sadly finally sussed out that Buddy is no longer with us: http://www.chronicleonline.com/content/settlement-spells-end-cowboy-junction-opry-house

Po! - Live In Leicester (RUTT11, 1992) tape (Rutland)
- twee.
Most of their obscure output is gradually getting listed on here, but this one must be pretty rare...originally listed I think on their own website before it packed up...

Oh Rossall or Ah Rossall double LP. A score exists for "O Rossallia, or A song of Rossall", so it could be called & based on that &/or the "Rossall Songs" suite that it comes from. Local obscurity from one of the Blackpool area private schools.

Jah Scouse - RAP/Bombay Mix 7" (051)

Sounds From Silence LP/CD on Bella Roma (contains “Hurrian Hymn (the Song from Ugarit)” from c.1400 BC)

Stormed - New Revolution tape (1989) - indie ska.
An old favourite band from Cambridge...onto the bits & bats now I've got one single & a dub of the other.
And A Coupla Books/Mags I’m Also After…

Martin Barker - Action-The Story of A Violent Comic (Titan, 1990, hbk)

June Alison Gibbons – Pepsi-Cola Addict (New Horizon, 1982). Vanity publication by one of the notorious Silent Twins. I believe you can actually get it on inter-library loan (!), but I'd love one for myself....a lifetime of fruitless charity shop browsing still lies ahead...

Albert Goldman – Disco (Hawthorn, 1978)

Shut Up, Little Man! comic

Diz Willis - The Terrible Funeral & After (Wild Pigeon Press, 1968)
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