Love music for the mind and soul, esp electronic from ambient to dubby to psy to Idm to techno..etc. Anything that's deep and thoughtful. Not into club dance! Also enjoy non commercial good rock/metal, hip-hop(not gangsta), soul, reggae, indie.

Favourite electronic labels:
Fax (Pete Namlook), Rephlex, Smallville, Rather Interesting, Dial, Echocord, Echospace, BineMusic, Dum, Modern Love, Dakini Records(Makyo), Elektrolux/Elux, Warp, Liquid Sound Design, Dubmission, Blue, U-cover, EevoNext, ZeECc, Silent Season, Entropy Records

Labels I always buy every album from:
Carpe Sonum
Silent Season
Rather Interesting

1st 5 electronic albums I bought & still love:

1) Air Liquide – Air Liquide
2) Orbital – Orbital 2 (Brown Album)
3) Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves: A Document Ov New Edge Folk
4) Syzygy – Morphic Resonance (Rising High)
5) Sabres Of Paradise - Sabresonic

Favourite Elec Artist:
Andrés, Autechre, B12, Basic Channel, R.H.Kirk/Sandoz, Carl Craig, Convextion, Andy Stott, Claro Intelecto, Kettel, The Black Dog(with members of Plaid), As One, Plaid (aka Repeat), System, Aphex Twin, Anders Ilar, U-Ziq, Stasis, Sans Soleil, Moodymann, Pete Namlook, Exquisite Corpse (Xcor), Clark, Fluxion, Quantec, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Lee Norris aka Norken. Lawerence/Sten, Stefan Robbers aka Florence/Terrance, Kuba(3), International Observer, Sven Weisimann, Robert Hood, Chris Gray, Makyo, Monolake, Martin Schulte, FSOL, Geoff White, Kit Clayton, Atom Tm, Kenny Larkin, Dan Curtin, Orbital, A Guy Called Gerald, Vince Watson, 808 State, The Orb, Spacetime Continuum, The Irresistible Force, LFO, Nightmares On Wax, Sabres Of Paradise/Two Lone Swordsmen, Moodymann, Solar Quest, Thomas Fehlmann, Rod Modell, Stephen Hitchell, Khan & Walker/ Air Liquide (and there many pseudos of acid-techno-ambient-experimental; before they started making commercial/dance music)

Beastie Boys, Suicidal Tendencies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Massive Attack, Portsihead, Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy, David Bowie, Prince, (early)Metallica, Love/Hate, Urban Dance Squad, Dub Syndicate, Nine Inch Nails, Mega-Death, Faith No More, Public Enemy, UB40, Grace Jones, Jimi Hendrix, .

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Synethesys - Planetary Interlude
posted a review of Synethesys - Planetary Interlude. about 1 month ago
Japanese techno with deep shades of Detroit bring both the techno past and future together. Deep, spacey, immersive listening with interesting track developments arrangements and ideas mixing simplicity with deeper complexity. This is techno listening... See full review
Fonosandwich - Fonosandwich
posted a review of Fonosandwich - Fonosandwich. 4 months ago
Quirky highly enjoyable IDM-ish -Techno with some experimental Glitch here and there. A funk and mellowing electronic music listen that entertains the listener. Top stuff!
BT Gate X-138 - kV Pylon
posted a review of BT Gate X-138 - kV Pylon. 4 months ago
Think Plastikman meets Basic Channel! A hypnotic listen into detailed minimal-rich, deep, atmospheric music as associated with both artists mentioned but added perfectly with that hypnotic dub warmth.

Roi Azulay - Reflections
posted a review of Roi Azulay - Reflections. 7 months ago
House-deephouse mingle with warm organic sounds, warm tones of jazz and added influences of world-folk middle eastern music. Warmth, immersion, dancefloor funk and even a sense of spirituality bring a captivating listen to the mind body and soul that... See full review
Roi Azulay - Reflections
submitted Roi Azulay - Reflections. 7 months ago
Slam Mode - Tau Ceti (Fragments)
posted a review of Slam Mode - Tau Ceti (Fragments). 9 months ago
A 5 track album that's quite unique in its way! Tracks 1-4 bring quality Houise-Techno-Deep House to the soul reminding me of Nu Era, Stasis, Carl Craig and techno-house of past Detroit and Chicago, but added with Slam Mode's cool spiritual cosmic... See full review
Monomorph - Departure Can Wait
posted a review of Monomorph - Departure Can Wait. 10 months ago
A excellent but underated album. Some tracks wouldn't feel out place from Aohex's classic SAW. For me this album sits very nicely alongside SAW for quality Ambient-IDM-Techno.
Ewan Jansen - Blueline Summer
posted a review of Ewan Jansen - Blueline Summer. 11 months ago
Lounge downtempo House and Deep House with some nice added Tech(no)-House touches. 15trks of quality fusing calming feel-good vibes, laid back moods and head nodding grooves all delivered with good pacing keeping things interesting and engaging with a... See full review
Pole - Tempus
submitted Pole - Tempus. 11 months ago
Steven Rutter* & Bryonii* - StarCrossed
posted a review of Steven Rutter* & Bryonii* - StarCrossed. 11 months ago
This is what happens when vocals are used as the core which for me ruin the techno.
Hieroglyphic Being - There Is No Acid In This House
submitted Hieroglyphic Being - There Is No Acid In This House. 11 months ago
Loraine James - Building Something Beautiful For Me
submitted Loraine James - Building Something Beautiful For Me. 12 months ago
Dopplereffekt - Neurotelepathy
posted a review of Dopplereffekt - Neurotelepathy. 12 months ago
Electro-Ambient with a experiential Si-Fi edge. Music made by advanced AI from a robotic future-past...Top stuff!
Native Soul (7)
posted a review of Native Soul (7). about 1 year ago
Atmospheric mid-tempo dark/light House-Electro that bring both suspense and energy to the music. 12trks have a minimalistic approach with some interesting twisting developments played with a theme where each next track is kind of reworked bringing... See full review
Audhentik - Hypno
submitted Audhentik - Hypno. about 1 year ago
Belief (9) - Belief
submitted Belief (9) - Belief. about 1 year ago
Basicnoise - Pattern Explorations
posted a comment on Basicnoise - Pattern Explorations. about 1 year ago
A excellent faultless debut of a album esp. if you like the minimal dub/deep techno sound as associated with classic Basic Channel...then this album is a must!

RX-101 - New Discoveries
posted a review of RX-101 - New Discoveries. about 1 year ago
A feeling of nostalgia comes to mind when listening to these quality collection of tracks recorded between 97-99. CD has 6 extra tracks compared to vinyl: Tracks 1-8 remain closer to the melodious Detroit techno-Idm vibe with some nice early Rephlex... See full review
Faded (4) - Stasis
submitted Faded (4) - Stasis. about 1 year ago
Lynyn - Lexicon
submitted Lynyn - Lexicon. about 1 year ago
Omar S* - Can't Change
submitted Omar S* - Can't Change. about 1 year ago
Illuvia - Iridescence Of Clouds (Sea Of Vapor)
submitted Illuvia - Iridescence Of Clouds (Sea Of Vapor). about 1 year ago
M-Age - Under A Cubic Sky
posted a review of M-Age - Under A Cubic Sky. about 1 year ago
Music by Casper Pound and Lawrence Elliot-Potter* (from New London School of Electronics). A fascinating listen into Techno-Trance-Ambient-Downtempo and Trip Hop(kind of) but with a uniqueness that has stood the test of time! Synthetic liquid swirling... See full review
Fluxion - Parallel Moves
posted a comment on Fluxion - Parallel Moves. about 1 year ago
Dub(by) deep techno where tracks unfold with a slow minimalist style wrapped with a warm textured feel delivering a thoughtful and a highly immersive listen with a deep sense of emotion in the music.

µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx - Secret Garden
submitted µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx - Secret Garden . about 1 year ago
Ross From Friends - Tread
submitted Ross From Friends - Tread. about 1 year ago
Native Soul (7) - Teenage Dreams
submitted Native Soul (7) - Teenage Dreams. over 2 years ago
Radioactive Man
posted a comment on Radioactive Man. over 2 years ago
…and also 'The Omega Man'(aka Depth Charge) for solid Electro.
Sinbiotik - Kalydra
posted a review of Sinbiotik - Kalydra. over 2 years ago
Marco Repetto's (from a3000 and Synectics, aka Bigeneric) excellent exciting Techno, Tech House, Progressive Trance 2004 debut album. A deep and transcending listen perfect for home listening and for those early hour past midnight dancing. Music has a... See full review
Klute - Whatever It Takes
posted a comment on Klute - Whatever It Takes. over 2 years ago
Drum n Bass with use of Techno and other elements of various electronic genres delivering a 14 track album listen into a excellent well produced, composed and paced album that brings layers of depth, immersion and excitement to mind body and soul.

Deepside - Deepside EP
posted a comment on Deepside - Deepside EP. over 2 years ago
2 quality deeper soulful tracks spoilt by 4 forgettable dated club tracks!
Kuniyuki Takahashi - All These Things
posted a comment on Kuniyuki Takahashi - All These Things. over 2 years ago
Beautiful soothing (Deep)House-Jazz music composed and designed for the soul...Get it while you can!
John Beltran - Aesthete = エスシート
submitted John Beltran - Aesthete = エスシート. over 2 years ago
Heavenchord - O Theos Einai Agapi
posted a comment on Heavenchord - O Theos Einai Agapi. over 2 years ago
Greyscale label 18th full length album release and what a gem! A beautiful release of deep emotion felt immersion into electronic ambient softly layered with just enough elements and touches of Dub-Techno without becoming a Dub Techno album....Excellent!
Octopus - Octopus 4
posted a comment on Octopus - Octopus 4. over 2 years ago
O4 is archival material from 1997-1999 edited and compiled during covid isolation during 2020. Gone is the Experimental-Minimalism-Abstract-Downtempo-Ambient-Minimalism Techno as on previous Octopus albums 1-3, 1 being more ambient, all released on... See full review
Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time - Revisited
posted a comment on Aril Brikha - Deeparture In Time - Revisited. over 2 years ago
The original Transmat CD6 release is probably the best version for 'Departure In Time' album. The art/inlay's are of much better quality to look at and feel - this re-issue has bland art with a cheap photocopied printed feel to the inlays, even the... See full review
Brothomstates - Claro
posted a review of Brothomstates - Claro. over 2 years ago
20+ years to date since this debut and still the only album by Brothomstates! Abstract and melodic IDM-Ambient that's kind of early Arovane meets oldskool Autechre with some Bola elements added. Even a touch of Detroit on some tracks too. A moody yet... See full review
Reagenz - Reagenz
posted a comment on Reagenz - Reagenz. over 2 years ago
Great downtown chill album but slightly spoiled on the Reflective ‎label version due to re-arranging the original(Source-Records) track play order, which flowed better as a listening experience on the original Source-Records label release.
Carpe Sonum Novum
posted a comment on Carpe Sonum Novum. over 2 years ago
Great label delivering everything from adventurous, experimental, forward thinking to known and established electronic music styles and genres, while also pushing the boat out. Techno, Future Jazz, Ambient, IDM, Electronica, House, Berlin School,... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Chaircrusher - Sinedub & Other Numbers
posted a comment on Chaircrusher - Sinedub & Other Numbers. over 2 years ago
A Techno-IDM debut by artist Kent Williams, who also runs the ‘banging techno’ label: Cornwarning. This is certainly NOT banging techno as associated with his label but more a sophisticated listen composed and influenced by 90's AI Techno and modern... See full review
Vodor L Zeck - Learn To Hack
posted a comment on Vodor L Zeck - Learn To Hack. over 2 years ago
Wonderful melodious Acid-Techno-IDM bringing together sophistication, hardware rawness, analog warmth with music twists and cool layers of cosmic bleep-funk that deconstructs and reconstructs to evolve the 90's past with a modern twist that bring to... See full review
Vodor L Zeck - Learn To Hack
submitted Vodor L Zeck - Learn To Hack. over 2 years ago
Examine - Major Minor
posted a comment on Examine - Major Minor. over 2 years ago
Yes :) I totally forgot about this untill last year or so!
Slam Mode - Signals
posted a review of Slam Mode - Signals. over 3 years ago
A stunning 3rd album by Slam Mode who bring a special uniqueness feel to their Techno-House . Detroit-ish new-age Si-Fi with electronic warmth, emotion, soul and smooth sublime-funk is all here added with a cool alien-futuristic feel. A listen where... See full review
Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selections
posted a comment on Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selections. over 3 years ago
A excellent hypnotic debut with a fresh twist and approach to House and Deep House.
Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selections
submitted Teno Afrika - Amapiano Selections. over 3 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
KCL Project - Many Rivers To Cross
posted a comment on KCL Project - Many Rivers To Cross. over 3 years ago
A excellent under-recognised album that delivers the goods with its laid back head-nodding soulful grooves played with that old-school Chicago/UK House-Techno charm...Grab it while you can!

CD version has two extra tracks.
Jimmy Edgar - Cheetah Bend
submitted Jimmy Edgar - Cheetah Bend. over 3 years ago