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Djak Up Bitch quietly released a couple of the tracks on Vinyl many years back:
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posted a comment on Andyskopes* - Distance From You / Reading By The White Lake. about 1 year ago
The piano and strings on Y is straight from Deaf Center - White Lake, from their Pale Ravine album.
posted a comment on Adam Johnson - Chigliak. over 5 years ago
Some copies of the CD due to some manufacturing flaw, have developed strange smears/residue on the bottom of the disc that makes it unreadable. If you simply wipe it with some Isopropyl Alcohol, the residue wipes right off.
posted a comment on Source Direct - The Crane / Artificial Barriers. over 5 years ago
One of the single best DnB 12"s ever.... each side masters a style.
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Yeah, I would wager almost all of those are wrong. You should remove this post before lesser informed fans are poorly mislead by it.
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posted a comment on Kriptic Minds* - Code 46 / The Weeping. over 8 years ago
Code 46 sounds like it contains elements from the other Kryptic Minds tracks "Six Degrees" and "768" (or those tracks contain elements of this one).
posted a review of Gescom - Gescom E.P.. over 9 years ago
I dunno how much collaboration took place on this EP, but Dan One & Cicada pretty clearly sound like Autechre productions. Five & Sciew Spoc pretty clearly sound like Bola productions.
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One of the most influential IDM labels ever.
posted a comment on Tycho (3) - Past Is Prologue. over 9 years ago
Wow. A bit over the top are we?? This release was intended to expose Tycho's music to a much wider audience than his previous self-released CDs that he had manufactured himself before. There was no intent to deceive anyone by changing track titles, or... See full review
posted a comment on Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Specialize. over 9 years ago
The track is listed as Back To The Block on the actual center label, pretty sure its the same as "On" version.
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Furesshu - The Leopard, is an uncredited remix (or ripoff) of Minilogue - The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix).
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Is it me, or is the vinyl version of these tracks, different than what appears on the CD editions?
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Another rare gem from Dom!