For more convenience, all other ANALOG ITEMS (e.g. acétates, vinyl or flexi records, stereo cassettes, 4-track cartouches, shellac, cylinder, videotapes, laserdiscs...) are dispatched via our older Discogs account, baptised HIFI-VINTAGE - As we previously used to collect, restore or maintain then resell old low-to-high-fidelity/audiophile stuff for sound lovers. Now we share here most of our records collection - so welcome to the Music!

POESIE-SONORE.COM, our french-speaking website online since 2014, that gave his name to this profile, shows various music-related promo items, as Collector-dedicated e-boutique: promotional records of course - incl. White Labels, Test Pressings, but also promo tee-shirts, promo DVD's, promo ads, EPKs, juke-box/limited editions, and even Golden Discs-Records / Disques d'Or

These genuine COMPACT DISCs listed below come mostly from french radio stations, and have been gathered for almost 4 decades (ish). Well, since the professional demonstration CD shown below, reputed to be the 1st French promo CD published by Phonogram for their parisian annual congress, back in september 1982:

Detailed reference: BZN - Congrès Phonogram 1982 (this particular item is not for sale, sorry - private collection))

Those pretty impossible-to-find silver collectors were sent to the guests (mainly resellers) as an invitation - the lack of varnish surface causing those marks on silver painting, near center hole -, along with the 1st order catalog of 100 CDs, mainly classical (as Karajan helped develop the format), with a Jean-Michel Jarre tune surprisingly referenced amongst those early one hundred. For the record, the now legendary Philips CD 103 disc compact players were available prior street release after their 1st public demonstration during the show, at the cost of 8.000 Francs plus taxes (so more than twice and a half the minimum monthly salary, the ish price of a small car at the time)

PS. Sorry, NO file rip NOR mp3 trade here, only real hard solid concrete & decent stuff that you can touch... once bought ^^
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