House music fanatic,there at the start and still clinging on !
I worked in distribution (91 - 96) and have lots of strange records for sale,
i hasten to add that they are not all to my taste !

Musical Preferances:

House Music,
New Wave,

American Rock,
Commercial Chart,
Country & Western,
Elvis Presley,
R 'N' B
Rock 'N' Roll,

Hate Generally :
Lane Hoggers,
The M25,

Recent Activity
posted a comment on Intense Feat: DJ Eclipse (4) - Jocks Nightmare. 6 months ago
Ha ha , love it , play it fuvking loud !!
posted a review of Various - Saucy Tunes Sampler. 9 months ago
This is rather good , not played it since it got released
posted a review of Strategy - High Energy. 9 months ago
So...I.sold this record when i worked at Great Asset Distribution, recently dug it out , the fact that you can buy it from as little as £2 is an insult. It is a fantastic tune . The whoop whoop and tingling piano riff are lodged into my brain. ... See full review
posted a review of Will Clarke - Mercy EP. about 1 year ago
Percolator...once it's in your head, you can't get it out of it. This remix is a weapon of Nuclear proportions.
posted a review of Rhoda* With The Special A.K.A.* - The Boiler. over 5 years ago
My friend was absolutely mad on Two Tone, he had this on 12", he played it to his girlfriend who was mortified by it,
it actually screwed with her mind so much that she stole it from him !
I can verify he had it , but there is no record of it ever... See full review
posted a comment on Landlord (2) Featuring Dex Danclair - I Like It. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Kaotic Chemistry - LSD EP. over 9 years ago
Not wrong fella,and fuck me what a tune,i still spin it today
posted a comment on Soul II Soul Featuring Caron Wheeler - Back To Life (Club Mix). over 10 years ago
happy times mate :))
posted a comment on Soul II Soul Featuring Caron Wheeler - Back To Life (Club Mix). over 10 years ago
sorry i must have imagined it then,ny is a long way from london mate,were you there ?
posted a review of Soul II Soul Featuring Caron Wheeler - Back To Life (Club Mix). over 12 years ago
"Biology" warehouse party early 1989 ,the sun has started to rise,
Grooverider has played his set and Cutmaster Jay is in full effect.
Suddenly the music stops and Jarvis (Cutmaster Jay) starts ranting on the mic
(which he was quite prone to do) ,a... See full review
posted a review of Johnny M.C. / Huggy G. Jam - Uno Get Rough / It's Going Off. over 12 years ago
I bought this record from the now defunct "City Sounds" of WC1 around 1990-92.
I can't remember the date exactly but as one of my pals graffitied the cover one
night after "Rage",this narrows the year down to about then.
I never had any ideas... See full review
posted a review of The Ragga Twins - Ragga Trip / Hooligan 69. over 12 years ago
Sometimes you find a tune and then your jaw drops as you see that no one has bothered reviewing it.

Hooligan 69 for me pretty much symbolises the start of Hardcore,a noticable change in the style and
attitudes of the clubbers at the time,from the... See full review
posted a review of Judge Dread - 40 Big One's. over 12 years ago
Judge Dread was a seventies and eighties icon to many a mod,skin or rude boy.
Unlike the ridiculous Mega City One Judge from the comic book 2000AD,
the real Judge heralded from Kent.
Immortalising places such as Snodland with his imaginative and... See full review
posted a review of Dave Charlesworth - Energizer 2. over 12 years ago
This is by far my favourite hardcore record of all time, sampling all and sundry ,energetic ,driving ,demonic .
I have just pulled it out of a box and given it a spin for the first time in about fifteen years,
it's like meeting an old friend... See full review
posted a review of Poli Opposti - Come Non Saro' Mai. over 12 years ago
Having submitted the release details for this record
i felt obliged to review it.Unfortunately for me this
tune is absolute pants,the likely hood being i have the
only copy in existence !
It is your usual piece of Italian cheese,crappy organ... See full review
posted a review of Various - The House Sound Of Chicago - Vol. II - Chicago Trax. over 12 years ago
Changing from one genre of music to another can be very expensive.For years i had been collecting dance hall reggae and hip hop and the occasional house tune,but this album turned my world up side down.Unlike the first album and the first two jack... See full review
posted a review of Dionne - Come Get My Lovin'. over 12 years ago
What a tune.Released in 1988 but really getting
recognised in "The summer of love 89" when it
was played at the biggest parties such as Sunrise
down to the smallest parties at your local .
This record was caned and caned big time,
no shit it... See full review
posted a review of Trak 3 - Underground Dance Party. over 12 years ago
This is another one of those records that
for some reason was completely overlooked.

Back in 1990 it hardly got any recognition,
i cannot remember it being played out that much
and copies today are selling for as little as
£2 for a near mint... See full review
posted a review of Akkersson - This Is Acid. over 12 years ago
Searching through my records as i catalogue them
i came across this remarkably strange release.

The A side that i expected to be of a slamming lunatic nature was infact a plodding 129 bpm builder ,with a monotinous key board stab and repetitive... See full review
posted a review of The Subjects v. Jeff Mills - Beyond... / Dark Matter. over 12 years ago
I remember when we first heard the test pressing of this at Great Asset ,the buzz it created was massive.

The original test pressing had another track on it by The Subjects which was called First Flower ,this was a break beaty trancier affair... See full review