All-time favourite psy/trance artist albums:
1993 - Juno Reactor Transmissions
1994 - Solar Quest Orgship
1995 - Paradise Connection Paradise Connection
1995 - Hallucinogen Twisted
1995 - The Infinity Project Mystical Experiences
1995 - Guy Sebbag & Gal Carmy In Trance
1996 - Cosmosis Cosmology
1996 - Elysium Monzoon
1996 - Asia 2001 Live
1996 - Transwave Helium
1996 - Total Eclipse Violent Relaxation
1996 - Kuro Revolution
1996 - MFG The Prophecy
1997 - UX Ultimate Experience
1997 - Dimension 5 Transdimensional
1997 - Ubar Tmar Fusion
1997 - Kox Box Dragon Tales
1998 - Sandman Witchcraft
1998 - Pigs in Space Pigs In Space
1998 - The Muses Rapt Spiritual Healing
1998 - Dreamweaver Lord Of Illusions
1999 - Blue Planet Corporation Blue Planet
2000 - Sandman Psycho Toons
2000 - Ra To Sirius
2005 - Shiva Chandra Change Of Air
2007 - Vibrasphere Exploring The Tributaries
2008 - Ra 9th
2009 - Union Jack Pylon Pigs
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Thanks! Managed to track down the actual episode with a subtitle search and added the detail to the Notes.
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Interesting, I always thought he said "Gano means wisdom, jado means war". Couldn't find either in the online Sanskrit dictionary but found this online on a pro cannabis site, "Formed from the Sanskrit root gaN, meaning to imagine, evaluate or... See full review
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If you go into 'Edit history' you'll see there is some discussion of this there...
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These were pre-orders no? And have any of these people asked for their money back?
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Having just read the topic you link to I now know that Tal claims that the artists tracks he was promised and paid for in advance have been again delayed. So I think you are well out of order splashing a big warning comment on here labeling Tal a... See full review
submitted Juno Reactor - Shango. over 7 years ago