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Mr. C & Robert Owens - A Thing Called Love
posted a review of Mr. C & Robert Owens - A Thing Called Love. 4 months ago
I've just given them both a listen back side to side and they're definitely different versions.
Spherix - Look Back
posted a review of Spherix - Look Back. about 1 year ago
Spherix's Look Back ft. Kwality is a superb track and fits the mould of the kind of Techno influenced Dubstep that Appleblim showcased on his frankly brilliant Dubstep Allstars Vol. 6... See full review
Caspa (3) / Orien / L-Wiz - License To Thrill (Part One)
posted a review of Caspa (3) / Orien / L-Wiz - License To Thrill (Part One). about 1 year ago
The Danny Dyer (from Human Traffic) sampling Ohh R Ya is such a wicked low end wobbler, it almost gives Rubber Chicken a run for its money... almost!

The flip finds Orien on form and dispensing with the aggy stuff. Equinox is an atmospheric and... See full review
Caspa (3) - For The Kids
posted a review of Caspa (3) - For The Kids. about 1 year ago
That wonderful sample on For The Kids is from the film Willy Wonka when they're on the boat going through the tunnel - a very trippy and scary moment in a very weird and brilliant kid's film.
I really love these early Caspa workouts and the way that... See full review
Novelist (2)  x Mumdance - 1 Sec EP
posted a review of Novelist (2) x Mumdance - 1 Sec EP. about 1 year ago
Shook (Instrumental) - what the actual fuck? This is some seriously abstract and out there music. Dog barking samples ain't nothing new, but undoing a roll of gaffer tape - now that's weird, but totally inspired.
I've only recently become properly... See full review
Objekt - Objekt #5
posted a review of Objekt - Objekt #5. about 1 year ago
Objekt delivering a seriously brilliant homage to The Bug on this mutated Dancehall/Techno EP.
Trends (2) & Boylan - Norman Bates
posted a review of Trends (2) & Boylan - Norman Bates. about 1 year ago
I remember seeing a Boiler Room (or similar) vid where they dropped this and the placer erupted - no shit Sherlock.
This tune slaps harder than the rotund orange man in those banned Tango adverts from way back when.
The thing I love most is how the... See full review
DJ Eastwood / DJ Odds* - Tooth Ache / Champion Remix
posted a review of DJ Eastwood / DJ Odds* - Tooth Ache / Champion Remix. about 1 year ago
Odds Champion remix has been an ear worm tune for me for now for nearly two decades. The melodies and sub stabs and staccato beats are so effective.
Darq E Freaker - Cherryade
posted a review of Darq E Freaker - Cherryade. about 1 year ago
Cherryade is a an unequivocal banger. That drop and those beats - they're like something dreamed up in a foundry in Hades!
Time Machines - Time Machines
posted a review of Time Machines - Time Machines. about 1 year ago
Holy shit! This pressing is soooooooo good. The packaging is on another level too, such attention to detail, but to hear the music so perfectly presented is a dream come true. A good trip is always guaranteed when you put the needle to this record.
D1 - V1
posted a review of D1 - V1. about 1 year ago
Mind + Soul sees D1 chipmunking Gaelle Adisson's Give It Back, which would normally annoy the hell out of me, but somehow it works perfectly here as he weaves in his trademark bassline and drum patterns amongst the sped up bassline rhythm.
It's a... See full review
Mark Hawkins - Ctrl Alt Delete
posted a review of Mark Hawkins - Ctrl Alt Delete. about 1 year ago
B1 Remorse is quite possibly my favourite workout from Mark Hawkins. It totally fits the bill as a Djax record. Tough Chicago-like kicks and Robert Armani style drum patterns are in check, but it's what Hawkins does with the acidic synth lines that I... See full review
Mark Hawkins - Take The Rough With The Smooth
posted a review of Mark Hawkins - Take The Rough With The Smooth. about 1 year ago
To echo the previous reviewer's sentiments Game Playa really is the surprise cut on this record and yet another example of how the B2 track is often the hidden highlight of a four player EP.

What I particularly love about Game Playa is how it shares... See full review
Slackk - Raw Missions
posted a review of Slackk - Raw Missions. about 1 year ago
Yet another record where I immediately head to the B2. Almost Transparent with it's writhing glacial melody and Eski-beat like rhythms and clicks has an amazing warping low end that counterpoints the almost melancholic top end. It's like if Mr Mitch... See full review
Toyc - Ruffer / Keyframe
posted a review of Toyc - Ruffer / Keyframe. about 1 year ago
Whilst Toyc's Hessle Audio adjacent cuts on the EP are excellent; straddling the Bass Music and House/Techno contiuum and Altered Natives deliver a top quality tribal workout on their Ruffer remix it really is all about Bloom's Keyframe remix.

A... See full review
MRK 1* - Virus Syndicate
posted a review of MRK 1* - Virus Syndicate. about 1 year ago
On this EP Manchester's Mark One hides away one of the most singular sounding Grime tracks that I've ever heard.
Quiver the B2 cut oozes a dark, dark, dark dystopian atmosphere not too far from Howard Shores' synth workout for David Cronenberg's... See full review
Soul Mass Transit System - Wine
posted a review of Soul Mass Transit System - Wine. about 1 year ago
Babeh is the pick of the bunch for me here. A frenetic Breakbeat monster that sounds like something that Darqwan would have cooked up back in the day. More Breakstep bangers like this please!
James Shinra - Surface
posted a review of James Shinra - Surface. about 1 year ago
Constantly treading that fine line between Chicane-like euphoric Trance melodies and chords and tough as nails Rephlexesque Electro beats.
I for one can't help be won over by his perfectly finessed beats and compositions with their impeccable... See full review
Detroit's Filthiest - The Wetter The Better
posted a review of Detroit's Filthiest - The Wetter The Better. about 1 year ago
Deep penetration is a sexy electro cut with an all enveloping gorgeous bassline - Deep Penetration indeed!

DnBSpacedrift proves once again that Detroit's Filthiest is making THE freshest Drum n Bass cuts around. Following on from his Casa Voyager... See full review
Deniro (5) - MPC Tracks EP
posted a review of Deniro (5) - MPC Tracks EP. about 1 year ago
A2 is a wicked tribal banger. Really channeling those early 00s vibes with its vocal snatch and Sims-like cymbals.
B1 is a nice loopy groover with Underworld pads and lovely chittering hats and shimmering cymbals.
Orien - Look At My Eyes
posted a review of Orien - Look At My Eyes. about 1 year ago
The three stand out tracks on this double pack are the ones when Orien isn't going for that harder abrasive sound that became synonymous with Caspa and Rusko post their FabricLive mix CD.

Chasing A Never Ending Dream is actually quite a beautiful... See full review
Plastician - Beg To Differ
posted a review of Plastician - Beg To Differ. about 1 year ago
Does anybody else think that the pressing is really quiet? I have to turn my gains waaaaaay up when I play this. This is quite a common occurrence I find these days with new records.
Some of my old records from the late 90s and early 00s are so much... See full review
MMM - Dex / Rio
posted a review of MMM - Dex / Rio. about 1 year ago
Big fan of Rio on this EP with its incessant drum rhythm and catchy melody. I particularly love slowing it down and mixing it with Fis-T's Night Hunter - the rhythms go together so well.
Moderat - Seamonkey
posted a review of Moderat - Seamonkey. about 1 year ago
Whilst there's no question that Surgeon is a remixer par excellence, Untold steals the show here with his Techno meets Grime assault. Absolute killer.
Rod (16) - Klockworks 19
posted a review of Rod (16) - Klockworks 19. about 1 year ago
I'm going to add Dubix to the previous reviewer's recommendations. A very very simple track that is executed so elegantly. Utterly hypnotic.
Mr. C & Robert Owens - A Thing Called Love
posted a review of Mr. C & Robert Owens - A Thing Called Love. about 1 year ago
I agree completely with the previous reviewer. Head straight to Mr. C's Tech House Dub. It has a hard edged club feel, but with that little twist of psychedelia that Mr. C often favours in his mixes (check out his Electronic Storm mix from the 90s -... See full review
Casual Violence - Why So Few EP
posted a review of Casual Violence - Why So Few EP. about 1 year ago
I love the way the Depeche Mode (Only When I Lose Myself) vocal sample is used on Briefly Sexual - a very, very dark Techno track with Industrial undertones that conjure up Dystopian societies where the machines have definitely taken over.
Lustmord - First Reformed (Extended Motion Picture Soundtrack)
posted a review of Lustmord - First Reformed (Extended Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
I bought this just so that I could play Eden, which features in one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful and transcendental scenes from the film (arguably my favourite film of the 21st century so far).
DJG (2) - Avoid The Noid
posted a review of DJG (2) - Avoid The Noid. about 1 year ago
I hear loud and clear the previous reviewers' appreciation for Duality, but it's Avoid the Noid that I really love on this EP.
DJG brings some rhythmic adventurous to proceedings as what sounds like a heavily delayed kick tattoos a rapid rhythm before... See full review
Mr. Mitch (2) - Not Modular
posted a review of Mr. Mitch (2) - Not Modular. about 1 year ago
Mitch's Not Modular sounds like a Raymond Scott and Lee Scratch Perry clash.
Liquid like bleeps burp and fizzle around a straight up Dancehall rhythm with a lovely reverbed snare that punches its way throughout the tune.
On the flip The Bug brings... See full review
SP:MC - Inside Looking Out / All Night
posted a review of SP:MC - Inside Looking Out / All Night. about 1 year ago
I love how SP:MC is still forging a path in to the UK Garage sound with a distinctly Dubstep-like approach in terms of low end and atmosphere.
Inside Looking Out follows the same (yet brilliant) terrain that he covered on the first two Declassified... See full review
Stand High Patrol - Our Own Way
posted a review of Stand High Patrol - Our Own Way. about 1 year ago
I love Stand High Patrol who I only discovered a few years back when I moved to France. Incredibly adept lyrically (all the more impressive as English is their second language) their music is never less than top quality. Whilst their roots are in dub... See full review
Audion / Mike Parker - Document Part 2
posted a review of Audion / Mike Parker - Document Part 2. about 1 year ago
As the previous reviewer notes; Protolanguage IS a standout. It's a bit more in keeping with his very early output which is more obviously "banging" (but even in terms of his contemporaries, Parker's banging is still much more focused on atmosphere... See full review
Breakbeat Era - Bullitproof (Remixes)
posted a review of Breakbeat Era - Bullitproof (Remixes). about 1 year ago
If you're a Gurley fan then you know what you're going to get when you pick up this EP. His inimitable skippy style and attention to low end is on full display here and I'm always here for that!
Sonar Base - We Attack At Dawn
posted a review of Sonar Base - We Attack At Dawn. about 1 year ago
Whilst it's an obvious nod to sonic Deep Sea Dwellers Drexciya; The Journey Home on B1 is a stunningly atmospheric slice of acidic Electro and is well worth the price of admission.
Tommy Gillard - Rogue Beat Volume Two
posted a review of Tommy Gillard - Rogue Beat Volume Two. about 1 year ago
A1 (or Making the Leap according to the tracklist if you look on the promo release) is a wickedly dark Techno cut. If you're a fan of Max Duley or Oliver Ho you'll be glad to hear that "Ealing Sound" on display as a thunderous pouding rhythm provides... See full review
Source Direct - Dark Metal Remix / Stonekiller
posted a review of Source Direct - Dark Metal Remix / Stonekiller. about 1 year ago
Can't really add much to what previous reviewers have said. But Dark Metal is definitely befitting of its name and Source Direct should take pride in creating what is hands down one of the most evil sounding pieces of DnB ever to be released.
It... See full review
Luke Slater - Freek Funk
posted a review of Luke Slater - Freek Funk. about 1 year ago
Bicknell gets his tribal groove thang on here for his Lost remix. It's very simple and subtle what Bicknell brings to his productions from this period, but they're never less than hypnotic groovers aimed at the dancefloor.
What I really love on this... See full review
Robert Hood - Hoodmusic 1
posted a review of Robert Hood - Hoodmusic 1. about 1 year ago
I picked this EP up just for Razr - Hood doing Electro?! I just wish he'd do more stuff like this. When you look though his back catalogue he's generated so many incredible and unique sounds that would be so perfect for more breakbeat orientated fare.
Feel Free Hi Fi - Prophet Noir
posted a review of Feel Free Hi Fi - Prophet Noir. about 1 year ago
The two instrumental cuts on this frankly brillant EP are the standouts.
Clocking in at only 2 minutes Nosfertau is an atmospheric slice of soundscapes with sparse stuttering percussion and heavily muffled insistent kick drum. Weirdly beautiful.
Flex... See full review
G36 vs JK Flesh - Disintegration Dubs
posted a review of G36 vs JK Flesh - Disintegration Dubs. about 1 year ago
Grinding, Industrial, Bowel quivering, Dystopian Rave Music.
Guaranteed to overwhelm your subs and your general sense of well being.
Snares Man! - Clearance Bin / Breakbeat Malaria
posted a review of Snares Man! - Clearance Bin / Breakbeat Malaria. about 1 year ago
Breakbeat Malaria was a holy grail for me back when I first heard it on DJ Rupture's Gold Teeth Thief mix. It was tricky tracking down some of these HOTF releases back in the very early 2000s. I remember trying to bid on one on eBay and was pipped to... See full review
Mark Broom - Mutated Battle Breaks Vol.3
posted a review of Mark Broom - Mutated Battle Breaks Vol.3. about 1 year ago
In his ever expanding Octratrack edits for Rekids, Broom yet again delivers the goods.
Thundering kick drums and smashing cymbals and hats with synth stabs and hooks that owe a lot to Mills's Waveform Transmissions releases.
However the two tracks... See full review
Various - DnR Allstars Volume 1
posted a comment on Various - DnR Allstars Volume 1. over 3 years ago
Check out El-B's VIP remix here to see where the rhythms for I Don't Believe You came from.
SP:MC - Drawing Sound / Cargo Dub
posted a review of SP:MC - Drawing Sound / Cargo Dub. over 3 years ago
Drawing Sound definitely feels like it's drawing inspiration from Renegade Hardware. Fucking brutal cut.

Cargo Dub is the one for me though. It's how I'd imagine El-B remixing Mala, but SP:MC brings his signature growling bass in amongst those lovely... See full review
SP:MC - Love Hz / Glidepath
posted a review of SP:MC - Love Hz / Glidepath. over 3 years ago
The debut release on SP:MC's new imprint is a damn fine way to kick off proceedings.

One of the things that I really like about the producer's approach to the UKG sound is that whilst the 2 Step rhythms are there he undoubtedly still wears his... See full review
Declassified Records (2)
posted a comment on Declassified Records (2). over 3 years ago
The artwork for SP:MC's new label is top notch. Love the sleeve design with the embossed logo on the rear of the sleeve and the typography and sticker layout is so nice. Can't wait to add more to the collection.
posted a comment on Tower Block Dreams. over 3 years ago
I'm eagerly awaiting any new releases from this fascinating artist who seems to pay homage to the London underground scene from the late 90s and early 2000s, whilst simultaneously offering a fresh approach to the familiar elements that we all know and... See full review
Tower Block Dreams - Time Is Now White Vol.1
posted a comment on Tower Block Dreams - Time Is Now White Vol.1 . over 3 years ago
Haterz starts off channeling Burial with it's soundscapes and vocals before it's clipped El-B like rhythms come in with an absolutely hench one note bassline straight from So Solid Crew's Dilemma.
A variety of elements that Tower Block Dreams unifies... See full review
Various - All Stars Volume 1
posted a comment on Various - All Stars Volume 1. over 3 years ago
All killer. No Filler.
Impressive to have a Various Artist's EP without a single duff track on there.
Each artist brings their A game and presents their unique sounds with aplomb.

Hard pressed to pick a single face, but I find myself constantly... See full review