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PLEASE do not message me in order to ask "how much do you want for...". I don't sell items from my collection via Discogs. Thanks.
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posted a comment on Boys Town Gang - Come And Get Your Love. 3 days ago
Yes. I always thought it was odd that they only did one and for some reason, chose this.
posted a comment on Harold Faltermeyer. 4 days ago
A total genius and dangerously cute too! Damn, he got a lot! :)
posted a comment on Donna Summer - The Wanderer. 4 days ago
The remixes on the second disc are superb. No, really! Rather than overbear the original ethos of each track, they have been skillfully updated in a way that doesn't sound too formulaic or contrived. Sure, they sound 'modern' but that doesn't detract... See full review
posted a comment on Kate Bush - The Kick Inside. 10 days ago
Interestingly, the spelling error on the spine "Insde" has been corrected on the copies included in newer versions of the box set "Remastered In Vinyl 1".
posted a comment on Various - Smash Hits The 80s. 10 days ago
Really nice mastering on this edition. The vinyl is slightly noisy in silent areas though. What's nice is that they've used the full album versions of most tracks, including the full 7.25 length "Blue Monday" and if I'm not mistaken, the 12" version... See full review
posted a comment on Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen. 11 days ago
The sound quality is pretty impressive! Minimal surface noise, no clicks or pops.
posted a comment on Visage - Fade To Grey | Mind Of A Toy | Visage. 12 days ago
Fairly pointless edition if you ask me. No extended versions. Black vinyl. Pah!
posted a comment on Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen. 12 days ago
Oh dear oh dear! The dreaded GZV strike again! Let's hope that the upcoming picture disc sounds better (though that's going to be pressed by them as well!).
posted a comment on Prince - Sign "O" The Times. 13 days ago
Mine arrived with a very deep, 1\2" gouge cut right into the edge of side 2 that renders playing "IT" impossible for the duration of the damage. Boohoo!!!
submitted Peter Cetera With Amy Grant - The Next Time I Fall (Remix). 18 days ago
posted a comment on David Bowie - Dance. 21 days ago
I got mine for £1 from a record fair in a bargain bin. Sound quality is OK but I'm glad that I only paid a pound for it!
posted a comment on Mylene Farmer* - Bleu Noir. 25 days ago
I decided to take a look into my box today and found that all the ink had evaporated! No more ink to write to Mylene 😟
posted a comment on Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now / Future Nostalgia . 27 days ago
24.09.2020. I sadly have to announce that on this day I have suffered the rarest combination of a seizure, a cerebrovascular accident, a frontal lobotomy and a sudden acceleration of advanced dementia. And I still wouldn't spend $100 on a f***ing flexi disc! See full review
posted a comment on Suede - Suede. 27 days ago
How many fekkin' times can Demon release this on different coloured editions? Let's see. Three up to now (2020) - gold, silver and clear. So what's left? Green. Blue. Red. Pink. Orange. Yellow. Sh*t brown. Purple (and all its variants of violet,... See full review
posted a comment on Don McLean - The Very Best Of Don McLean - American Pie. about 1 month ago
Beware! Although not stated, "Vincent" is not the original version. It's a re recording and the video sounds very thin and somewhat distant, like a live recording.
posted a comment on Karen Young - Deetour. about 1 month ago
Possibly one of the sneakiest, dirtiest disco ditties devoted to taking it up the chocolate whizzway...
posted a comment on Karen Young - Deetour. about 1 month ago
You're not very well are you? And I'm not referring to your bacon-like lower appendage....
submitted Don McLean - Classics. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Marilyn Manson - We Are Chaos. about 1 month ago
What a horrible response. Anyone buying this to sell on is the problem, not the fans who are robbed of their chance to buy it because of flippers and scalpers. Your attitude is vile and you have no place here!!
posted a review of Various - Hot Classics, Issue 1. about 1 month ago
LTD. What can one say except "WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?!!". They turned a 3 minute piece of class into an 11 minute MONSTER that never loses its direction - just straight on to hypno heaven! If you must buy a bootleg, then you'll just have to in order to... See full review
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Greatest Hits & Remixes. about 1 month ago
Tell Me (6:22min 12 Inch Version)? Where was that release please?
posted a comment on Lana Del Rey. about 1 month ago
Her records/cassettes/box sets etc are worth what people are willing to pay for them. But then I'm being smug because I've got them all 😆
posted a comment on David Bowie - ChangesTwoBowie. about 1 month ago
In the week of release, my local Sainsbury's had 6 copies. Somehow (and I don't know how this happened) all 6 seals decided to open, and so I checked them all to find out their colour - of the six, only one was blue. That found it's way into my... See full review
posted a review of Ultravox - Sleepwalk. about 1 month ago
Lovely sleeve reproduction, mirroring the original UK 7" single beautifully. Bravo too to the faithful B+W Chrysalis label repro. The clear vinyl isn't the ultra, crystal clear of the original single and boy oh boy, is it noisy! As noisy as some... See full review
posted a comment on Ultravox - Sleepwalk. about 1 month ago
Nice review! I totally agree about the "Sleepwalk" mix because it's, hmm, not that different!
posted a comment on Sam Smith (12) - I Feel Love. about 1 month ago
The surface noise on this, even by picture disc standards, is pretty intense!
posted a review of ABBA - The Studio Albums. about 1 month ago
All the colours are excellent. However, the green of "ABBA the album" is VERY dark, almost black. Pointless really. And the blue of "Voulez Vous" is dark too, though not black looking like "The Album". People elsewhere have bitched about the quality... See full review
posted a comment on Diviacchi - Waiting For Heaven. about 1 month ago
Why is DIVIACCHI named as the artist when he didn't sing in the track?
posted a comment on Gary Numan With The Skaparis Orchestra - When The Sky Came Down (Live At The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester). about 1 month ago
Hundred quid for a triple album! Lol. Total lunacy, all puns intended
posted a comment on Minnie Riperton / Meri Wilson - Puzzle: Come To My Garden / First Take. about 1 month ago
What a strange pairing - Minnie and Meri couldn't be any more different!!!
posted a comment on Malcolm McLaren - Paris. about 1 month ago
Aren't they awful vocals? He absolutely could NOT sing, and this album is nothing more than a personal, egotistical indulgence. But. But.... Somehow... It works!
posted a comment on Prince - His Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club. 2 months ago
Thanks for your detailed review! I was just about to order it but I'll not bother now....
posted a comment on Van Halen - 1984. 2 months ago
Totally agree! It's a legit edition, bit a UK bootlegger decided to use the Dis*collection moniker to produce their tatty product and this has led to confusion
posted a comment on Madness - One Step Beyond. 2 months ago
I was 7 in the queue. It was clear that 5 guys in front of me were in a syndicate, only there to grab the stuff that they know that they can quickly flip. So, the usual stuff went straight away to them. I was lucky enough to get Bowie, so I was... See full review
posted a comment on Kylie* - Step Back In Time (The Definitive Collection). 2 months ago
No way there's 5000, about a thousand would be my best guess judging by how quickly copies became unavailable.
posted a comment on Queen - Greatest Hits II. 2 months ago
Yes, I agree. The vinyl and the pressing are OK, it just lacks ... punch! This is Queen, and we get a damp squib
posted a comment on David Bowie - Let's Dance. 2 months ago
Oh this is totally the business! The pressing is a beautiful clear, light blue vinyl and sonically, very pleasing to the ear. Overall ... a must have!! If this is indeed exclusive to only 1500 worldwide, then it's set to be a major Bowie collectable.
posted a comment on Visage - Fade To Grey - The Singles Collection (Special Dance Mix Album). 2 months ago
With gratitude and love to Mr Scott Davies whose vision and dedication have brought us three of the finest reissues with this, The Anvil and their titular album. Thank you!
posted a comment on Kosheen - All In My Head. 2 months ago
Absolutely banging track, mind you, the opening riff is ripped off from "Tower Of Strength" by the Mission
posted a comment on The Killers - Direct Hits. 2 months ago
Perfect! Absolutely no issues at all, nice and clean, quiet
posted a comment on Bananarama - Ultra Violet. 2 months ago
And ... Out come the flippers and scalpers! Can STILL be had, signed, for half the price being asked here! Tut tut.
submitted Art Garfunkel / Amy Grant - The Animals' Christmas. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Al Stewart - King Of Portugal. 3 months ago
This issue seems to be the only one that features the dance edit
posted a comment on Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend (The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers). 3 months ago
Does anyone know why this compilation doesn't actually in the 'compilations' section of the database??
posted a comment on Bob Marley And The Wailers* - Legend (The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers). 3 months ago
The mastering on this new edition of the picture disc version is really, really good! Sadly though, the surface noise is rather distracting. People always say that surface noise on picture discs is to be expected, but I disagree because they CAN be... See full review
submitted Various - City Of Angels (Music From The Motion Picture). 3 months ago
posted a comment on Dead Or Alive - Sophisticated Boom Boom. 3 months ago
The first time I heard that track, I seriously thought that the Smiths had released a dance orientated single!
posted a comment on Divine - Shoot Your Shot. 3 months ago
I've no idea what this was listed as separate release as it was only ever issued as part of the UK "Walk Like A Man" 12" double pack.
submitted The Priscilla Company* - Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert The Musical . 3 months ago
submitted Various - The Adventures Of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 3 months ago