Love music for the mind and soul, esp electronic from ambient to dubby to psy to Idm to techno..etc. Anything that's deep and thoughtful. Not into club dance! Also enjoy non commercial good rock/metal, hip-hop(not gangsta), soul, reggae, indie.

Favourite electronic labels:
Fax (Pete Namlook), Rephlex, Smallville, Rather Interesting, Dial, Echocord, Echospace, BineMusic, Dum, Modern Love, Dakini Records(Makyo), Elektrolux/Elux, Warp, Liquid Sound Design, Dubmission, Blue, U-cover, EevoNext, ZeECc, Silent Season, Entropy Records

Labels I always buy every album from:
Carpe Sonum
Silent Season
Rather Interesting

1st 5 electronic albums I bought & still love:

1) Air Liquide – Air Liquide
2) Orbital – Orbital 2 (Brown Album)
3) Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves: A Document Ov New Edge Folk
4) Syzygy – Morphic Resonance (Rising High)
5) Sabres Of Paradise - Sabresonic

Favourite Elec Artist:
Andrés, Autechre, B12, Basic Channel, R.H.Kirk/Sandoz, Carl Craig, Convextion, Andy Stott, Claro Intelecto, Kettel, The Black Dog(with members of Plaid), As One, Plaid (aka Repeat), System, Aphex Twin, Anders Ilar, U-Ziq, Stasis, Sans Soleil, Moodymann, Pete Namlook, Exquisite Corpse (Xcor), Clark, Fluxion, Quantec, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Lee Norris aka Norken. Lawerence/Sten, Stefan Robbers aka Florence/Terrance, Kuba(3), International Observer, Sven Weisimann, Robert Hood, Chris Gray, Makyo, Monolake, Martin Schulte, FSOL, Geoff White, Kit Clayton, Atom Tm, Kenny Larkin, Dan Curtin, Orbital, A Guy Called Gerald, Vince Watson, 808 State, The Orb, Spacetime Continuum, The Irresistible Force, LFO, Nightmares On Wax, Sabres Of Paradise/Two Lone Swordsmen, Moodymann, Solar Quest, Thomas Fehlmann, Rod Modell, Stephen Hitchell, Khan & Walker/ Air Liquide (and there many pseudos of acid-techno-ambient-experimental; before they started making commercial/dance music)

Beastie Boys, Suicidal Tendencies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Massive Attack, Portsihead, Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, David Bowie, Prince, (early)Metallica, Love/Hate, Urban Dance Squad, Dub Syndicate, Nine Inch Nails, Mega-Death, Faith No More, Public Enemy, UB40, Grace Jones, Jimi Hendrix, .

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submitted Cinthie - Skylines City Lights. 11 days ago
posted a comment on Carl Craig - Masterpiece: Created By Carl Craig. about 1 month ago
CD 2 is not even a mix! Just a collection of tracks by VA - more like a compilation album!!
posted a comment on Plastikman - Krakpot. about 1 month ago
Tracks "Krakpot" and "Elektrostatik" also appear on Plastikman's album "Recycled Plastik "...Track "Plasticine" is from Plasikman's debut album "Sheet One"
submitted Terrence Parker - Motor City Life. about 1 month ago
submitted Yotam Avni - Was Here. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Greyscale. about 1 month ago
One the best labels for Deep-Ambient-Dub Techno! CD albums are now released on masterglass CDs(not CDr) since 2015 and also come in wonderful elegant distinctive book CD cases making every release that extra special and collectable.
posted a comment on Komarebi - After Effects. about 1 month ago
Every track a gem on this very excellent debut. Music that will stick in your head for days once the album has finished! UK IDM, Detroit Techno and experimental Electronica bridging the moods and feel of present, mid-00 and the sweet nostalgia of the ... See full review
posted a comment on KCL Project - Many Rivers To Cross. 3 months ago
A excellent under-recognised album that delivers the goods with its laid back head-nodding soulful grooves played with that old-school Chicago/UK House-Techno charm...Grab it while you can!

CD version has two extra tracks.
submitted Mike Mangino - Coisas. 3 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Iyunx Productions - How To Create An Explosion. 3 months ago
If you liked The Black Dog 'Bytes' need this album in your collection!
posted a comment on +N - Plane. 3 months ago
Great music that flows with immersive deep cascading, spacey, neon moods and atmosphere taking the mind on a adventurous trip to the outer-limits of space and an unknown desolate urban futurism. Wonderful captivating and deeply atmospheric listen into ... See full review
posted a comment on Solphax - Globaline. 4 months ago
Excellent atmospheric mind-expanding Drexciya-ian abstract-electro-techno - though 'Globaline' was released in 1995, 4yrs before Drexciya's debut 'Neptune's Lair.
posted a comment on Anthiliawaters - The Miles Without You. 4 months ago
Agree with every comment below, except Sengle's (sorry but disagree!). A gem of a album that cascades with bliss soulful Electro/Techno(and sort of in-between) from beginning to end..5/5
submitted Terrence Parker - E-Motion-L. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Vince Watson. 5 months ago
CD to pleeeeeeeeeease! CD to pleeeeeeeeeease! CD to pleeeeeeeeeease! CD to pleeeeeeeeeease!
submitted Linkwood & Foat* - Linkwood & Foat. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Teengirl Fantasy - 8AM. 5 months ago
Great album. House-Techno-Downtempo that hits the sweet spot of each genre with a twist of experimental-ism.
posted a review of Teengirl Fantasy - Tracer. 5 months ago
Some great House-Experimental music. Mostly instrumentals with nice use of melodic patterns, rhythms and beats that please ls both the dancer and home listener.
posted a review of Autechre - Untilted. 5 months ago
Originally hated it! Now 15(+)yrs later I now see it as a experimental masterpiece. A true architecture in sound, disjointed music and abstract experimental-ism that doesn't make sense yet oddly starts to make sense as if it rewires your brain on each ... See full review
posted a comment on Yagya - Old Dreams And Memories. 5 months ago
A bit to wishy-washy, new-age and commercial for me.. A good album but that's about it!
posted a comment on Autechre - EPS 1991 – 2002. 5 months ago
Cichlisuite EP
Untitled - 10min

Does this secret/hidden track exist ? Can't seem to find it!... It's not on the original EP.
posted a comment on Autechre - EPS 1991 – 2002. 5 months ago
Did you find the hidden track ? I never !
posted a comment on Autechre - EPS 1991 – 2002. 5 months ago
Re-mastered sounds just as good or even a little better in places with a more level sound to me!
posted a comment on Autrax - Réchauffé. 6 months ago
Music that takes you back to the early-mid 90-00's where Ambient-Trance-Techno ruled. The music on this album is like a reminder of labels like Eye Q, Fax, Harthouse and artist like Oliver Lieb, Sven Vath, Earth Nation, Atom Heart, Namlook, ... See full review
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submitted Sibling (4) & Heavenchord - Sounds Of Silence. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Los Hermanos - True Confirmation - Rhythm And Jazz. 6 months ago
This is not House-Deep House-Techno-Latin as with all other Los Hermanos albums! This is very much a acoustic Jazz-Soul Jazz album without electronics. No other artist from previous Los Hermanos albums: On Another Level, Traditions & Concepts , and ... See full review
posted a comment on Gradient (2) - Neural Waves From The Stars. 6 months ago
Stella hypnotic deep slow evolving Dub-Deep Techno over four 19(+)min tracks. Great music to immerse and massage the subconscious mind!
submitted Gradient (2) - Neural Waves From The Stars. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Applied Rhythmic Technology. 6 months ago
Only two artist on this comp/album featuring As One aka Future Past, and Balil aka Atypic(Andrew Turner solo). The golden sound of 90's home listening/ intelligent / AI Techno-Idm. Melodic spacey with a early twilight hours feel. Excellent music for ... See full review
posted a comment on Pluto - Rising. 7 months ago
Excellent music composition, sequencing, layers and shifting directions on every track. Up-there with the best in House-Techno. If this was by Larry Heard or Terrence Parker - this would have been hailed a classic...Superb album!
posted a comment on Slam Mode - Signals. 7 months ago
From beginning to end 'Signals' delivers sublime-funk, emotion, thought and intellect with its swirling, detailed, immersive Techno. The is pure quality Techno make this a stunning album indulging the listener with Techno warmth and soul with a ... See full review
posted a comment on M-Age - Starshell - Caspar Pound Remix Of M-Age . 7 months ago
Confusing title as this is the same album 'Under The Cubic Sky' by M-Age (Casper Pound & Lawrence Elliot Potter) released on Rising High, not remixed! This Japanese release has 2 extra tracks, 3 and 4, and track 7 is a edited version at 6(+) mins ... See full review
posted a review of Sam McQueen - Dreams In Sepia. 7 months ago
Love this back-2-basic Detroit Ambient-Techno. Catchy kick drums, delicate non overused techno strings, dreamy waves of flowing ambient. Great low light/lights-off listening that brings a sense of calm & comfort to the soul. Music that happily reminds me ... See full review
posted a comment on Dave Ellesmere - Rites Of Spring. 7 months ago
Great UK/Detroit Techno that has everything from rhythmic grooves without being repetitive, smooth vibrant melodic synth passages, excellent drum programming and percussion that oozes with delightful reminders of Techno that remind you of artist: Dan ... See full review
posted a comment on Radius - Interpolation Tapes 0 / 3. 7 months ago
Agree with 'browna'...Unfortunately Echospace have been robbing customers for a long time now!
posted a comment on Waxworth Industries - Alien Disco. 7 months ago
A album from 94 that blends a mix of 1994-97 Plaid like Techno-Idm that mingles with alien space-funk and instrumental Spooky(artist) like House, also elements of acid quirky fun too. The use of deep, funk, and chilled vibes give this album a unique ... See full review
posted a review of The Railway Raver - Drop Acid Not Bombs. 7 months ago
Splendid enjoyable, bouncy, melodic, mellowing, engaging and with some quicker BPM tracks, of classic 90's uncomplicated minimal hardware composed (illegal warehouse) Acid-House music. A perfectly paced album with catchy hooks, rhythms, sweeps and ... See full review
posted a comment on Ken Ishii - Möbius Strip. 7 months ago
Glad Ken has moved a little more away from the clubby dance romp which for me made his albums far more forgettable unlike Jellytones and before. Not his best and a little over produced in places but a worthy purchase that sits nicely with his deeper ... See full review
posted a comment on As One - Out Of The Darkness. 7 months ago
A bit to commercial and almost pop like in places for me. Certainly my least liked As One album from a otherwise excellent album discography!
posted a comment on Karim Sahraoui - Faith. 8 months ago
Wonderful debut album that sits side by side with quality music/albums released by artist like: As One, Ian O'Brien, Jamie Read, Derrick May, Stasis. House-Techno that brings together the heart of electronic soul-funk of Motor City, Detroit, Chicago to ... See full review
submitted Karim Sahraoui - Faith. 8 months ago
posted a review of Function - Existenz. 8 months ago
For me I prefer the music on this album rather then the tonal Techno of Function's debut and moody ambient-techno of his 2nd album. 'Existenz' is more a cohesive aural journey mind listening into Techno that gels Ambient and touches of House and Electro ... See full review
posted a comment on Heathered Pearls - Body Complex. 8 months ago
I hope to hear more of this Techno - Ambient music from HP. Sublime warm urban nightdrive music for the dreamer, thinker, chiller.
submitted Function - Existenz. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Function - Existenz. 8 months ago
For me I prefer the music on this album rather then the metallic industrial Techno of Function's debut album. 'Existenz' is more a mind listening cohesive aural journey into Techno that gels Ambient and touches of House and Electro with tracks ... See full review
posted a comment on Efdemin - New Atlantis. 8 months ago
This album is less Techno, but much more Folk Electronica focused!
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