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Recent Activity
posted a comment on The Mingers - Emancipation. about 1 month ago
Original speed is too high, just try to play the B side with the pitch at - 5 %, and you will see how this track it's just fabulous, pure deepness.
posted a comment on Brooklyn Express - Sixty-Nine / Change Position (88). about 1 month ago
Nice edit on B side by Dr Packer, big party monster :)
posted a comment on The Mountain People - Mountain017. about 1 month ago
Mountain 017.1 is really cool and hypnotic, + super mastering very punchy !
posted a comment on Kit Clayton - Retroactive. about 1 month ago
Excellent double 12", full of deep and dub sounds, between house and techno, really love A1, A2 and C1 three perfect tracks in the purest tradition of minimal american techno from the 90's
posted a comment on Toni Alvarez / Seraj (2) - 303 1010. 2 months ago
does anyone have any info about this new artist " Seraj (2)" ?
I love what he has done on this 303 1010 !
posted a comment on Flaze (3) - Brigade EP. 2 months ago
A side is on high level of quality, unlike a lot of people, my big blow of heart and by far for the track A2 " New Horizons", pure deepness !
posted a comment on C. Da Afro - HUSTLE . 2 months ago
4 very good tracks, softly on A side, more punchy on B side, my favorite is B1 "Disco Vision" absolutely unstoppable ! 5/5
posted a comment on Alignment (2) - Orderly Chaos. 2 months ago
A2 "Future Dancefloor" is THE track from this record, very oriented in the current wave of "revival rave sounds" but unlike too many tracks in this style the A2 track does not sink into easy abuse and bad taste. LOVE IT ! 5/5
posted a comment on Im Kellar - Free Entrance EP. 3 months ago
All tracks are good, can be played (mixed) with lots of style, electro, house, techno even with disco... 5/5
posted a comment on Adelphi Music Factory - People Everywhere (Can You Feel It?). 3 months ago
Check track B2 "Be Reight", very nice groove, perfect house disco as we did in the 90s
posted a comment on Various - HMV04. 3 months ago
A2" Blow Out" by RQZ is "the" track for me from this record, others tracks are nice too, but this one is really cool for mixing :)
posted a comment on Various - Virus Panic Red. 3 months ago
2 very good and very dynamic tracks on A side, A1 track is a little bit too compressed I prefer the A2 track which to my taste is more punchy. Also note, the very good remix of Tassid, dark like a horror movie :)
posted a comment on Ganez The Terrible - Rave, Sound, People, Party. 3 months ago
Nice track on A1, quite retro + An Excellent remix of Seon, very new school, hyper dynamic with a huge bass. Seon is a new producer from Valencia (Spain) to watch very closely.
posted a comment on Fickle Steve - Freaks Out / Moment After Moment. 3 months ago
A + B = 2 big bombs ! high top class, with a magic touch of hard house but not much, perfectly balanced with acid techno style.
Pity not to be able to find this kind of disc in 2021
posted a comment on Regent (7) - Iron Dreams EP. 5 months ago
On track A1 "Dreama", you can feel a magical touch of melancholy, so nice, love it
B2 "Threads" is a big bomb, the kind of track that will make me dance like an epileptic robot ;)
posted a comment on Chris Newick - Operator. 5 months ago
Yes, agree with you, more "bangin" than just "dub techno", you are probably right ;)
In any case, i love this track, of success when we find the right track to place before it and the right track to place after it, whatever the "style"
posted a comment on Various - Rythmik Sound Family #16. 5 months ago
This 16th R.S.F. is the best of all by far.
Track A1 is without doubt the best track in the style produced for a very long time, what a slap !!!
Very scalable and efficient, both very mental but also very dynamic. the association of these 3... See full review
posted a comment on Chris Newick - Operator. 6 months ago
A2 Operator (Raw Mix) is a very efficient dub techno track, pure, deep and massive !
posted a comment on E-Wok (2) - Experiment In The Sound Lab / Chaos Theory. 6 months ago
30 min on 1 side = very very very low volume. (never heard a techno record with such a low volume, shame)
But for B side, volume is ok, and B side "Chaos Theory" is a big bomb !Perfect mental acid like best NL oldschool production 5/5, not to miss !!!
posted a comment on Yves Bonjour - Chord Island EP. 6 months ago
Yves Bonjour is back ! great record, Vinyl only. Restricted copies 200 only. No repress.
A1 "Chord island" , the best track for me, is nice to be played with some records from "Kashatskikh Records", for example...
posted a comment on Adam Vandal - Silence Is Violence. 7 months ago
For me all is about the B side, thanks mister Adam Vandal, i hope DD 06 is on the way...
posted a comment on Adam Vandal - New Techno Order. 7 months ago
Best track for me is A2, very nice acid-techno-tribe,love it :)
posted a comment on Adam Vandal - Untitled. 7 months ago
Agree with dave.lxr, very good record, but for me best track is A2
posted a comment on Tantra (2) - Hills Of Katmandu. 7 months ago
Patrick Cowley's mix is just awsome ! bomb bomb bomb !!!
posted a comment on Various - Take It Easy 003. 7 months ago
Very good track from Dirty Channels (as usual) 5/5. does anyone know who the sample is from ?
posted a comment on Various - Abusive 009. 8 months ago
Top notch record, a must have in your collection. 5/5 !
A1 and B1 are monstrous (like almost all Bad Boy Pete's tracks), 2 big bombs !, especially B1!
The other 2 tracks are correct but have much less impact
posted a comment on Various - Lockdown Acid E.P. Vol. 3. 8 months ago
One of the best from SUFSUPERLTD series with SUFSUPERLTD 002.
This SUFSUPERLTD 005 is more newschool oriented than others, A1, A2 and B1 are pure bangers, B2 is not bad but more conventional.
5/5 !!!
submitted C. Da Afro - People Of The Disco EP. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - 1997. 9 months ago
Great record, one of the best PRRUK since long time ago.
posted a comment on Jellyfish (9) - JE Series 2. 9 months ago
TheBigLubetzki : I think Jellyfish (9) is Stefano Sisinni the man behind Bud Records (5)
i've just added infos on artist and label profile
posted a comment on Oscar Mulero - Gradual Blending. 9 months ago
Fantastic, it all gives the impression of being immersed in a science fiction movie at the edge of outer space.Oscar Mulero is a great master of techno music, thank you for giving us this waking dream. RESPECT !
posted a comment on Draugr (7) - Semantic Deprivation EP. 9 months ago
Very good sound, hard and threatening, it's not kidding and I love it. perfect to play at 3am.
For me all is about A side.
Rave on !
posted a comment on Jellyfish (9) - JE Series 1. 9 months ago
Good record, love A2
Beware of the ears with the high frequencies of the B side
posted a comment on Jellyfish (9) - JE Series 2. 9 months ago
Very good record, I love mixing the A2 track, does anyone know the original track?
track B is cool but more repetitive, A1 is nice but more slow, around 100/110 bpm i think
posted a comment on JKriv & The Disco Machine (2) - Make It Hot Remixes. 9 months ago
Among all the remixes of "Make It Hot" already released, the "JKriv Meltdown Mix" is by far the best and most effective
A side is nice too.
posted a comment on LoveHrtz - LoveHrtz Vol. 3. 9 months ago
Superb, one of the best record of the year, absolutely unstoppable to explode the dancefloor :)))
slight preference for side B
posted a comment on Klarky Cat - Gumbo. 9 months ago
Track called "gumbo" is just beautiful, very deep and emotional, reminds me of the good old days, nostalgia like falling in love !
posted a comment on Arapu, Simone Adinolfi - Endless Lapse. 9 months ago
very good record, I really like the A1 track, very special with its messy chords, love it !!!
posted a comment on Rossi. - ENDZ036. 9 months ago
Usually I'm not a big fan of this label, but this number 36 really stands out especially the track A1
posted a comment on Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire - Assemblage. 9 months ago
At the time, I completely missed it. but what i jerked off. fortunately it's now repressed
submitted Black Kawa$aki Ninja* - Fresh Kid Ice EP. 11 months ago
submitted Mihai Popoviciu - Disfunction. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Acid Test - Acid Test Ltd. 11 months ago
Repress comes out soon on the label "Running Back"
posted a comment on K.T.S. (3) - Insurrección. 11 months ago
Yeah ! raw formwork and super efficient, ready to blow up all the dancers' brains.
For me 4 tracks stand out
A1 "Arena Oscura" grabs the heart directly at 1:44 with this oldschool acid line, emotionally overwhelming close to nostalgia.
A2 "Sorginak"... See full review
posted a comment on Reptant - Reptilian Magnetism. about 1 year ago
Thank you Mars_Say_Yeah for your review, totaly agree with you !
posted a comment on Sansibar - Targeted Individuals. about 1 year ago
very good album, some deep sound and some more dancefloor oriented tracks, love sansibar's sound
posted a comment on Tensal vs Komatssu - A Lesson In Funk 1. about 1 year ago
Yes ! fantastic record, well done agressive electro break acid,TENSALLTD002 will be out at the end of june, don't miss it if you like this one !
posted a comment on Ghost (101) - Snapshot. about 1 year ago
"Number One High Fly" is sammy's music from the french movie " les frères pétard" from 1986
posted a comment on Julian Jeweil - Schema. about 1 year ago
Although Julian Jeweil is a very good producer, I have never been very fan of him...
In addition, it's been several years now that I no longer buy drumcode (for about 6 years), currently I find this label quite boring and a little too mainstream... See full review
posted a comment on Yan Cook - Counterclockwise EP. about 1 year ago
Very good EP by Yan Cook on his own label "Cooked".
Of course A1 "Counterclockwise" is the big bomb from this EP, but others tracks are nice too.
I highly recommend this disc, pure techno with beautiful loops, very efficient