An acid head though and through...currently run a website with a friend dedicated to the sound of chicago between 86-89, in my opinion the best acid house. Love deep house, detroit techno and basically anything deep....

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posted a comment on Furthur Electronix. about 1 year ago
Been lucky to have been on board since Day one and got to say it has surpassed my expectations. It’s as if the records are custom made to my taste. The future is looking great.
posted a comment on Brainwaltzera - Bewplum. about 1 year ago
I had to check the date to make sure this wasn’t an April fool comment. But alas, it doesn’t appear so. Even if the record was blank on side B, such is the quality on the A side, it doesn’t bother me either way. The fact it has been made crystal clear ... See full review
posted a comment on Mike Dunn - So Let It Be House !. about 1 year ago
I clearly remember being in Red Record in Peckham and this release and a bootleg of the Armando on Warehouse coming in. It was the same time that Joey Beltram - Lost Entity was released on Nu Groove so must have been 1990.
posted a comment on Sasha (2) - A Key To Heaven For A Heavenly Trance. about 1 year ago
This review gets 10/10 on the wrongometer.

Nothing to do with UK Sasha
posted a comment on Moodymann - J.A.N.. about 1 year ago
i find it hard to belive that 73 people own this. Ive never seen one copy for sale in my life. i only acquired it through a friend.
posted a comment on Planisphere (2) - South EP. over 2 years ago
I think David found a few copies and sold them all on here

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posted a comment on Byron C. - How To Operate?. over 2 years ago

item is available here. Should be in the shops as well i think.
posted a comment on E.R.P* - New Road . over 2 years ago
7" is better than no release at all. but yeah..much prefer a 12.
posted a comment on VC-118A - Vaxna. over 3 years ago
This is still available on Samuel's Bandcamps page -
posted a review of In Sync - Storm | Evolution I. over 4 years ago
The ERP mix needs to be the whole of one side and 3 times as long
posted a comment on Tuff Sherm - Smugglers Bureau. over 5 years ago
Shame the delroy mix isn't the whole of one side... feel like it's ended a bit suddenly..ace tune though...
posted a comment on Chez Damier - Classics. over 5 years ago
The original cut was on the classic ep on serious grooves not balance
submitted Wanted! For Fun - Passion. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Elbee Bad The Prince Of Dance Music* - The True Story Of House Music. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Spacework - The 2nd EP. over 7 years ago
Praise the LORD i was not going to ACID HOUSE parties in Los Angeles.

posted a review of Phuture 303 - Alpha & Omega. over 15 years ago
Prior to the release on A1, it was released as a double pack on 'perspective' records but only got promoed as a white label.

A1 picked it up and released it a year or so later.
posted a review of James "Jack Rabbit" Martin - There Are Dreams And There Is Escape. over 16 years ago
This record is probably just about as rare as you can get. 2 great acid trax from one of the lesser known artists out of chi-town...
posted a review of Slam - Snapshots. over 16 years ago
Beutiful Chunk of deep funky tech house with the trademark slam sound...well worth picking up for 'groovelock' alone

posted a review of Joe Lewis - Separate Ways. over 16 years ago
Seperate Ways and Change Reaction were both released in 1988 on Joe's 'Target' records, but this is near impossible to find.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 16 years ago