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posted a review of Sky Joose / Perception* - Practical Rhythms Vol. 3. 2 days ago
D Jason remix of Perception's Oh Yes is off the chain. Properly channeling those El-B/Ghost vibes from the early 2000s.
Those clipped rhythms and dark basslines - I'm here for this all day and everyday.
posted a review of Umwelt - Escape The Future. 7 days ago
100 Seconds to Midnight is a total beast. Sounds like some of those great dancefloor bangers from the early 2000s with its incessant acid line and phenomenal breakdowns.
posted a comment on Whistla - 7th Ray Dub / Thuggee. 18 days ago
The sample is from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when they're eating that crazy meal.
Cracking EP too. Used to see Whistla at the raves back then. Nice chap.
posted a comment on Coki - Tortured / Shattered. 20 days ago
That is a beautiful image! Can totally picture it happening.
posted a review of Various - Freerange Records Colour Series: Green 04 Sampler. 20 days ago
Have to agree with the previous comment. Finlow's Spectra is absolutely gorgeous. Tinted with sadness, it's a beautiful track, which builds and builds with layers upon layers of elements, but never sounds overcrowded. it has that robotic melancholy... See full review
posted a review of Orange Kush - Orange Kush EP. 20 days ago
Floating was a track that I first heard Freq Nasty play out many, many moons ago. I love how roomy and light it is, like the soundtrack for a 70s sci-fi film or series, weirdly retro sounding, a beautiful track.
Nowadays though I'm spinning a lot of... See full review
posted a review of Various - Machine Funk Specialists Part 1. 20 days ago
Aramchek's Driver shares the same DNA as Artwork's Red EP on Big Apple. That UK Garage influenced shuffle and an absolute throbber of a bassline. Lovely styuff.
posted a review of James Shinra - Supernova EP. 20 days ago
The B side to this record is outstanding. Shinra has this amazing capacity for balancing a real sense of melancholy with his intricate percussive workouts. Like some of the finest offerings of Richard D James, Autechre and Squarepusher, he manages to... See full review
posted a review of Sem - The Demon EP. 20 days ago
Area 5 has such a hypnotising Vangelis-like sound to it, but when those breakbeats kick in... Jeez! Such a cracking tune.
posted a comment on Holloway (5) - Some Bad Days EP. 20 days ago
Check out the Harry Wills remix of Ease Up Geroge's 'From the Back' - there's definitely some electro flavas in there.
posted a review of Exemen - Far East / Duppy. 20 days ago
Wookie as Exemen and Oris Jay in his Darqwan guise (I'll throw in Zed Bias too) were responsible some of the most banging sophisticated rhythmic experiments from this period. Not quite UK Garage, not quite Breakbeat, not quite Grime, just impressive... See full review
posted a review of Corrupted Cru - G.A.R.A.G.E. 20 days ago
It really is ALL about the Narrows' remix. That long haunted intro with Neat's spelling lesson before it descends screaming into that punishing 4/4 monster whose bassline sounds like it's being generated some insane pressure engine.
posted a review of Blazing Squad* - Weighty Plates Volume 1: Standard Flow Remixes. 20 days ago
Back when I used to play this EP a lot, I'd always opt for the big bouncy DND cut, with its squelchy bass stabs and ace Elephant Man vocal, but these days I just rinse the Horsepower Dub.
Sounds like so much is going on; rhythmically and melodically,... See full review
posted a review of Angel Farringdon & Smokey - Love It Shine. 20 days ago
El-B's Darkside Dub is where it's at on this release. What I really love is how that twinkly pop melody from the original is used in the introduction before El-B's trademark percussion and dynamic bassline take things into the shadows.
There's a slew... See full review
posted a review of Dub War (2) - Murderous Style. 20 days ago
The inimitable sound of Benny Ill with his love of the UK Garage swing and shuffle, coupled with that heaving bassline on Murderous Style make this essential. On the flip Generation has the mother of all sub drops amongst the light and shiny top end... See full review
posted a review of Various - HARD01. 20 days ago
Quality selection of tracks available here, but what really caught my ear was Holloway's cut whose bassline really reminds me of Search and Destroys Breakstep monster 'Anger' on Hot Flush.
posted a review of Loefah - Woman / Midnight. 20 days ago
Definitely the most I've ever paid for a record, but it is 110% worth it for me.

When I first heard Midnight on Youngsta's Tempa mix back in 2005 it was love at first listen. That 'WHUP' stab from the offset and seismic rumblings of the sub with Dr... See full review
posted a review of Loefah / D1 - Natural Charge / Crack Bong (Loefah RMX). 20 days ago
Such a pleasure to finally have this remix on vinyl. Alongside Midnight it was one of those highlights from Youngsta's Tempa mix, but what a bonus to have Natural Charge on the flip! Straight out of the same creative period as the aforementioned... See full review
posted a review of Interplanetary Criminal - Warehouse Romance. 20 days ago
Interplanetary Criminal has been unstoppable of late, but the A2 on this release is completely off the scale.
Escape sounds like it's following the UK Garage template, but at the same time just feels completely off in the best possible way.
That... See full review
posted a review of Instinct (29) x 0113 - Instinct 11. 20 days ago
Hands down one of the best releases of 2020 for me.

Apache hits its stride with that classic 2 Step rhythm and an accompanying sub bass growl that underlays the track throughout like a seismic event. Subtle drum patterns are woven in and out as... See full review
posted a review of Ghost - Shorty. 20 days ago
I always used to play the Solo mix from this EP, really love the mournful feel of the intro and then when it kicks in, well... it's just hard as. But nowadays I find myself playing the much more rhythmically adventurous El-B mix which oozes latin... See full review
posted a review of DJ Shorty (2) & DJ Brownin - Friction. 20 days ago
Proper Jump Up UK Garage vibe on this Locked On classic. Friction is somewhere between Sticky and early Grime, it's a 4/4 monster with lots of lovely wobbly bass and an incessant top end rhythm that drives the track.
On the flip Try A Ting is much... See full review
posted a review of Markone* - Rain Dance / Bad Mood. 20 days ago
Both tracks are killer cuts for me. Rain Dance is very much on a Darqwan tip (really reminds me of his Metro EP on Texture), love those weird voical samples and that bouncing bassline with the machine gun-like drums are devastating.
Bad Mood is a... See full review
posted a comment on Markone* - Rain Dance / Bad Mood. 20 days ago
Lots of early Darqwan output on his Texture label would sit well with Rain Dance. Also check out some of DJ Distance's very early releases (on Boka).
posted a comment on Ben Grim* - Dogz On Da Set / Step. 20 days ago
I highly recommend playing Step at 33.3rpm to slip into those low end breaks sets. Sits nicely with some dark garage and rhythmically heavy Dubstep.
posted a comment on Benny Ill V DJ Hatcha - Special 4 Track E.P.. 3 months ago
I just can't get enough of this sound which falls between the dark UK Garage dubs of the late 90s and early 2000s, breakbeat and early Dubstep.
Tribal rhythms, two step beats and phat rolling basslines - all of the above and more are served up on this... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Dinesh & Kid Deli - Egypt / 20/20. 3 months ago
All about Egypt on this release. Phenomenal rhythms and a weighty bass line that skirts that breakbeat/ dark UK Garage boundary. Up there with any of the early Tempa releases.
posted a comment on George Llanes, Jr. - All In Time. 3 months ago
Love the Mongoloids mix - I'm guessing it's Van Helden at the controls, but there's a very heavy Bangalter feel to it. Banging disco-techno-house.
posted a comment on Timeisnow. 3 months ago
Timeisnow is hitting all of those retro UK Garage sweet spots, but it's not just a case of looking back, there is some delightful genuine experimentation going on here and the bass on offer is exceptional... and I'm here for the bass, always!
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - "Girl/Boy" E.P.. 5 months ago
Now, now, you're just highlighting my age ;) Such good times though. I can still recall those memories like it was yesterday.
posted a comment on Shinra - Meteor EP. 5 months ago
Repress incoming on blue vinyl!!! Head to the AF Bandcamp page.
posted a comment on Horsepower Productions - To The Rescue. 6 months ago
Samples abound throughout this EP, but for me it's worth the price of admission just for Classic Deluxe Part Two with it's jungle canopy sound effects, house shuffle, garage swing and lush ambiance. A bona fide masterpiece.
posted a comment on Akufen - My Blue House. 6 months ago
I haven't listened to any Akufen stuff since his debut EPs and LPs - but I got on to this phenomenal EP the other week and it's hands down one of the best things that I've bought recently. It's lighter on the cut-up aesthetic that he was known for,... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Naïf .10. 6 months ago
B2 and A2 are the stand out cuts on here. Both feature subtle shifts and great sound design.
posted a comment on Michael Burkat - Cockfosters EP (Remixes). 7 months ago
Just to underline the previous reviewer's comment, the McCormack remix on this double pack is outstanding. Much slower paced and very, very heavy on atmosphere, he's definitely channeling some serious dub vibes.
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Red Passion 1. 7 months ago
All about the B side here for me. Channeling Steve Reich it pings and bounces along with those incredible stabs - pure Hood.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Histoire Et Technologie. 7 months ago
The A2 is a monstrous peak time Techno stomper. I'd dearly love to know who produced it. One of those that sounds so familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it.
posted a comment on Gold Chains - Gold Chains. 7 months ago
Head straight to Rock The Parti - its like mainlining ecstasy. The soaring Stereolab riff kills me every time.
posted a comment on Various - Techcommunity 4 Kosovo. 7 months ago
Surgeon's Over Kosovo (well used on Dave Clarke's 2000 Essential Mix) is probably the pick of the bunch for me personally, but we also get to hear Ben Sims' Windows, which was then remixed by Vincent D and then that version was absolutely hammered... See full review
posted a comment on D.J Spen* - Disco Dreams Volume 1. 7 months ago
Absolutely superb EP. Every cut is one that you want to spin as soon as you hear it, but it's the Talking Heads sampling 'And the Beat Goes On' that's the pick of the bunch for me. Such a groover.
posted a comment on Ben Sims - Manipulated Remixes. 7 months ago
Remember seeing Claude Young at The Orbit (R.I.P.) rip the Beyer remix to shreds back in 2001 - played it numerous times, double copies - absolute madness and then closed the night with it. Seriously heavy bass on the Beyer remix.
posted a comment on Sound Of K - Silvery Sounds (Technasia Mixes). 7 months ago
Technasia Hard Mix was a constant presence in Dave Clarke's sets back when it was released. Rightly so to. Love that filtered vibe that it gives off, so recognizable in the mix.
posted a comment on Millsart - Mecca EP. 7 months ago
I dream of the day when Step to Enchantment (Stringent) is released on a one-sided 45rpm EP as an extended 6 mins edit. That shit just needs to be heard loud, deep and long.
posted a review of DVS1 - Klockworks 05. 7 months ago
An EP that sounds so stripped back and crystalline - there's no margin for error when mixing these tracks - pure precision.
posted a comment on Carl Finlow* - Descent. 7 months ago
The slower paced dark and dystopian vision of Displaced is the pick of the bunch for me here. Beautiful and eerie.
posted a comment on Luomo - Vocalcity. 7 months ago
Absolutely no problems with my copy (bought from Boomkat too).
posted a comment on Pye Corner Audio - Dark Phase EP. 7 months ago
An awesome EP of dark, atmospheric acid-led electro. To be quite honest I can't really hear the Drexciya comparisons (these days anything even remotely Electro gets painted as being 'one for the Drexciya fans'), but that's subjective I suppose.
posted a comment on DJ Richard (5) - Path Of Ruin. 7 months ago
One of the best EPs that I've heard in recent decades. So moody and atmospheric, but with an insistent groove. Absolutely essential listening.
posted a comment on Translate (2) - Translucent Techniques Vol. 1. 7 months ago
Bonus Beats is such a good track. Moodymann filtered through DeepChord vibes.
posted a comment on Frankie Knuckles - Sessions Six. 7 months ago
The Track Disc from this compilation cemented my love for House music back when ti was released. Every single track stands the test of time.