How to Select the Best solid wood king size bed frame


Wood is the most common material used in the making of beds all over the world. It is preferred due to its availability and ease of working with it. Solid king size platform beds made out of wood are widespread in both the traditional and modern bedrooms alike. They have been in use for eons upon eons. When a client is faced with the need to get a king-size bed, they will need to put into consideration most, if not more, the factors discussed in this article.

1. The desired height of the bed.

The height of the bed at use is one of the most important factors to be considered when getting a bed. Taller people could prefer a bed that is a little bit higher compared to shorter people. Also, medical reasons could require a client to have a bed way off of the ground, such as cold at night. The chosen frame height should account for any extra height brought on by having a mattress and having bedding on top of the mattress. A client should not have to struggle to get on or off of the bed. As such, height will be tailored to each specific client. However, there are standard bed heights.

2. The end designs are done on the bed.

A king-size bed, (primarily being a nightly resting place) is secondarily an item of nobility in its own right. As such, it should be finished in a manner that portrays everything luxurious about the owner and the bed itself. Typically, the client will be presented with a vast array of possible designs that could be done on the bed. They should be objective in the decision-making process and settle for a design that appeals to them but doesn’t go overboard on the bed. Wood carvings will be done on the headboard, footboard, and sides of the bed. They could also be done on the bedposts if there are any.

3. The storage capabilities of the bed.

A bed storage capability is becoming one big emerging issue in matters, the bedroom. Modern bedrooms are being made bigger and bigger, and at the same time, storage is being made more hidden in the vast spaces people rest in. Bed makers are now incorporating storage into the beds themselves in the form of having drawers, semi-attached dressers, shelves on the headboard and footboard or storage beneath the mattress itself. This move is economizing on space that would have been used to fit cupboards, dressers, or any other storage items.

4. Nature of the wood used to build the king bed.

There are majorly two kinds of wood available in the market today. These are hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is typically more durable, more robust, and is more expensive. It is also more scarce, and there’s a high demand for it and its products. Softwood is less durable but comes at a lower cost. It is even more common since it comes from human made forests and takes less time to mature therein. The client should make the decision on which type of wood they prefer since aesthetically, both kinds of wood have negligible differences. Read also 20 Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Refresh

5. Aesthetics of the room, when the wooden king bed is added.

The chosen bed should match well with preexisting furniture pieces in the bedroom already. It should also match the walls in the room itself. Attention should be given to the themes which have been used previously in the room, and a quality interior décor requires continuity. The flooring should also guide how the bed looks. It should feel as if all other aspects of the room are being complemented by the bed that has been placed in the room. However, a more brave and bold theme could call for very many different color concepts.

6. The shape of the wooden king bed.

These days, a bed doesn’t have to be necessarily rectangular shaped. New shapes are coming up in the world of bed designs. These shapes are, for example, circular, semicircular, curved, or trapezoidal. The chosen shape of the bed should fit in well with the room in which it is to be placed. The shape of the bed should also be guided by the general shape of the room in which it is to be used. A 90-degree quadrilateral-shaped room calls for a more conventional shape. However, a bedroom with rounded corners is more accommodating to unconventionally shaped, for example, the circular ones. Curved beds are also becoming common and should be considered, especially where there are ergonomic concerns, and the client may have back pains. A curved type of bed is also recommended by physicians.

7. Intended use of the wooden king size bed.

Typically, any bed is bound to be used indoors within the bedroom setting. However, some people would wish to use their bed outdoors, for example, besides a swimming pool or in the backyard of their home. Also, the bed could be used on a rooftop of a house, for instance, or on the balcony. Using wood outside the home would require it to be vanished specially and made so that it isn’t affected by excessive sunlight that would make it look chapped or faded. Where the climate is mostly humid, a unique waterproof coating is applied to the wood to prevent it from getting soaked and getting weaker with time.


In conclusion, king platform beds are going to be in the bedroom scene for many years to come, and with the number of new designs emerging, it is evident they are changing. From a client’s point of view, selecting the best wood king size bed frame should follow the steps mentioned above but is not limited to them alone. It is worth noting that the specific needs of a client will be different from the next. Best is relative and depends on every person’s preferences and opinions of what is excellent and worthy of use.