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posted a comment on Synus0006 - B4CK6ROUNDNO1SE Y03. about 1 month ago
Endlec's remix is great ! very hard and efficient, i love it
posted a comment on Endlec - Born From Chaos EP. about 1 month ago
Tartarus is a very nice track, break techno, hard and very hypnotic, the best part is from 2,35 min. to the end.
posted a comment on Emmanuel (8) - Rave Culture. 6 months ago
Perfect first full-length album from Emmanuel 5/5
Very powerfull raving techno sound, timeless !
Love mixing : "Chainreaction", "Conductor", "Anthem 1" & "Killer Floor"
posted a comment on Sterling Moss vs. Lee Animated - Me Myself / Get This Mutha. 8 months ago
Sample on A side is taken from : De La Soul - Me Myself And I
posted a comment on Remco Beekwilder - LSD EP. 9 months ago
This one will soon become a classic!
Dark hard raving sounds at its best, love mixing A1, B1& B2
Keep going on like that Remco, we want more track from you :)
submitted Jokasti & Nek - Alex Drove Us Home . 11 months ago
posted a comment on 69db - Untitled. 11 months ago
Also called "Zniavr'activ People"
Live improvised jam with 69db & an Austrian violinist, recorded in a warehouse out of the snow in Austria 1994.
posted a comment on The Mekanism - Breath. about 1 year ago
Very good first album by The Mekanism, lots of 80's sounds and lots of fun, very nice for mixing ! 5/5
A1, B1, D1, D2, are the best for me
submitted Austin Corrosive, Tassid, Eski (3) - SKUXX001. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Ersatz Olfolks - Strobes & Smoke EP. about 1 year ago
Hard, raw, industrial, deep and cinematic journey through these four tracks, which presents us, the musical universe of a mysterious french producer known since a few years for his remarkable work in the underground techno production. 5/5
posted a comment on Endlec - New Age Dystopia EP. about 1 year ago
A moment of pure pleasure with another perfect 2x12" from Mord by Endlec, As always in 90's spirit with a modern approach.
As good as the latest (maybe more for me), 8 tracks = 8 spécial weapons.
posted a comment on Crystal Distortion / R-Zac - Untitled. about 1 year ago
The unreleased track: "I Am A Cat Strangler" used sounds from 3 differents Network23 records (maybe more?)
Untitled (Mountain Rock), Spiral Tribe 2 (Y), Crystal Distortion
posted a comment on Zekt - Second Half EP. about 1 year ago
This record is a true masterpiece, perfect picture of mid 90's hardcore acid style, 5/5 !
Track B2 "Explorers", contains a sample from the tasteful horror movie "Hellraiser 1"
posted a comment on Various - Tessera.II. about 1 year ago
same here too. agree with you; 5 sleeves split.
posted a comment on Voilaaa - On Te L’Avait Dit / Spies Are Watching Me (Remixes). about 1 year ago
Yes ! we want more stuff like this ! stellar music !
Definitely a future must have / hard to find record, be quick
posted a comment on Slam - Machine Cut Noise. about 1 year ago
Very good album, To listen from beginning to end, great job !
posted a comment on Edge Of Motion - There Is No Point. about 1 year ago
After 10 years of absence, they're back with one of the best techno E.P. of 2016, "Motion Denied" & "Point Taken" are 2 big bombs !
posted a comment on Remco Beekwilder - 10th Planet EP. about 1 year ago
Remco Beekwilder is back again on Self Reflektion, and again he has done a great job. A must have for any techno lovers
posted a comment on Various - A Different Point Of View EP. about 1 year ago
Future classic ! as always Remco's track is huge !
posted a comment on Johannes Heil - By Night EP. about 1 year ago
Mind blowing sounds ! really like part 1 & 3
posted a comment on Dustin Zahn & Emmanuel (8) - Excuse The Disorder. about 1 year ago
2 good tracks from Emmanuel and one Unexpected techno track by Mr Zahn called "Sunday Night Fever "
posted a comment on Charlotte De Witte - Sehnsucht. about 1 year ago
Very nice housy techno, go on like that Charlotte !
posted a comment on Gonzalo MD / P. Lopez & Octavio - Blue Vortex. about 1 year ago
"Blue vortex" reminds me "Energy Flash" by Joey Beltram.
B1 "Lorn" is great !
submitted Gonzalo MD / P. Lopez & Octavio - Blue Vortex. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Frankie Bones. about 1 year ago
Very excited, what a great news ! we looking forward.... :)
posted a comment on Various - Wrong Methods EP. about 1 year ago
Best track for me is B2 "Shot In The Dark" By Savas Pascalidis. Nothing new or revolutionary, very classic track but really well done, perfect techno tool 5/5 !
posted a comment on Cleric (2) - Voices Of Control. over 2 years ago
First track "2nd Limit" contains a sample of 2 Unlimited : "Let The Beat Control Your Body"
posted a comment on Emmanuel (8) - Installations. over 2 years ago
The boss of Arts Collective is back with 4 very powerful tracks, no hype, no fashion, no blabla, just pure emotions
posted a comment on Stranger (27) - Highest Sense EP. over 2 years ago
Never disappointed with Monnom Black, here we have the best release of stranger, a young producer from Rotterdam.
As n69prod, "Play Some Rave For Me" rocks !
posted a comment on Johannes Heil - The Black Light. over 2 years ago
Strong masterpiece, don't miss this 2x12" or you will regret.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Audio Pancake - Bathing In The Batter EP. over 2 years ago
For me, the one on this record is " Bring Back Jimmy The Beat" Remixed by OB1
posted a comment on Tassid & Eski (3) / Benji303 & Mobile Dogwash / Steve Mills (2) / OB1 (6) - Leaders Of The New School Vol 1. over 2 years ago
Agree with neurodynamo "Press 3" is a huge track
posted a comment on Various - Narcosis X. over 2 years ago
All is about Jaquarius and Minus Polaris 's tracks !
posted a comment on Donato Dozzy - Cassandra. over 2 years ago
Deep and hypnotic, Cassandra is beautiful !
posted a comment on Slam & Gary Beck, Petrichor - Pressure Lights. over 2 years ago
Massive peak-time monster !
posted a comment on Endlec - Theories And Subjects Of Substance EP. over 2 years ago
Raw techno killers from 90's, lots of good tracks,
Some of my favorite are B2 "Attilo", C1 "The Sanatorium Age", D2 "Sleep Garder"...
Thanks to Endlec for his work, proper techno is not dead
posted a comment on Scalameriya & VSK (3) - Codex. over 2 years ago
Very good post industrial techno, brutal and powerfull.
At the same time archaic and modern, this ambivalency gives a true scale to this disc
posted a comment on Binny (2) - Mispress EP. over 2 years ago
Happy to see new productions from Adam Cummings for the 6th release from Monnom Black.
The best record from Binny until today on one of the best emerging techno label !
Here we have 4 peak-time bombs Inspired from Mills, Surgeon and 90's techno with a ... See full review
posted a comment on Bad Boy Pete - Dub Signal / I Love Drugs ( Biri 'N' The Geezer Remixes ). over 2 years ago
One of the best "Planet Techno" until today
posted a comment on Nami (5) / Ikuto - Neo Concepto / [Unit1]. over 2 years ago
High quality deep sound
posted a comment on Philippe Petit (4) - Figure SPC W. over 2 years ago
Very good techno tool, high-class !
posted a comment on Steve Mills (2) / A.P.* / Cyber Steve And Dynamic Intervention / Ceri Suss - CLUSTER 94. over 2 years ago
Weapon of mass destruction ;)
submitted Magnetic Deviation - Variation. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Nondormanz Ep. over 2 years ago
Yes, agree with you :)
full support !
submitted Various - Ground-Fault-Interrupt Volume 1 / Part 1. over 2 years ago
submitted Neue Grafik - Untitled. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Dax J - Imperial Propaganda. over 3 years ago
Again, another great 12" on Monnom Black. Powerfull, dark and menacing techno at its best !
posted a comment on Ringard - Especial Vol.1. over 3 years ago
Top E.P. from Ringard, with 3 new tracks and one very successful remix of the emblematic "Panach" from DA88-04.
Marvelous deep house, With a huge nostalgic touch, magnificent feelings... 5/5
submitted Dave Simon (4) - Methanal Ep. over 3 years ago