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Discogs Ratings

At present you are only able to rate entire releases but this one-rating-fits-all approach can seem a little blunt when you have a release that you have acquired for perhaps one, quite brilliant, track when everything else on it is complete filler that you’re unlikely to ever let the stylus touch again. In lieu of Discogs enabling users to rate individual tracks, I save them in a Custom Field that you can add to your Collection.

The main motivation behind wishing to save ratings for individual tracks, apart from the freedom to do so; is that with a large (and growing) collection, tracks other than the one(s) that motivated you to purchase a release that may be equally as good, are easily forgotten and sometimes continually overlooked. Having this extra metric can go some way to making them stand out and, as already mentioned, avoid inflicting any filler tracks on your or anyone else’s ears.

Release rating:
★★★★★ Essential; if the house is burning down, this should be rescued.
★★★★☆ Very good, definitely worth the money to purchase, the shelf space to store and the effort to move when that time inevitably comes again.
★★★☆☆ Hmmm… meh, not so sure; probably bought in haste and am now repenting at leisure.
★★☆☆☆ Whilst not dire, with only a one or two redeeming aspects, not good enough to warrant purchasing.
★☆☆☆☆ Dreadful, an affront to my eyes and ears; to be donated at the earliest opportunity to the nearest charity shop.

Should also point out that I have in past used Release ratings of 1, 2, sometimes 3 stars to denote releases that I have checked out and decided that they are not worth purchasing; this I intend to re-employ. It is useful with so much music being released and available to avoid checking out specific releases more than once and also when working your way through labels’ back catalogues for any overlooked gems.

Track rating:
★★★★★ A joy to hear; able to withstand repeated plays without lessening it’s appeal.
★★★★☆ An excellent solid track.
★★★☆☆ Unsure, possibly needs more listens or it has something whilst being a little unremarkable / average.
★★☆☆☆ Don’t need to hear this any more times than absolutely necessary.
★☆☆☆☆ Urgh, not something that will ever be willingly played or listened under my own volition again.

To anyone offended by any of ratings I have left for tracks / releases, please — get a grip.


Latest mix:
There isn’t one… at the moment but for those with a patience of a saint, there could be one soon - please check back soon.

Previous mixes:
Binary Format Aug'09
A privilege to donate a guest mix for the formidable deeprhythms.com website - a typically deep excursion with some tracks that are digital only.
[more info]

Ruminations Aug'06
Back in the days when trance wasn't a dirty word, an ambient vibe seemed to permeate electronica and created these mellow, gentle yet mixable & danceable tracks.
[more info]

Marinading Beats Feb'05
A slower sub 100bpm grooving mix of electronica, balearica & mid-tempo stewed beats.
[more info]

Club Mediteranneo Jul'04
Deep house / house with an italian twist.
[more info]

Old Skool Deep vol.1 Feb'04
Vibe education - the early inspiration.
[more info]


I'm not involved on a regular basis with the EstimuloShow anymore but that shouldn't stop you hopping on to the stream to catch some of the deepest sounds around. Tune in every Saturday evening to listen to some of the rotating presenters from around the globe that include:
[+] Berlin, Germany - estimulo & makarov
[+] San Francisco, USA - Roxnadz
[+] Toronto, Canada - Mike Bishop
[+] Chicago, USA - chicagodeep.
Plus guests such as Chicago Skyway, Steven Tang (Emphasis Recordings), Serendipity, Brad Peterson (Trackmachine)…

For a schedule of forthcoming shows, please visit:
The previous week's show is should be available to download here on mixomat, there are also some older archives available on my blog.

last updated: 29th-Dec-14
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Thanks for the rec. via your comment, 'tis a nice track fo'sure.
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